Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Day To Go For A Chance To Party With The Goddesses

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World Of Wellness Direct Selling

Cory Quirino and Mae Velillla
Cory Quirino is an icon when it comes to fitness and health. Her book about the topic is a bestseller. She is always invited to speak about it. She now has her own line of products for health and wellness in stores and now made it available for direct selling. Her advocacy, Wealth In Wellness reflects in her direct selling business, World of Wellness or WOW for short. This is her vision. Teaming up with Sheila Mae Velilla, whose credentials in her companies are already established, there are now stores in SM malls and Virra Mall.
Cory Quirino talks about her products

I have heard stories of friends who are in the direct marketing business and there are established companies that started in direct selling. I was first oriented how the direct selling business works. You can only just sell the products even at the comfort of your own home. The products are also all natural. Although the products are also available in malls, you can still earn from selling if you become a distributor, you can purchase from the direct selling office with a discounted price.

The business does not guarantee that you will earn that instant but if you can maximize the potential of marketing these products, you could earn as much as you can if you talk to people about the products. It also a plus that you believe in the products. If you are interested or you need more information, visit the WOW World Of Wellness Direct Sales Corporation at #108 Scout Delgado st., Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City. or call 9289969/4141869. If you were asked how did you discover this business opportunity, tell them, you read the blog of Vince the L.E.N.S. blogger.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WATCHGUARDing Universities With One Red Box

Mr. Terry Haas, VP of Int'l. Sales,WatchGuard
WatchGuard is donating P4M of IT security equipment to universities as their advocacy to provide proper internet equipment to monitor internet access. This helps students do research without getting in trouble with internet related problems.

WatchGuard provides security access in e-mail accounts since there are unwanted inquiries especially in online social networks because of reported incidents relating to these internet social networks. This also means that there are instances that exclusivity is necessary when it comes to internet content availability.

Network and computer security in schools is what WatchGuard stands for. Here are some requirements to protect users and PCs from internet threats that Mr. Terry Haas,Vice President of International Sales of WatchGuard Technologies, presented:

1.An adjustable firewall and proxy to allow authorized users from the outside and inside.
2.Strong antivirus software and internet security software packages.
3.Wireless connections that lead to firewalls.
4.Prohibit explicit content, cyber-bullying, etc.
5.Supervision of network to guarantee updates and changes based on popular site usage.
6.Constant supervision by teachers, librarians, and administrators to guarantee protection against attacks by both internet and "sneakernet" sources.

Here's the big picture: The user is accessing the internet using a school PC in its internal network which goes through a security device which is ideally the Red Box of WatchGuard that functions as an anti-virus, spam filter, intrusion prevention and web blocker.

WatchGuard sends their invitation to schools if they can be recipients for the WatchGuard's Red Boxes of which these schools are the only ones who responded sooner. These are University of the East, Technological University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, etc. It just so happens that I went to one of these university recipients because I am aware when an internet connection first become available to my alma mater. It was still slow because back then it was still dial-up but it was still new. No one will know if there are illegal access unless there are people in charge roaming around the terminals.

There will also be equipment training provided by WatchGuard and will be given warranty for a year. WatchGuard is already aware what the schools needs since one of their regular clients is University of San Carlos in Cebu, where the first internet connection was the first in the Philippines.

Novuhair: Alternative To Hair Loss

It is said that our hair is our crowning glory. I was often teased that I was already balding but it was actually that I only have a big forehead to match but my only problem with hair is that I get gray. I got to be invited for a blog event about Novuhair and I was oriented about the medical perspective of hair maintenance.

I got to hear a testimony of a TV personality about his struggle of hair loss. True enough that if you appear on TV, it's not a good image that you are showing your hair shedding off because you are marketing your image. Novuhair also has ingredients to bring back the original color of the hair. I can give this a try but I think my family needs it more since they always leave hair after taking a bath. Novuhair is all natural ingredients and has no chemicals. If you wish to find out more about Novuhair, visit or contact +632-4136570 or +63922-8830575.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Avida Land Corp. Enters Mandaluyong with Avida Towers Centera

Avida Land reached another milestone with the grand launch of its newest condominium offering, Avida Towers Centera, last March 19, 2011 at the MegaTent in Pasig City.
L-R) Leo Montenegro, President and CEO, Avida Land; Bobby Dy, Residential Business Group Head, Ayala Land; Eugene Acevedo, President, PNB; Tony Aquino, President and CEO, Ayala Land; Rex Mendoza, Marketing and Sales Group Head, Ayala Land; Manny Plan, Special Assets Management Group Head, PNB.

The momentous event, which was titled “Top Form: Avida Towers Centera Grand Launch”, was highlighted by a toast led by top executives from Ayala land and Avida Land, who were joined on stage by officers from project JV partner Philippine National Bank (PNB).

