Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Knight features: Velocity Sports and Entertainment Bar

Before the internet social networks, bars are considered one of the oldest venues for social functions. It has been like that for many years even before I was born. It’s not just the drinking that keeps the bar patrons from going, it’s the people. Even when social networks are a trend in the internet, it doesn’t beat old fashion bar hospitality. There was an old American sitcom named Cheers. If I recall its opening song correctly, it says that “I want to go to a place where everyone knows your name.” 

I believe that Velocity Bar is the best place for a modern socialite to be. Velocity bar can accommodate about 200 people.  One of Velocity’s modern features that you will see is that it’s also a sports bar. You can watch your favorite game or match live. If you are from the British Isles, you won’t miss a play from your favorite rugby or cricket team.  For fun, there’s also an area where you can simulate playing baseball virtually. For your viewing pleasure, there’s also a cozy viewing room for a cinematic atmosphere with its large LCD screens and top of the line audio system.

Velocity also has a variety of cocktail dishes. I recommend their chicken wings for its spicy flavor. Velocity Bar offers 50% percent off on selected beverages from Tuesdays to Sundays 6pm - 8pm(Happy Hour)

The advantage of Velocity Bar is it’s inside Marriott Hotel Manila if you feel like you need to stay for the night. Velocity Bar can also arrange an exclusive function for any occasion. Other restaurants and lounges you can find in Marriott Hotel Manila is the Cru Steakhouse, Marriott Cafe, The Lounge, where you can conduct business and leisure,  and Java + Coffee House.

You can reach Velocity Bar or Marriott Hotel Manila at +63 2 9889999 loc. 8114/8115/8117 | Fax +63 2 9889946 Marriott Hotel Manila is located at No. 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex, Pasay City. Just across NAIA Terminal 3 and is 15 minutes away from Makati and Bonifacio Global City .You can browse their website here: Marriott Hotel Manila

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chowking Introduces a New and Oh!some Dish

Chowking is adding a new flavor in their dishes: The New Chowking Orange Chicken. Chunks of juicy crispy chicken glazed with sweet sauce and orange slices. This Oh!some dish is ideal for lunch or dinner.

The New Chowking Orange Chicken can be arranged in three Oh!some choices:Rice Chow Meal for only P69.00, the Lauriat, which includes crispy noodles, Chicharap and Buchi, and the Salo-Salo, ideal for sharing at for only P125.00

Chowking celebrates this new dish for its 25th anniversary and the opening of its 400th store in Baguio.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wanted:Media Intern for LENTE

Wanted: Media Intern for election watchdog Legal Network for Truthful
Elections (LENTE).
Primary function: Assist with implementing the PR and communications plan of
LENTE and our media partnership contracts.
Qualifications: Diskarte, Passion for truthful elections, Enjoys relating
with people and solving challenges
Start April 5 in National Secretariat headquarters in Rockwell, Makati City
For more details, please text 0917.826.1324
Submit CV to

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stupid Guard Told Us Not To Standby Sidewalk

After a church service,my mom, my sisters, my baby niece and I went to the mall for lunch around 11:00 when we saw a sidewalk vendor along Pedro Gil that sells hair accessories so my mom and sisters take time to see if they can find something they can buy.They were looking for a similar one my baby niece was wearing that the vendor said she has one and will get it for a moment. While we were waiting two guards,one wearing a standard uniform and the other in barong is telling the vendors to pack up and leave. We won't mind if the vendors are illegally setting up in the sidewalk nor if they were being driven away by the authorities. Since the vendor haven't been back, the guard told us to pack up. Mom told the guard that we are not the vendors. Hello! I maybe wearing casual clothes as well as my sisters but my mom was in her usual Sunday attire. The guard told us "Wag kasi kayo tatambay dito para . Another stupid remark. I answered back, Public sidewalk ito.Sino ka para pagbawalan kami dito.Dumadaan din lang naman kami. Pinag-aralan mo ba trabaho mo? After that,the vendor got back and promised to pack up. The guards move away in shame before I could get one of the name of the guards. I have nothing against vendors who illegally set up in sidewalks and to the authorities who drives them away. It doesn't concern me but giving us that kind of treatment is inexcusable. What I am not sure is where are they assigned? The mall or the hospital/university? I even didn't mind calling that guard a moron.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spotlight on N.O.A.H.(No Ordinary Aquatic Habitat)

