Friday, July 29, 2011

Western Union Launches Your World Facebook Application For It's 160th Year

How are you globally networked? Mostly, Pinoys have relatives abroad either they are married to non-Pinoys or they are working abroad as Overseas Contract Workers or O.F.Ws. Western Union on it's 160th year, shows you how you are globally connected with their friends and relatives across the planet.

First, you should do is to have a Facebook account. The Facebook platform is essential for this application since it is the biggest online social network today. You will be required to log on the website, using your Facebook account. 
My rank when I first tried the application

Once logged in, you are going to activate the application. At the main page, there are three selections to go to. Our History shows you a fun way to know Western Union's history in an interactive manner. Our World shows the selected country's remittances and other data. Your World shows you how you ranked in global network with your Facebook contacts. It is very easy to use.


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  2. Hi Ronadelle. I am planning to do that but I there are requirements about page ranking and a lot more followers than I currently have. Glad you notice and thanks for following. Hope you also like the Facebook page I made for it: