Sunday, July 31, 2011

TRA fitness detox

Most of the problems in health have common cause. It's usually our lifestyle. Our diet also dictates what kind of lifestyle we have. There are many solutions to this but it is still a matter of discipline to do it. This is just one solution that can also be helpful for you. Detoxing is something that our bodies need to remove the undesirable elements that causes harm to the body. To give an idea about detoxing, read the article below:

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest?
There are many weight management and slimming programs out there. What's our unique proposition?

Our Unique Proposition
What's great is that after you have completed TRA, you can be independent from our future services to stay slim and healthy for the rest of your life! This is why thousands have chosen us to be their health consultants. Nobody wants to worry and spend on their weight forever, right?

The All Important Question
How do you choose a sustainable weight management program that won't make you rebound? Well, it’s simple. Choose a system that you will not be dependent on for the rest of your life!
Programs out there use machines, complicated techniques, extreme exercises, or low quality products. These are not sustainable for life and consequently you will certainly suffer big weight rebound the moment you stop using them.

Whenever you are considering any weight management program, ask yourself these important questions:
Will you be able to continue staying in your new slim body, when you have completed the program and stop using their systems, products, and equipment?
Will you be able to carry out the program with your hectic lifestyle?
Will you be able to maintain your healthier, younger-looking and slimmer body well into your maturing years without depending on additional weight management services?
If the answer is no, then it's not something that is practical and sustainable for you.
The Right Solution
 The Right Approach will show you the technique of being able to stay in your healthy and attractive body by eating a lot, naturally, at home or in your regular food outlets, even after you have completed our weight management program. It's meant to make you happy, live your life fully, and eat stress-free!
Call us for a complementary preview on how you can stay young, bold, and beautiful without needing additional treatments and diet programs forever!

When I went to see the facility myself upon a friend's invitation, I realize that it may be on to something. The program does not focus only on the supplements but also on the weekly sessions to see how the person progress. To know more about the detox program and appointment contact Paola Aseron at +63-917-886-07-91 and tell her that you found this from a blog post at L.E.N.S. blogs.

Friday, July 29, 2011

ABS-CBN Sizzles up the rainy days with Maria La Del Barrio

The long wait is almost over. On August 15, ABS-CBN will sizzle as the primetime will start with Maria La Del Barrio. Based on the Mexican soap opera of Televisa popularized by Thalia. Starring Erich Gonzales as Maria Hernandez and Enchong Dee as Luis Dela Vega and directed by Rory B. Quintos and Richard Somes.

Also part of the casts are Angel Aquino, Ian Veneracion, Assunta de Rossi, Paw Diaz, Arron Villaflor, Jake Roxas, Katya Santos, Gio Alvarez, Atoy Co,Jane Oineza, Badjie Mortis, K Brosas and with special participation of Aiai delas Alas.

What take it longer than anticipated, Ms. Quintos explains, is that they have to make it more entertaining as possible. What makes it also different from the original Mexican version is that the timeline is very current and comparing it to the Mexican production who does their shooting in studios, the Pinoy version was shot in Tagaytay and Cavite and the story is done in Filipino setting.

 The upcoming series reunites Erich with her fellow S.C.Q. batchmates Paw Diaz and Arron Villaflor. Just like in the original Mexican version, the crown is the trademark of the story. But in this series, the "crown" serves as a "metaphorical amulet" which will be relevant to the story. Both directors have made impact in movies. According to them, it is easier to make movies. In television, they have to shoot for months. Although it will air the notice that it is Rated PG, it still should make in consideration that viewers must restrain if they have school age children if there are scenes that may be disturbing to their age group because it will air at the start of primetime. Now here's one reason why everyone will rush to their homes from work.

Western Union Launches Your World Facebook Application For It's 160th Year

How are you globally networked? Mostly, Pinoys have relatives abroad either they are married to non-Pinoys or they are working abroad as Overseas Contract Workers or O.F.Ws. Western Union on it's 160th year, shows you how you are globally connected with their friends and relatives across the planet.