Trumpets is bringing back again the musicale, N.O.A.H. in their live performances at SM Mall of Asia beginning September 1 from Tuesday to Friday with two performances per day at 10:00 and 1:00. N.O.A.H. is based on a biblical story with a modern twist. He is trying his best to clean up all the garbage in the world without receiving help from his neighbors and even his own family. This new twist of the biblical story will  make you think that cleanliness doesn't start with the world around you but within you. It's a story for the whole family to enjoy. This is an attempt of Trumpets in bringing the theatre live performances for all people at  affordable  prices. For reservations, contact Trumpets at (632)6354478 or e-mail For online info, click

Photo courtesy of Leo Gonzales and Trumpets

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A waste of time in the hospital

I have an idea how a whole day was spent in the hospital when my grandmother went there. Today, I accompanied her and his brother for his eye surgery before 6AM. There were already many people lined up by the time we came. We thought we can still be accommodated so we waited. Good thing the facility was equipped with aircon. We also heard other complains from other patients. They were asking if they can take lunch since it's almost 12nn. They were told to take lunch nearby because they might be called. By around 12nn, we were called to proceed upstairs for the operation but when we got up,it was only there that we found out that he was rescheduled for next week. I have nothing against rescheduling but after waiting all that time and the ground Informations desk has no idea that they were still admitting people without being notified by the operating room upstairs that they were no longer capable of handling more operations. They should have a system since it's a government hospital that need proper systems procedures and communication.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Movie Review:Alice In Wonderland

I first found about Alice in Wonderland as a Disney animated flick. When I first saw it, I never understand the point of the story. Despite how colorful Disney pulled it off, I can only see Alice who went to Wonderland and back. I later found out that Disney compressed the two books written by Lewis Carol. In college,I took up Psychology. Alice is an image or model for day dreaming and imaginary friendships that child psychologists dreaded. For the right reasons, child psychologists sees this as means for the child to escape the reality that affects a child and the factors that motivates them. A child may encounters problems in his/her immediate "world" and creates a new one. For the wrong reasons, psychologists tend also to see this deviantly and thus the child is deprived from all forms and potentials of creativity because the teachers, other children and even parents don't approved of it. Here's how I mirror this on the story. In the animated flick, Alice doesn't want to study so she "escapes" to Wonderland upon seeing the White Rabbit. In the sequel Tim Burton made, Alice tried to escape the pressures she was expected from everyone around her that she escapes back to Wonderland upon seeing the White Rabbit again. Burton,in my observation,tried to make it as close to what Lewis Carol originally sees his Wonderland. The Alice phenomenon has also a philosophical content. It also tells you how do you see the world around you. That is why in the first Matrix movie, Morpheus used the Alice model when he was discussing with Neo. The film's 3D is an added attraction which makes it interacts with the viewers that they are also going to "Underland" with Alice.


Spoilers from this point!


Spoiler Alert!

The Queen of Hearts or the Red Queen is now seen as the villain rather than an obstacle like she portrayed in the animated flick. There is also the existence of a prophecy regarding Alice. I see the prophecy also a philosophical thought. Alice shouldn't be dictated by her surroundings but she should think what is she should do for herself. Tim Burton made the Alice sequel as a story progression. There were also inconsistency between the animated flick and the Burton flick. The Caterpillar was already turned to a butterfly in the animated flick. In the sequel, he's the Caterpillar again named Absalom. Absalom projects an image here as a wise sage unlike the animated flick. Alice here was a woman ahead of her time. She is too modern for any girl living in a Victorian England society. She is what we might see as a feminist here. Crispin Glover has the same type of role as a henchman doing an evil deed for his superior like what he portrayed in Charlie's Angels as the Thin Man. In my book, Tim Burton did a great job with Alice and there's no other director who can do it better. If you disagree,then I must be going bonkers. "But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are."

