Monday, March 15, 2010

Stupid Guard Told Us Not To Standby Sidewalk

After a church service,my mom, my sisters, my baby niece and I went to the mall for lunch around 11:00 when we saw a sidewalk vendor along Pedro Gil that sells hair accessories so my mom and sisters take time to see if they can find something they can buy.They were looking for a similar one my baby niece was wearing that the vendor said she has one and will get it for a moment. While we were waiting two guards,one wearing a standard uniform and the other in barong is telling the vendors to pack up and leave. We won't mind if the vendors are illegally setting up in the sidewalk nor if they were being driven away by the authorities. Since the vendor haven't been back, the guard told us to pack up. Mom told the guard that we are not the vendors. Hello! I maybe wearing casual clothes as well as my sisters but my mom was in her usual Sunday attire. The guard told us "Wag kasi kayo tatambay dito para . Another stupid remark. I answered back, Public sidewalk ito.Sino ka para pagbawalan kami dito.Dumadaan din lang naman kami. Pinag-aralan mo ba trabaho mo? After that,the vendor got back and promised to pack up. The guards move away in shame before I could get one of the name of the guards. I have nothing against vendors who illegally set up in sidewalks and to the authorities who drives them away. It doesn't concern me but giving us that kind of treatment is inexcusable. What I am not sure is where are they assigned? The mall or the hospital/university? I even didn't mind calling that guard a moron.

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