Friday, March 5, 2010

Trumpets attempt to lower the prices of live performances closer to cinemas

Theatre is always been a part of my life.I was usually invited to watch Repertory Phils. and Tanghalang Pilipino productions especially when my cousin performs for Tanghalan. I was excited to when I was invited to a Trumpets play,N.O.A.H. even though my interest in theatre is more of the experimental kind like what TP does in their recent productions. I have no doubt that Trumpets has a good reputation for theatre production since they are like Repertory productions,traditional theatre production but more wholesome or family oriented . I've seen Joseph the Dreamer, Fables & Parables and The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. But the gathering was more of a presentation for specific people. Yesterday,they only presented two musical numbers from the said musical based on the biblical story. I thought we went there to watch a play and make a review. The presscon-type presentation is intended for the school institutions. I agree that the theatre in Trumpet's credentials,just like Repertory, is not for the masses. It's usually for those who could afford. Here is an ambitious part for SM. To make live performances more cheaper and closer to the price range of watching movies. The main target of Trumpets for this presentation was the schools because they intend to invite them to fit in their school program if ever they can afford a show. A whole production of Trumpets run for thirty performances and SM,specifically SM MOA Centerstage can accommodate 900 audience max per show. For a Trumpet show to get even in Centerstage,they need to have at least 750 seats sold for each show. This is were the school takes initiative if they decided to take up Trumpets' offer. The schools will decide whether they can afford and sell 900 seats for them to have a production. I know that Trumpets productions are good for the schools and the family. It will make a good venue for a field trip. For those who wish to make a proposal to Trumpets, you may contact: Trumpets,Inc Unit 1523 CityLand MegaPlaza Condo ADB Avenue cor. Garnet Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. Telephone:(632)6354478 E-mail: Website:

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