Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Destination: Camarines Norte Part 6

I learned so far that Camarines Norte housed the first Rizal monument and the three churches that are already 400 years old and that Bagasbas is a haven for surfers. Camarines Norte is also known for the its sweetest pineapples. Not only that they pride of their pineapples, they also maximize the use of pineapples.  They also weave baskets made from pineapples; they also produce paper from pineapples. You can check this out at the livelihood program in Labo.
Pineapple based products

Back to 400th year celebration, also celebrating this year is the church in Daet.  St John the Baptist Parish was also founded in 1611 when the missionaries established their mission there in 1581 and was dedicated to St. John the Baptist. They will be celebrating its quadricentennial in June 24 this year.
Pineapple based sketchpad

The last of the quadcentennial churches is in Vinzons (formerly Indan. Original name: Tacboan). It pays homage to St. Peter the Apostle as its patron.  They will celebrate it on June 29 this year. All these churches are part of the diocese of Daet.
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After rounding up all three churches and visiting museum like Museo Buluwan in one day, we are also planning to go to Calaguas island the next day to see for ourselves if the beach is as beautiful as they say and draws tourists there because I was only shown pictures but due to the rainy weather, we settled for the Plan B.

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