Thursday, March 31, 2011

World Of Wellness Direct Selling

Cory Quirino and Mae Velillla
Cory Quirino is an icon when it comes to fitness and health. Her book about the topic is a bestseller. She is always invited to speak about it. She now has her own line of products for health and wellness in stores and now made it available for direct selling. Her advocacy, Wealth In Wellness reflects in her direct selling business, World of Wellness or WOW for short. This is her vision. Teaming up with Sheila Mae Velilla, whose credentials in her companies are already established, there are now stores in SM malls and Virra Mall.
Cory Quirino talks about her products

I have heard stories of friends who are in the direct marketing business and there are established companies that started in direct selling. I was first oriented how the direct selling business works. You can only just sell the products even at the comfort of your own home. The products are also all natural. Although the products are also available in malls, you can still earn from selling if you become a distributor, you can purchase from the direct selling office with a discounted price.

The business does not guarantee that you will earn that instant but if you can maximize the potential of marketing these products, you could earn as much as you can if you talk to people about the products. It also a plus that you believe in the products. If you are interested or you need more information, visit the WOW World Of Wellness Direct Sales Corporation at #108 Scout Delgado st., Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City. or call 9289969/4141869. If you were asked how did you discover this business opportunity, tell them, you read the blog of Vince the L.E.N.S. blogger.


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