Monday, March 1, 2010

Human Weapon Episode 1:Muay Thai(Thailand)

For the first time in television series, whether regular TV station or an educational channel, a show that's educational as well as action packed and a reality series at the same time. Human Weapon is a series by the History Channel that explores the world of martial arts. The episode starts about introducing the country of origin of the featured martial art, then it's history and the hosts, Jason Chambers, a mixed martial artist, and Bill Duff, a former NFL player turned professional wrestler, learns these martial arts each episode and one of them will challenge the champion of the featured martial art. The series also describes visually in using a computer graphic animation to show each lethal move they learn that they can find useful. In the pilot episode, they went to Thailand. The episode shows that Muay Thai varies in disciplines. Some use it for sports, others use Muay Thai in law enforcement, there is also the existense of traditional Muay Thai practitioners that isolates them from the Muay Thai sports. The Muay Thai featured in Jean Claude Van Damme's movie Kickboxer used what considered an urban legend in Muay Thai. The using of broken glass in fists instead of boxing gloves. But the two experienced praticed kicking banana trees instead of punching bags. The fight against the Muay Thai champion was done by Jason Chambers. In my view, the Muay Thai fighter didn't really give his all because of the possibility that Jason might end up in the hospital but he didn't won just the same.

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