Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letter/Update From A Contact In Japan

Report of KGK Japan situation as of March 16, 2011
By Ryuichi Yamazaki 

Damages and Problems

The damage of the earthquake and the tsunami is very serious. It was beyond our imagination. Buildings were torn down so easily and many people lost their lives.  There are also many missing people. There are students, graduates or their family who live in these areas.
  • The public services such as electricity, gas and phone lines are out of order. Because of this, many people including KGK students, graduates and local churches are having difficulty in confirming the safety of their family and friends. Staff and ex-staffs are found safe, however, we still cannot contact to some students.
  • One student leader is taking a great initiative to confirm the safety and the situation of the students in KGK Tohoku region. The students decided to cancel the spring camp in the region which was originally scheduled this week. It was an anguished decision especially for the students who were preparing the camp.
  • Students who were away from home are not able to return because of traffic matters.
  • Many high school students were in Tohoku region for university entrance exams. They also have difficulty in communication with their family. Most of the exams had been postponed or cancelled.


It is said that strong aftershocks may come within several days. In addition, many problems are happening at the nuclear power plant. Please pray that the damage would spread no more.
  • The prompt rescue and medical treatment for those who were injured.
  • Tohoku region is located in northern part of Japan so many people are suffering the cold weather. The electricity is out of order and blankets are not enough for all refugees. Please remember for the people’s health matter.
  • May students and graduates can reach their family and friends to confirm their safety.
  • Please remember for the people’s heart will be filled with peace. May Christians can give testimony through this tough situation.

Thank you.


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