Friday, March 5, 2010

Trumpets attempt to lower the prices of live performances closer to cinemas

Theatre is always been a part of my life.I was usually invited to watch Repertory Phils. and Tanghalang Pilipino productions especially when my cousin performs for Tanghalan. I was excited to when I was invited to a Trumpets play,N.O.A.H. even though my interest in theatre is more of the experimental kind like what TP does in their recent productions. I have no doubt that Trumpets has a good reputation for theatre production since they are like Repertory productions,traditional theatre production but more wholesome or family oriented . I've seen Joseph the Dreamer, Fables & Parables and The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. But the gathering was more of a presentation for specific people. Yesterday,they only presented two musical numbers from the said musical based on the biblical story. I thought we went there to watch a play and make a review. The presscon-type presentation is intended for the school institutions. I agree that the theatre in Trumpet's credentials,just like Repertory, is not for the masses. It's usually for those who could afford. Here is an ambitious part for SM. To make live performances more cheaper and closer to the price range of watching movies. The main target of Trumpets for this presentation was the schools because they intend to invite them to fit in their school program if ever they can afford a show. A whole production of Trumpets run for thirty performances and SM,specifically SM MOA Centerstage can accommodate 900 audience max per show. For a Trumpet show to get even in Centerstage,they need to have at least 750 seats sold for each show. This is were the school takes initiative if they decided to take up Trumpets' offer. The schools will decide whether they can afford and sell 900 seats for them to have a production. I know that Trumpets productions are good for the schools and the family. It will make a good venue for a field trip. For those who wish to make a proposal to Trumpets, you may contact: Trumpets,Inc Unit 1523 CityLand MegaPlaza Condo ADB Avenue cor. Garnet Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. Telephone:(632)6354478 E-mail: Website:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

2nd Ave. & Hallmark is in need of MERCH producers

Job Description:
Responsible for producing promo content,writes promo scripts,researches materials, supervises edit of weekly plugs,
assist the Associate Producer & Exec. Producer on weekly production requirements/tasks,
acts as field producer for on-air initiatives.
College grad w/Degree in MassCom or CommArts,
has a keen eye for visual storytelling & copywriting skills,
knowledge of video editing,
willing to work in Antipolo.
Email ur resumes & sample works/demo reel w/ the subject, "I WANT IN" to
Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interview

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Campaigning this week

Yesterday,all of us registered voters,including my sister and cousin who are newly registered, got a letter from Lito Atienza for an invitation of discussion.The letter dated Feb. 22 and was addressed to me starting with my surname complete with my mother's maiden name, my home address, my zone, and district. The delivery/errand man dropped it off saying it's for the raffle this Wednesday. What a way to gather people up.

Earlier today, we also received a sample voter's ID with my complete name, address, baranggay, district, and precint number and polling place for the incoming election and the name and office of a current councilor,Rafael Borrromeo, on the other side.

What I appreciate from these things is that I never know what my zone number is and the precint number given will give me a head start without looking which precint should I go to. Since my sister and cousin are first time voters, they were also given the same. I also have no problem with Atienza coming back as mayor since he won't be DENR secretary for the next term and I will prefer him than Alfredo Lim whom I think did nothing different and much less than Atienza. It's also a plus for Borromeo since I don't know much of the  candidates below the position of congress. This also means that the COMELEC is giving away names of voters for campaigning. Is this counted a violation of my privacy?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Plot:In a parallel universe, the lone survivor of that Earth's Justice League, Lex Luthor travels through other worlds dimensions to join forces Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Martian Manhunter in a desperate attempt to save his world and its people.Two Earths, two Leagues, one epic battle.

Review:I thought I won't like it much after reading Justice League:Earth-2. But the story has somehow differed from the comics unlike New Frontier but better. Hal Jordan was the Green Lantern here instead of Kyle Rayner in JL:Earth-2 and John Stewart is not in this. I am not safe to say if this movie is in the same continuity as Green Lantern:First Flight yet. Although it's not mentioned, it looks like Wally West was the Flash here rather than Barry Allen. But the appearance of the new Firestorm and the current costume of Black Lightning was used. I can't help but compare this to Turtles Forever but it was a DC Comics original idea of a multiverse.

Human Weapon Episode 1:Muay Thai(Thailand)

For the first time in television series, whether regular TV station or an educational channel, a show that's educational as well as action packed and a reality series at the same time. Human Weapon is a series by the History Channel that explores the world of martial arts. The episode starts about introducing the country of origin of the featured martial art, then it's history and the hosts, Jason Chambers, a mixed martial artist, and Bill Duff, a former NFL player turned professional wrestler, learns these martial arts each episode and one of them will challenge the champion of the featured martial art. The series also describes visually in using a computer graphic animation to show each lethal move they learn that they can find useful. In the pilot episode, they went to Thailand. The episode shows that Muay Thai varies in disciplines. Some use it for sports, others use Muay Thai in law enforcement, there is also the existense of traditional Muay Thai practitioners that isolates them from the Muay Thai sports. The Muay Thai featured in Jean Claude Van Damme's movie Kickboxer used what considered an urban legend in Muay Thai. The using of broken glass in fists instead of boxing gloves. But the two experienced praticed kicking banana trees instead of punching bags. The fight against the Muay Thai champion was done by Jason Chambers. In my view, the Muay Thai fighter didn't really give his all because of the possibility that Jason might end up in the hospital but he didn't won just the same.