Monday, April 18, 2011

Surfs Up at Bagasbas

Bagasbas beach
Surfing started mid-April. When I was in Bagasbas beach last February, the winds and the rains were pretty strong for the that month. I was invited back in Daet, Camarines Norte for the start of surfing season. Thanks to Benjamin Layug for referring me to professional surfer and event organizer Joey Cuerdo.
The wave current

I left Manila a day before the Surfing Festival.When I arrived at Bagasbas the following day after my few hours rest from the trip, the beach was more active with lots of people flocking around the sights of surfers trying out the waves.  I was introduced to Joey Cuerdo on its registration day but there are lots of activities happening. I asked Joey how are the waves that day. He answered he considered it a blessing from above. He adds that the weather was not friendly in previous day until the pre-registration. Co-event organizer and VP of Operations for Mojo Thea Yusay was also telling me how exciting this yearly event especially the awarding ceremony and after-party.
The blogger and the surfer

We went back the following day for the awarding program. I can see now that this was no ordinary competition. If you have been to a fiesta where you participate in games, this is more like a surfers' fiesta. The community also participates in the event regardless of which walk of life you are from.
Awarding ceremony

 The awarding ceremony was for the categorical event. There was for the beach volleyball, wall climbing and frisbee. The awards were also given by Camarines Norte governor Egay Tallado to the recognized participants. After the awarding, the celebration begins as the band started to bring the whole house down with their reggae music. But alas, Benjamin was tired and we have to wake up early for our surfing lessons.
Surfing lessons

The following day, we went back to Bagasbas for our lessons. There were three of us who are taking lessons. It just turned out that each of us represents different mediums. Benjamin Layug of Business Mirror, Justine Santos of TV5 news, and yours truly. It's already Benjamin's second time and my first lesson in surfing as well as Justine's. We were taught the basics by Mr. Ryan Vito, president of Bagasbas United Surfers Association(BUSA) then put it in practice with individual instructors for each of us. Our instructors demonstrated their amazing surfing before we get our chances. I keep falling on the water after my attempts to stand because the waves got stronger than earlier and the board was not thick enough to support my weight when I push myself up from the board. My instructor told me to practice balance and timing when surfing. You can also try surfing like I did. I assure you will be given constant attention by the instructors. Just inquire at the tourism post in the beach area. While its still not rain season.

My best photo of a surfer

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