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Review on the entries for the Shortfilm category of The 3rd Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards

Last February 23 at the Fully Booked Viewing Room, I watched ten entries of the said event that will take place on March 17, 2010 at the Rockwell Tent. Here are the following entries:

Anak Ng Tikbalang
by Desiree Ann Samson
A romantic comedy where Pinoy family values and Philippine Lower Mythology combine.
Review: The story explores the other side of our nation's folklore minus the slaying of our famed local entities like the tikbalang, the kapre or the nuno in the usual fantasy action stories without demonizing them. The level of excitement of this film was so high especially when the main character,Grace was narrating with that subtitles that concurs the narrator's level as if you are watching an anime episode. Yet, the story was so entertaining that even the masses can appreciate. The level of conversation is down to earth. The entities' effects were done in a mascot and puppetry which adds comic of the story rather that makes them non-scary. The language used here is Tagalog with English subtitles.

directed by Khavn dela Cruz
After everything, Nothing.
Review: The film was done like you are reading a storybook with pictures that moves by itself. There is no talking like as if it were a silent film except the narration was on the same frame as the story progresses. The story will make you think or try to make yourself grasped the situation of the main character. The written language of the narrative is English.

by Rommel Tolentino
A well-rounded fable with a bounce of whimsy.
Review:The story that relies more on the movements of the characters to tell the story with less dialogue. It was both suspenseful and hilarious at the same time. The film will make you see how make it through the obstacles in the eyes of a child. Dialogues were done in Tagalog.

by Ronnie Sapinoso
The search for love and meaning
Review:This short film tells it's story with computer graphics animation and background music that suits the story.There are no verbal dialogues on the whole duration of the story.

by Camille Jensen Hirro and Liezl Ortacio
She wanted a way out, so she locked herself in. Now,she's coming out to tell her story.
Review:This short film horror story that has flashbacks and documentary type that connects and makes a shocking ending.It was interesting but it follows the likes of Asian horror flicks.The language used here was both Tagalog and English.

Kumot ng Panaginip
by Jedd Chris Dumaguina
Would you like to wake up from a dream?
Review:This short film combined a storybook type of animation and motion picture relevant for the story. This is a feel-good story that is also relevant for families who lost a loved one. Some people may be fed up with the problems of the reality we face that they tend to escape from it.

Lost and Found
by Jethro Trogo and Gharawi Usman
A young woman looks for her missing wallet in a mysterious lost and found kiosk where she also find things she thought she'd never see again.
Review:Another horror flick in this category. This was never imagined before as a premise for horror of all the thing we encounter everyday. Tagalog was the main language used here.

by Alvin Yapan
Plot/Review:The film is a meditation on the nature of creative production, as a form of covetous voyeurism, in a third world setting. In addition to this, the film itself is symbolic. It will really bury you in thought.Tagalog was the main language here.

Squatters from Mars
by Rommel Sales
By sending the Filipino land squatters to the planet Mars, the Filipinos would not only be seen as heroes of the world. They would become saviors of humankind.
Review:This short film maybe comical but it still points out that overpopulation is still one of the social problems we have and it may also be the solution as well as a problem is to relocate them.The film was done in tradition of a classic SciFi low budgeted movie with blue screen or green screen to make a virtual background as if this was already the future. The language used here is both Tagalog and English.

Takot Ako
by Jules Katanyag
Takot Ako is the story of a girl who finds out too late the true meaning of ghost haunting.
Review:The last of the of the horror and the last of the short films,the story make also made a good urban legend and contribution for the local horror stories compilation series.Tagalog was the language used.

These entries are the most fortunate that were selected by Fully Booked to be judged who will be the best short film for this year's Graphic/Fiction Awards and Neil Gaiman in Manila.

The screening was made possible by Fully Booked, Bo's Coffee and T.G.I. Friday's

To find more about the event,just click this: Fully Booked Online

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