First, you should do is to have a Facebook account. The Facebook platform is essential for this application since it is the biggest online social network today. You will be required to log on the website, using your Facebook account. 
My rank when I first tried the application

Once logged in, you are going to activate the application. At the main page, there are three selections to go to. Our History shows you a fun way to know Western Union's history in an interactive manner. Our World shows the selected country's remittances and other data. Your World shows you how you ranked in global network with your Facebook contacts. It is very easy to use.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet and Greet the Azkals at Health and Beyond

Unleash the champion in you! Begin a healthy habit and fuel your game!
The Philippine Azkals for Health and Beyond

The Azkals, together with Health and Beyond, team up to promote living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Meet and greet NATE BURKEY, MISAGH BAHADORAN, ROB GIER, ANTON DEL ROSARIO AND SIMON GREATWICH on July 29, 2011 (Friday), 6:30 -7:30PM at Health and Beyond, Level 1, Power Plant Rockwell Center.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Suroy Suanoy

Check out this new travel blog by a Travel PR consultant.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Philippine Tour scheduled this July 30, Aug 6 & 7
If Charice and Arnel Pineda (of the band Journey) made it in the US, another Pinay is making waves in Europe, particularly in Switzerland. She is none other than Lica, the 14 year old Swiss based Filipina singing sensation.
Lica was hand-picked by Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy award winning music legend Phil Collins to be part of his “Little Dreams Foundation” where she is trained. She has performed before the President of Switzerland as well as various United Nations gathering like the annual United Nations Women’s Guild Bazaar. Aside from Collins, Lica has collaborated with Canadian pop sensation Bryan Adams and their version of “Everything I Do” was a huge hit in Switzerland. She has also shared the stage with international artists like Laura Pausini,  Jermaine Jackson and Mike Rutherford and impressed Lara Fabian during a performance in a Swiss TV show “Reves.”
She has released her debut album “All I Want To Be” (out in the Philippines under MCA Music) featuring the carrier single “All I Wanna Be”, a duet with the Philippines’ multi-awarded crooner Richard Poon. He flew all the way to London to record the track and shoot the music video with her. It also includes the new single “I’m Your Friend”, a pop track that will sure be a radio hit. Other tracks in the album are: “The Magic”, “Bagong Umaga”, “One More Time”, “Summer Party”, “Ray of Sunshine”, Sound of Silence”, “Star Fantasy”, “All I Wanna Be (solo version)”, “New Day” and “Christmas Song”.
Watch Lica as she is home to conquer her homeland for a Philippine Tour this Saturday, July 30 at SM North EDSA The Block with special guest—OPM boyband 1:43, August 6 (Saturday) at SM Manila and August 7 (Sunday) at SM San Lazaro with special guest- sibling pop duo The Lamars. All shows start at 5pm.
Lica “All I Want To Be” The Philippine Tour is presented by SM Supermalls and MCA Music in cooperation with Business Mirror and Red Box. Check out for more updates on the LICA: The Philippine Promo Tour. Text LICA to 3456 to download her songs.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A4Tech Padless Mouse

Padless mouse on a carpet surface
The computer mouse is one of the most useful computer gadgets that is being used even today. Whether from industrial computers or mobile laptops, the mouse is a timeless gadget. A4Tech, one of the leading names in computer accessories provided more ways to suit your lifestyle with a wide selection of computer mouse.
Padless mouse

One of the most innovative computer mouse A4Tech has is the padless mouse.You can drag it to any surface even a carpet and it will still function and it is cordless. During the presscon, I got to test it's length by using it on the floor at the end of the hallway and it is still functioning. The Padless Mouse has a receiver when connected to the USB socket of any PC. IThe padless mouse is powered by one AA battery.
Receiver for the Padless Mouse

I mentioned that there are wide choices of mouse available. Besides the padless mouse, there is still the traditional mouse with retractable cables that won't bother the user. There is also the game mouse for PC gamers like me. 

Besides the computer mouse there is also speakers and headsets for your audio needs. One of the speakers I am currently using happens to be an A4Tech Headset Speaker 3. It can be used as a traditional speaker and and headset and is only connected by USB. No batteries necessary. Check out A4techs gadgets at your nearest electronics or computer store.
A4tech Headset

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mulat Pinoy launches video contest on RH for the youth

The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2011, more commonly referred to as the RH Bill, has been the subject of much discussion both on the floor of the Congress session hall and at dinner tables across the nation. At family reunions and office coffee breaks, in groups of clerics and activists, amongst rich and poor alike, every Filipino has an opinion.

But the sector most concerned, most affected by the issue of reproductive health, be it the RH Bill or simply the chance at maternal and child care, is the youth. It is the teenage mother, who at 16 is giving birth to her second child. It is the boy on the cusp of manhood, looking to prove his masculinity. It is the high school student, whispering to her barkada half-truths about condoms and pills and gonorrhea. It is the child, not even ten years old, who hears his parents having sex in the shanty he shares with five other siblings. It is the young woman who wants to wait until her wedding night before losing her virginity.

