Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bannister Academy:Where Big Ideas Begins

Entrance to Bannister Academy
I first heard about Bannister Academy, when I read in an internet blog that they are looking for scholars. Last Saturday, I was invited for an open tour within the academy premises. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by Mr. John-D Borra, Bannister Academy's Headmaster.
Dr. Torralba

Mr. Borra gave us words of welcome with a question? "What is the most resilient virus?" He quotes Leonardo DiCaprio's character from the movie, Inception, that "an idea is the most resilient virus." Somehow, there is truth in this but if it was used in a more positive manner unlike in the movie, an idea can be taught to a person and "that's what Bannister is for, says Mr Borra. We were also oriented about  a brief history of Bannister Academy by Dr. Antonio Torralba.
Mr. Raymond Villanueva

I got to listen to 3 invited speakers for that event that talks about social influence. Ms. Janette Toral, one of the speakers, talked about being an influence in the internet and the social networks. Mr. Borra adds that besides developing ideas, they also encourages social influence. In Bannister, they have a mentoring program to a ratio 1:1 so no student won't be left behind to cope up on his/her own. This really impress me because I didn't enjoy my high school and I was treated differently back then and you feel that you are on your own. I was also bullied and the teachers don't even noticed what was happening.
Preschool class
Mr. Borra with a couple of Bannister's high school students

After the speakers, Mr. Raymond Villanueva, Bannister's Director gave his closing remarks before we observed and participate in the classes that was going on that day. I first observed a preschool class then seated in a high school Pilipino class. After the classes, we sat down and chatted with Mr. Borra and talked about the Bannister and social networks before we said goodbye to Bannister. If you wish to know more about Bannister Academy, go to their website If you have inquiries, here are their contact information.
Bannister crest

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