Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Movie Review:Love Happens


Spoiler Alert!!

Alert: Spoiler!!!

It's the month of love again! Cinemas are not spared from the releases of romantic comedies and love stories, local and foreign. Which brings me to this subject. Are you haunted by your "personal demons"? You aim to move on but there are hindrances that stops you from doing so. Self-help book author Dr. Burke Ryan can help. With his bestselling book,A-OK!, and his group sessions, you can help yourself. Except for Dr. Ryan. He has his own demons that needed exorcised. And the only person who may redeem him is Eloise Chandler,a florist who supplies the hotel he was staying. The movie title didn't catch my attention but casting Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston give me high hopes for this. At first, I thought this is another movie for the love month but it was more than that.The redeeming quality of this film is a must watched not only for those who wants this to be a date movie but for the people who have their share of losses but gains anew, for those who seeks forgiveness but knowing there's nothing to forgive. I guarantee this movie will leave you feel "refreshed" and good about yourself.

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