“We are all very excited about the launch of Avida Towers Centera. Tonight, we are able to witness a lot of ‘firsts’ from Avida,” Montenegro said.

Also present were Avida employees, seller and hundreds of condo buyers, all in line to purchase a unit from the highly anticipated Avida Towers Centera.

Avida Towers Centera is a four-tower development set to rise along EDSA corner Reliance Street in Mandaluyong City, where transportation, commercial establishments, schools, and places of business are very accessible.

Avida’s firsts
Avida Towers Centera is Avida Land Corp.’s first venture in Mandaluyong, known as the Tiger City of the Philippines for its robust development. The location also lies at the heart of Metro Manila, right in the middle of the so-called “Golden Triangle” comprised by the cities of Manila, Makati and Quezon City, where financial and lifestyle opportunities abound. With its strategic location and contemporary design, the development is expected to be a popular landmark along EDSA. The project’s fa├žade incorporates roof deck lanterns and all-glass windows at the topmost floors.

Montenegro likewise revealed that Avida Towers Centera will offer special units on a limited basis, featuring two-bedroom units with floor-to-ceiling windows located at the uppermost floors of the building to provide fantastic views of the cityscape.

“That kind of condominium unit is first in any Avida project,” he claimed.

Avida Towers Centera is going to have built-in retail stores and dining establishments at the first two floors as well to make it easier for its future residents to shop and meet with friends.

The amenity area is also something to be excited about as it will have different zones where people can entertain friends, have fun, do fitness routines, or spend quiet alone time.

“At Avida Towers Centera, your home is not just near everything you need, it has everything you need built-in.”

3D street painting competition
As part of its grand launch, Avida Towers Centera organized a 3D Street Painting Festival wherein professional and amateur artists showcased their impressive street paintings, celebrating the theme “Fast-forward: Life at the Center of the Metropolis”.
Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ Guhit Sudlungan with their winning artwork entitled “Greater Access to Convergen

The awarding was also held during the launch of Avida Towers Centera. The top prize went to Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ Guhit Sudlungan for its artwork called “Greater Access to Convergence”. Second prize was given to a group of fashion and graphic designers, Stycon, for their entry “Connected and Green”. The third placer, meanwhile, was University of the Philippines’ visual arts group 4:20 for their artwork, “Metropolis Mania”.

Avida Towers Centera is a tribute to the energy and thrill of urban existence, as expressed through contemporary design with its roof deck lanterns and all-glass walls.

All Avida Towers are planned and built with the five condo must-haves in mind: free-flowing air and sunlight, fewer units per floor, sensible amenities, emergency power even inside your unit, and easy payment terms, making it a home that fits a condo-hunter’s needs now and over the long-term. With quality that is sure to last, An Avida home is a must-have.

To know more about Avida Towers Centera, please call 848-5200 or visit

Villa Escondido: Your Hideaway In Paradise

I recall a friend of mine who been there and exchange a conversation with a foreigner. She told the foreigner,she want to live in another country. The foreigner replied, "Why do want to leave this country where you have paradise like Boracay." Truer words never spoken. We have lot to see here in our motherland.

Summer already started and classes are ending as the days progresses. It is the perfect time to relax somewhere where you can spend some time away from the stress of city life. Villa Escondido is one resort to consider for Boracay. Besides, the big hotels nearby, Escondido offers a more homely approach with more privacy since Escondido is Spanish for hideaway. It is situated in Station 1 where the finest white sands are located. The interior is furnished with antiques has 14 rooms to choose from.

Escondido also housed the best crab restaurant Boracay has to offer. The Boracay Crab House boasts of the best crabs, prawns, and other seafood dishes. There are also other activities that Escondido can offer especially water activities. You can arrange a package deal with Escondido at the following contact information. (6336)288-4777 in Boracay, (632)376-4535 in Manila. Email: Villa Escondido is your hideaway in Paradise. Visit for more information.

Crab House

Monday, March 28, 2011

The way to go to fight your child's fever

Fever is common in young children.  It is the body’s natural defense against infections.  When your child has an infection, your child’s body will activate its immune system and raise its temperature above normal to fight it.  The normal range of body temperature at the armpit is between 34.7 and 37.4 C.  The Asian Pediatric Fever Working Group defines fever as a rise in temperature over 37.5 C. 

If you have young children, it is best to always have a digital thermometer handy in your home.  Due to the potential for mercury exposure or ingestion, glass mercury thermometers have been phased out and are no longer recommended.