What do they have to say about reproductive health? Do they have anything to say? Do they want to say anything? Mulat Pinoy wants to know.

The “We Are Right Here. We Are RH.” video contest was launched on July 11, World Population Day. The contest seeks to give young people a say in the matter that affects them most. Young Filipinos aged 25 and below are invited to submit amateur videos between 90 seconds and 8 minutes in length, showing how they feel about the over 3.6 million teenage pregnancies in the Philippines, about condoms and contraceptives, about sex education, about visiting a gynecologist, about premarital sex, about virginity, about anything related to reproductive health. The deadline for entries is September 30, 2011.

“We Are Right Here. We Are RH.” is presented by Mulat Pinoy, in cooperation with the Philippine Center for Population and Development, the Probe Media Foundation, Inc., Forum for Family Planning and Development, the Likhaan Center for Women’s Health, the Philippine Legislators Committee on Population and Development, and the Philippine NGO Council on Population, Health and Welfare, Inc.

For more information, please visit or send an email to

Saturday, July 16, 2011

L.E.N.S. Blogs now has a Facebook Page

To get more updates and news via Facebook, like the L.E.N.S. Blog Community at this link .

Friday, July 15, 2011

GMA News TV airs Dugong Kampeon: Peñalosa , Jr vs. Jimenez this Sunday

A boxing legacy has resurfaced as Dodie Boy Peñalosa , Jr. , fought Jeffrey Jimenez last June 25 at the Cebu Coliseum. GMA News was there to witness it all and will air the fight on July 17.

His grandfather, Carl Peñalosa, once held a title for Philippine Lightweight Division. His uncle, Gerry, won twice in a world match before retiring. His father, Dodie Boy Sr., also has two World Division Championship title. It is just fitting that this fight event was named “Dugong Kampeon” (Bloodline of Champions) because of the Peñalosa boxing lineage.
Dodie Boy, Sr. and Jr.

21 year old Bantam weight Dodie Boy, Jr. has a standout performance in amateur boxing with 27 wins, zero loss, 10 knockouts and earned a National Champion Status twice. Since debuting in January 2010, the Cebu grown fighter has 5 landslide wins, no losses, all knockouts.  He might also get a chance to compete in the Olympics on 2012. 

For now, will he remain unbeaten with a match with Jimenez as he carries the Peñalosa boxing legacy despite his bloody cut above his eye? Find out in the airing of ‘Dugong Kampeon”, Peñalosa, Jr. vs Jimenez July 17, Sunday 10 am to 12 nn before Balitanghali on GMA 7.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gear up for the adidas King of the Road race

Running races aren’t always about your speed or passing through the finish line, it goes beyond your physical abilities. Races are a great way to motivate yourself to get fit and can also be a platform for personal breakthroughs. Running makes you test your limits, but also makes you able to believe in yourself by taking control.

The race is not the only thing that is important. The preparation and training involved leading up to the race can prove even more exhilarating than the race itself. Many may not know how important it is to be ready on race day. With only a few months to go until the King of the Road race on October 23, most runners participating in the race are getting physically prepared to run the 5k, 16.8k and 21k course.  You have to put a lot of thought into a lot of things – whether it’d be getting the proper running gear, eating a nourishing diet, and do so much more. Surely, nobody wants to cross the finish line exhausted and in pain. Here are a few tips that can get you closer to being crowned as this year’s King of the Road.

  1. Do your homework. A lot, or even just a teeny-tiny amount of research can help. Look at the route of the map and get a feel of what you will be getting yourself into. You can also look at the terrain to see the downhills, uphills, ridges, etc that can make an impact on your running performance. At least when you have an idea of where these spots are, you’ll be able to have a good indication of where the course gets tough. 
2.      Get the perfect shoe. There are all types of great running gear to get you through training. The first thing you’ll need is a new pair of running shoes. Without a good pair, you can expect lots of pains in your legs and lower back.  When buying the right shoe, keep ventilation, cushioning and comfort in mind. Ask help from the sales associate about various choices today.
3.       Carbs, carbs, and more carbs. Carbohydrates are the most common source of energy, so when preparing for a run, you really have to load up on the carbs. If you’re one of those people on a low-carb diet, you better stop now. The best sources of carbohydrates are fruits, sweets, soft drinks, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and cereals.
4.      Never underestimate stretching. Most of the time, beginning runners finish a run and find themselves tight and sore, sometimes even resulting to a running injury. A 15-minute stretch after every run makes all the difference. The soreness is lessened, muscle flexibility is increased, strides are longer, and long term injury is prevented.
5.       Listen to your body. A common error many runners make is underestimating the effort involved when training. When unprepared, you risk exposing your body to some serious running injuries. It is essential to listen to your body, slowly upping the mileage and adopting a method in which you alternate tough, thorough workout with rest or some soft, easy workouts, giving your body a lot of time to recover.

