Friday, July 1, 2011

Samsung Smart TV Dear Dad Contest

Dear Dad,

Are you excited about this year's tennis tournaments?

I can't wait to watch the US Open, the French Open and Wimbledon!

Especially if I get to watch with you, with our Samsung Smart TV! The thrill of fighting to win a point will get pretty intense!

We may be in different time zones, but with this TV, we'll never miss an epic game again! We can download the YouTube app and watch everything in the big screen!

Not only that, you can practice what I've been teaching you about using the internet and especially Facebook on a bigger screen so you can browse more clearly.

Check out other amazing features here!


What you just read is my entry for the Dear Dad Samsung Smart TV Contest where you can win a Samsung Smart TV with your dad. This is a nice way to bond with my Dad because I grew with my mom and we are both movie buffs especially on classic American movies and lately I am teaching him how to use the internet and social networks like Facebook so he can connect with our relatives online. With the Samsung Smart TV, he can browse the internet more clearly in a bigger screen than in a laptop.

To join, first you must log on to your Facebook account and click like at the Samsung Smart TV Facebook page. Then activate the Facebook application of Dear Dad. Once the Dear Dad Facebook application is activated to your account, fill up the required data needed then choose a letter design. I also suggest you add a stamp that has something that can be related that both you and your dad’s interests so you can have a starting line written for you and you can add more details. After finishing the letter, the application is also set to send after giving your Dad’s e-mail address. After sending, it automatically adds to the Dear Dad gallery of entries submitted. From here, promote this to your wall and ask your friends to like your submitted entry. The more likes, the more chances of winning.

Samsung Smart TV is an innovative technology that combines TV viewing and internet functions. I was able to try surfing the internet myself using the unit. Other than that, there are also Samsung applications you can enjoy. It also has 3D capability. With Samsung Smart TV's interactive and user-friendly functions, what else would be a better way to bond with Dad?

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