     See the doctor immediately if your child:
·         Has a convulsion
·         Is difficult to awaken
·         Has difficulty swallowing, feeding or drinking
·         Is sitting quietly and the fontanelle (soft spot in the top of the head) is bulging
·         Has signs of dehydration
·         Is listless or irritable, has a very bad headache or stomachache, vomits repeatedly or has any other symptoms causing significant discomfort
·         Has a temperature of 39 C or higher (or 38 C for children less than 3 months)
·         Has a fever lasting more than 3 to 5 days
·         Cries if you touch or move him or her
·         Has redness, swelling or tenderness around the eye, arm or leg
·         Walks with a limp or refuses to move a leg or arm
·         Has difficulty breathing even after his nose is cleared
·         Has purple spots on the skin that do not blanch (turn white) when pressed firmly

Also consult the doctor if:
·         You are worried about the child’s condition
·         You feel that you are unable to care for the child

When it comes to fever relief, UBM Medica explains that Paracetamol is one of the safest and most commonly used over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.  
The correct dose of Paracetamol does not depend on the child’s age, but on his weight. The optimum dose of Paracetamol is 15 mg per kilogram.   In other words, if your child weighs 10 kg he should be given 150 mg Paracetamol per dose. This dose should be given once every 4 – 6 hours, up to 4 times per day if needed.  Remember that ‘mg’ is a measure of weight and ‘mL’ is a measure of fluid volume.  For your convenience and to ensure your child gets the right amount of medication for his fever, children’s Paracetamol (Calpol) provides a weight-based dosage table on the bottle and box labels for your easy reference.

Pediatricians agree, weight based dosing of Paracetamol is always the right way to go to fight your child’s fever.


Fever in House!  A Parents’ guide to dealing with Fever.    Asian Pediatric Fever Working Group.

Mayo Clinic Website
Dr. Michael Jones, Medical Editor, UBM Medica Australia Website*

*UBM Medica is a leading healthcare media company providing solutions to a global healthcare market. They provide reference data, decision support solutions, news and education to communities of general practitioners, specialist doctors, pharmacists, nurses and patients.

UK's Freshest New Boy Band Releases Their Self-Titled Debut Album!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Incident Report about my Dining Out Experience Today

I went to a popular restaurant in Quezon City today even though I came all the way from Manila because I love the food there. I was given a gift check for that restaurant earlier this year as a consolation. My gift checks worth P2,500.00 are now expiring by the end of the month so I went there to redeem it. What I failed to read in the rules is that it should be on dine-in which is alright. The manager wasn't around that time during the opening. 

Only those lamebrain crew.  I gave the gift certificates first to a stupid waiter named Randy before ordering. What the gift checks didn't indicate there which was expressed by that moron Randy that the gift check should have a control number which was erased. That imbecile Randy's explanation about the gift check's control number was valid but if only he could have told it before ordering the food. That dimwitted Randy explained this only after eating what we ordered. Good thing that I only ordered an appetizer, fruit shake and halo-halo,if I ordered more, it would be a disaster. After I gave my payment, I gave my argument to him and the rest of the useless crew present, who did nothing about this. That was the only time  could think of offering me to call the manager. I said it's too late for that. If only he could done it sooner, we could have both been spared by this. 

It just turns out that they waited me to order the food so they can just charge me for it. If they can think straight, they could have rejected my gift checks first before I ordered the food. They just had to wait for me to order so they can charge me. That's the trap I fell for. I don't hate them for it. I only hate what they did. They just don't know how to handle customers and they don't deserve to work there. If they don't know how to make decisions, they should stick to just sweeping floors instead. My advice for the gift check's control number and expiry date, make it embossed so it will last for the whole duration before it expires not a temporary ink. The reason why I don't want to reveal the name of the restaurant because I still love the restaurant and I love the food there. It's only about some of the crew present that's really stupid.


Here’s an exciting news from MCA Music! A Limited Edition CD of Lady Gaga is now out for grabs!!! This mini-album consists of 4 tracks—the main version plus 3 groovy remixes (LA Riots Remix, Chew Fu Born To Fix Remix, and DJ White Shadow Remix) of her latest smash hit single “Born This Way”. With empowering lyrics, great hook, pulsating beat and catchy danceable music, “Born This Way” has made a remarkable and massive impact, storming our local hit charts (which has now reached #1), packing the dance floors and getting blasts from cars, computers and radios all over the place.

Lady Gaga continues to explode onto the global cultural landscape this year with her catchy pop anthems and her fashion-forward aesthetics.  Worldwide she has sold more than four million copies of her debut album, The Fame, and more than 15 million singles, making her music’s biggest breakout star of the year.  She is only the third artist in history to claim three #1 hits from a debut album (“Just Dance,” “Poker Face” and “LoveGame”).

“Born This Way” indeed is a colossal comeback and this teaser and limited edition CD, exclusively released under MCA Music, will definitely be an essential piece of collector’s item for all the “Little Monsters” out there!

Get Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” as your ringback tone!!!
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