Friday, March 11, 2011

Jabra Speak 410

Jabra Speak 410
Last March 10 at Makati, I was invited for the press release of Jabra Speak 410, a product by GN Netcom. I met GN Netcom's Managing Director for Southeast Asia, Ralph Ede and Head of Marketing and Alliances in Asia Pacific, Christopher Tan. They oriented us about Jabra and GN Netcom and the Jabra Speak 410.
Mr. Christopher Tan

I got to know much about Jabra till I found out that it was owned by GN Netcom. GN Netcom is not only known for providing communications tools for corporations and contact centers but also can be also used for personal interests.
Mr Ralph Ede

GN Netcom introduced the Jabra Speak 410. The Jabra Speak 410 was designed ideally for conference calls. It is designed as flat circular speaker good for 4-5 people to use and with a USB cable for Plug-And-Play function. No batteries or charging needed. It's that simple and user-friendly and also highly mobile that you can even use it with your laptop anywhere.
Mr. Larsen Sandoval demonstrates the Jabra Speak 410

The Jabra Speak 410 is suitable for the Microsoft Communicator since its dedicated to the Microsoft platform but can also be used for Skype. The primary market potentials for this device are the large scale corporations and multinational companies.

The Jabra Speak 410 was given demonstration by GN Netcom Asia Limited's Country Manager for Philippines,Larsen Sandoval. When not in used for conference calls, it can also be used as a regular speaker. The estimate cost of the Jabra Speak 410 ranges from PhP6000-PhP7000 or $159.

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