Sunday, March 27, 2011

Incident Report about my Dining Out Experience Today

I went to a popular restaurant in Quezon City today even though I came all the way from Manila because I love the food there. I was given a gift check for that restaurant earlier this year as a consolation. My gift checks worth P2,500.00 are now expiring by the end of the month so I went there to redeem it. What I failed to read in the rules is that it should be on dine-in which is alright. The manager wasn't around that time during the opening. 

Only those lamebrain crew.  I gave the gift certificates first to a stupid waiter named Randy before ordering. What the gift checks didn't indicate there which was expressed by that moron Randy that the gift check should have a control number which was erased. That imbecile Randy's explanation about the gift check's control number was valid but if only he could have told it before ordering the food. That dimwitted Randy explained this only after eating what we ordered. Good thing that I only ordered an appetizer, fruit shake and halo-halo,if I ordered more, it would be a disaster. After I gave my payment, I gave my argument to him and the rest of the useless crew present, who did nothing about this. That was the only time  could think of offering me to call the manager. I said it's too late for that. If only he could done it sooner, we could have both been spared by this. 

It just turns out that they waited me to order the food so they can just charge me for it. If they can think straight, they could have rejected my gift checks first before I ordered the food. They just had to wait for me to order so they can charge me. That's the trap I fell for. I don't hate them for it. I only hate what they did. They just don't know how to handle customers and they don't deserve to work there. If they don't know how to make decisions, they should stick to just sweeping floors instead. My advice for the gift check's control number and expiry date, make it embossed so it will last for the whole duration before it expires not a temporary ink. The reason why I don't want to reveal the name of the restaurant because I still love the restaurant and I love the food there. It's only about some of the crew present that's really stupid.

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  1. Update.Already settled with the restaurant concerned. We are now on good terms.