Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Movie Review:Sherlock Holmes(2009)

I was not sure if I want to watch it at first.Sherlock Holmes was my classic book hero back in high school. My first read on Sherlock Holmes was The Hound Of The Baskervilles. I got hooked ever since. I even had a centennial Sherlock Holmes shirt back then(1887-1987). I also got to watched Young Sherlock Holmes and Without A Clue(an alternate look of Sherlock Holmes). Without A Clue was OK but Young Sherlock Holmes did not really gave justice to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Holmes. After hearing from fellows who are also well versed with Holmes literature,it compelled me to watch. Holmes' trademark deductive skills was also emphasized in the movie. Before there was CSI,there was Sherlock Holmes. Holmes already amazed readers before it was known as forensics investigations.For the characters, Sherlock Holmes was just as eccentric as I imagine, thanks to Robert Downey,Jr. I thought he will never pull it off. Although there was a factor regarding Downey's physical inconsistencies like the height. In addition to that, somebody told me that Downey was too sexy for Holmes.In this movie, Holmes no longer has the trademark hat and coat he popularized. Same thing with Dr. Watson. I was not expecting Jude Law. Forget the shorter, fat Watson. Despite that,it was not hinders you from enjoying the story. As for Irene Adler, she was just as scandalous as I imagine. Inspector Lestrade's working relationship was also accurate. Though Lestrade was pretending to bring Holmes to the enemy but the punch was not acting. He really want to punch him and had the opportunity to do so but they were also professionals. Lestrade knows he could never have cracked all those cases without Holmes and that makes him hate Holmes because the hero is not from Scotland Yard. There was also the cameo appearance of Professor Moriarty. Moriarty was considered a puppeteer an manipulator of crimes Holmes solved that it was a good factor that Irene Adler was afraid of the professor. That's why Holmes called him "the Napoleon of crime." It is considered a reimagined Sherlock Holmes because there was no Holmes story that mentions that Irene Adler was working for Moriarty and where or when did Holmes first knew about Moriarty.Despite all this discrepancies,this was,I believe, the movie that gave most t justice to Sherlock Holmes than any movie adaptation that will not make Conan Doyle spinning in his grave.


  1. looking forward to the sequel...

  2. Ditto! I am also looking forward to a sequel!