Saturday, October 31, 2015

adidas Brings shoes to Life with “Ballin’ Dead” Halloween Collection

Press release

Just in time for Halloween, adidas unveiled the “Ballin’ Dead” pack, featuring zombie-inspired editions of the D Rose 6 and D Lillard 1.  

D Rose 6
The D Rose 6 features a core black upper embossed with a reflective zombie brain pattern that bleeds onto a pink STABLEFRAME midsole. Green drip graphics overlay adidas branding on the tongue, complementing the glow-in-the-dark outsole and D Rose logo prominently displayed on the heel. Pink hits at the toe cap and FITFRAME heel cage contrast the silhouette’s deep purple accents for a haunting look.

D Lillard 1
The D Lillard 1 features a two-tone upper with core black hues and a slime green base running from heel to toe. A glow-in-the-dark midsole with pink splatter oozes to the outsole, while a reflective brain pattern overlays the dark silhouette. The pink lace system and heel pull tab contrast purple accents and glow-in-the-dark finishes.  

Dame also delivered a Halloween-inspired #4BarFriday featured in the sockliner:

October 31st…the zombies coming out the dirt
Face mask cover skins the same way it covers hurt
A disguise for the day, be someone else for what it’s worth
A time to be who you would like for once on God’s Green Earth

The D Rose 6 (Php8795), and D Lillard 1 (Php6295) drop this Halloween at select retailers and  

Join the conversation @adidashoops on Twitter and Instagram with #DRose6 and #DLillard1.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Looking Forward to CCP in 2016

Last year, I got to attend my first CCP press conference for 2015. Now, here something to look forward to for 2016.

2016 kicks off starting with Metro Manila Concert Orchestra on January 8. This Philippine musicale excellence will feature a mother-daughter tandem of pianist Cristine Coyiuto and flutist Caitlin. On the 12th, CCP once again partners with Ayala Cinema for Tosca, another Metropolitan Opera HD presentation.

In February, CCP opens it's halls once again for the annual multi-arts festival Pasinaya 12 from February 6 to 7. Also a multi-arts festival Manila Fringe from February 10-28. As part of their 46th Season line up, Ballet Phlippines will present Opera: A Rebirth in Arabesque on February 13 to 14.

CCP once again will host another international production with Sister Act, a musical adaptation of the 1992 movie of the same name. On March 18, PPO Concert VII will feature soprano Rachelle Gerodias and baritone Byeong Park with Maestro Ochanine with the PPO and the Philippine Madrigal Singers.

Watch out for more updates for CCP events especially the lighting up of the Lantern display this month. Follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Coca-Cola Collectors Club makes PH debut in 100th anniversary of the Contour Bottle

Press release

Manila, Philippines—The Coca-Cola Collectors Club Philippines recently made its debut along the sidelines of the Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour’s Manila leg last October 2 to 4. Recognized just last January as the local chapter of Coca-Cola Collectors International, the Club currently has about 800 members.

The Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour, which is mounted in celebration the Contour Bottle’s 100th Anniversary, brought the new members together to come face to face with about half a century worth of Coca-Cola-inspired art from names like Andy Warhol, Clive Baker, Peter Blake, and Norman Rockwell.

The Club, which was originally founded in 1974 as a non-profit organization in Atlanta, Georgia, is devoted to all things Coca-Cola—from its history to collecting memorabilia. To date, it has over 46 chapters across the world with the biggest one being in Atlanta.

“Although The Coca-Cola Company does not sponsor the Club, we try to help with special projects and support their annual meeting. I am glad to meet the Philippine Club for the first time, see them enjoy the Bottle Art Tour, and share their plans to grow membership. The Club has become a great community of people with common interests, in as much as it has also been a regular venue to trade both items and stories,” says Ted Ryan, curator of the Bottle Art Tour and Director for Heritage Communications of The Coca-Cola Company.

It started with four fans

Coca-Cola Collectors Club Philippines President Jay-Ar Mendoza said the Club began with just him and three other friends, who are avid fans of the brand. In 2014, they set-up a Facebook Group and started accepting people in until it became a very active community of individuals who love Coke history.

“Not all of them are collectors,” says Jay-Ar, “but we constantly encourage them to start their own pool of tokens or souvenirs. In other countries, the collectors would really allot money for expensive items and participate in auctions--here it is not the case because of certain financial limits. Nonetheless the love for brand stands and we are just as passionate as the other collectors around the world,” says Mendoza.