Remember, even after reading all these tips, you still have to prepare yourself mentally in finishing a personal breakthrough such as this. Held in five countries across the region, the adidas KOTR will culminate in an ultimate championship race in its first ever host country, the Philippines, making it the ultimate race destination in Asia on October 23, at the Bonifacio Global City. Event categories and race fees are Php1, 050.00 for 5km, Php1,300.00 for 16.8km, and Php1,050 for 21k. Simply visit to register!
For news and updates on KOTR, visit the adidas Philippines Facebook fanpage and launching soon.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The Giant Sound of the South is sending a message to all their supporters---they want to see them! Meet and greet Urbandub as they invade the record bars this July 16 (Saturday), Astroplus, SM North EDSA.

During those dates, the band, composed of Gabby Alipe (vocals, guitar), John Dinopol (guitar, vocals), Lalay Lim (bass, vocals) and Janjan Mendoza (drums), will personally sign copies of those who buy their very first TeeDee (T-Shirt and CD), designed by Nick Automatic's Nicolo Nimor for P690. The CD only version of TeeDee is also available at P199 under MCA Music. It includes the smash single “Sending A Message”, their version of Madonna’s “This Used o be My Playground”, the stripped down “A Call To Arms” and “Home”.

Urbandub celebrated their 10th year this 2011 and continues to rock the nation with their music that is not only applauded by listeners but the critics as well.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


The Giant Sound of the South is sending a message to all their supporters---they want to see them! Meet and greet Urbandub as they invade the record bars this July. Gabby Alipe (vocals, guitar), John Dinopol (guitar, vocals), Lalay Lim (bass, vocals) and Janjan Mendoza (drums) will be at Odyssey SM Megamall on Sunday, July 3, 6pm and at Astro, 2nd Floor, SM North EDSA on Saturday, July 16, 4pm.

During those dates, the band will personally sign copies of those who buy their very first TeeDee (T-Shirt and CD), designed by Nick Automatic's Nicolo Nimor for P690. The CD only version of TeeDee is also available at P199. It includes the smash single “Sending A Message”, their version of Madonna’s “This Used o be My Playground”, the stripped down “A Call To Arms” and “Home”.

Urbandub celebrated their 10th year this 2011 and continues to rock the nation with their music that is not only applauded by listeners but the critics as well.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Samsung Smart TV Dear Dad Contest

Dear Dad,

Are you excited about this year's tennis tournaments?

I can't wait to watch the US Open, the French Open and Wimbledon!

Especially if I get to watch with you, with our Samsung Smart TV! The thrill of fighting to win a point will get pretty intense!

We may be in different time zones, but with this TV, we'll never miss an epic game again! We can download the YouTube app and watch everything in the big screen!

Not only that, you can practice what I've been teaching you about using the internet and especially Facebook on a bigger screen so you can browse more clearly.

Check out other amazing features here!


What you just read is my entry for the Dear Dad Samsung Smart TV Contest where you can win a Samsung Smart TV with your dad. This is a nice way to bond with my Dad because I grew with my mom and we are both movie buffs especially on classic American movies and lately I am teaching him how to use the internet and social networks like Facebook so he can connect with our relatives online. With the Samsung Smart TV, he can browse the internet more clearly in a bigger screen than in a laptop.

To join, first you must log on to your Facebook account and click like at the Samsung Smart TV Facebook page. Then activate the Facebook application of Dear Dad. Once the Dear Dad Facebook application is activated to your account, fill up the required data needed then choose a letter design. I also suggest you add a stamp that has something that can be related that both you and your dad’s interests so you can have a starting line written for you and you can add more details. After finishing the letter, the application is also set to send after giving your Dad’s e-mail address. After sending, it automatically adds to the Dear Dad gallery of entries submitted. From here, promote this to your wall and ask your friends to like your submitted entry. The more likes, the more chances of winning.

Samsung Smart TV is an innovative technology that combines TV viewing and internet functions. I was able to try surfing the internet myself using the unit. Other than that, there are also Samsung applications you can enjoy. It also has 3D capability. With Samsung Smart TV's interactive and user-friendly functions, what else would be a better way to bond with Dad?