Monday, February 15, 2010

A Critique On Two ABS-CBN Shows That Ended This Month

The two shows that ended was May Bukas Pa and Pinoy Big Brother Double Up. The teleserye that poularized visions and miracles in this modern world is not my cup of tea. Realistically speaking, recall what happened to the countries were presumed visited by the Virgin.Fatima,Spain and Yugoslavia were devastated by wars afterwards. The so-called "bro"  or Jesus in the series is not the Biblical Jesus. If you noticed closely,the Jesus presented here was of Caucasian complexion. Jesus was supposed to be a Jew. He should appear more Mediterranean than white.  The fault missionaries did that makes Jesus more white.

In Pinoy Big Brother, 5 finalists was declared. On Tibo, the fifth placer. he can be worthy of the Big Winner. He has set good example and has good leadership skills but he was not popular and maybe old to start a career in showbiz. On Johan,the fourth placer, he just made the position because he is more popular, good looking and younger but that doesn't mean he's better than Tibo. He just had more votes.On Jason,the third placer, He is popular because he has this rugged boyish charm and there is his romance with Melai. But he is not a good team player. He may be bankable because he is popular but he only got this far because of popularity. PBB is also a popularity contest if you can win only by votes. On Paul Jake. He got it all.Good looks. He's rich. A good competitor and leader. But he can also be misunderstood by his housemates. Otherwise,he is also Big Winner Material. On Melai,the Big Winner, she's funny in a weird kinda way. She is kind and she has no enemies among all housemates. She is also a bankable asset for the network like Jason but can be separated from the Melason tandem because she's a comical talent that can hit big in showbiz. However, she wins because of popularity. My only problem with her is that she's the only English teacher in the province that can't speak English right. What is she teaching her students? Maybe that's the reason why I have classmates in college who doesn't know how to speak English properly.

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