In January 2015, they decided it was time meet-up, formalize the organization, and be recognized by Coca-Cola Collectors Club International. But Jay-Ar’s story with Coca-Cola began as far back as the early 90s—back when the Always Coca-Cola Classic Commercial was still airing and neighborhood sari-sari stores served as very important trading points of two commodities: pogs and slammers.

About the same time, the four-piece Coca-Cola Truck Attack collectibles were also being traded and kids were clamoring for mini Coca-Cola bottles and their mini crates. From a small holding area, Jay-Ar slowly and methodically decked three walls with items, gathering trinkets from the countries he visited and occasionally getting some packages from his Atlanta-based parents.

Asked what his most-prized item is in the collection and he said it was the Cebu bottling plant inauguration bottle that was produced in the 70s.

Looking ahead

What does the future look like for Coca-Cola Collectors Club Philippines? Jay-Ay says his dream is to be able to mount a local Coca-Cola Convention, complete with auctions, seminars, and swap meets.

For more information, checkout Coca-Cola Collectors Club Philippines on Facebook.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wilder Wildlife on Animal Planet

Press release

See wildlife like never before in these exciting new series from Animal Planet!

Penguins on a Plane: Great Animal Moves

Every day, thousands of different animals are being moved around the globe on our roads, ferries, and planes. But flying a flock of Gentoo penguins all the way from New Zealand to Birmingham’s National Sea Life Centre requires a high-tech, custom-built transport crate costing £40,000. With refrigeration, air filtering and even seatbelts, the ‘penguin hotel’ must keep the birds in peak physical condition during their 12,500 mile journey.

Watch Penguins On A Plane: Great Animal Moves. The show premiered last October 26 and will air Mondays at 9pmFollow the expert handlers entrusted with transporting some of the world’s most precious and challenging cargo safely to their destinations.

The Lion Queens of India

India's Gir National Park is the last refuge of the endangered Asiatic lions, but is also the home of a unique breed of lionesses. Meet the gutsy and resolute female foresters zealously guarding these lions in The Lion Queens of India, Watch some of the most courageous, skillful and remarkably-dedicated girls do everything they can for the welfare of these forests - rescuing a lion stuck in an open well, healing a badly-injured lioness with three little cubs in the middle of the night, retrieving a wayward leopard from a farmer's house, and catching and releasing a deadly Russell's viper. It’s all in a day’s work!

Witness the new series bring alive some of the most daring wildlife action sequences on television Tuesdays, at 9 pm.

Treetop Cat Rescue

Meet Shaun and Tom, brothers-in-law and tree arborists who make up Canopy Cat Rescue: a highly skilled two-man operation trained to climb dangerously tall trees to save desperate, stranded cats.  Over the past two years, they have rescued nearly 500 kitties from treetops as high as 165 feet!

The lifesaving events happen Wednesdays, 10 PM on Treetop Cat Rescue Wednesdays.

Monday, October 26, 2015

My Travel Buddy Adventure with Pioneer Insurance

The greatest adventure is the thrill not knowing what will happen next. That makes it exciting. When I was suddenly asked to join an adventure obstacle course with wall climbing, I took the chance. It is my first time and it is one of my bucket lists.

Another thing that makes this adventure thrilling is how you conquer fear. I am afraid of heights. But when the adrenaline rush got me to climb the wall, I didn't get freeze. Instead, my arms just got tired because they were aching badly. I guess that happens when it's your first.

Going to places like Kampo Trexo may be unpredictable especially there are extreme obstacles involved. In my younger years, I used to do volunteer community work in the provinces. A fellow volunteer accidentally got electrocuted and died.

Since then, we never go out in a program unless all volunteers are insured. During the adventure trip, we were oriented that we are going to be insured with Pioneer Travel Buddy Insurance designed specifically for travels. Travel Buddy Adventure Insurance is for travels with outdoor activities like the one we did.

If you are unsure of a place because of the dengue threat, Pioneer also has the MediCash Dengue Insurance. I was a dengue survivor myself and it's hard being a dengue patient especially if you're on critical level. Nowadays, hospitals are prepared for it but having an insurance also helps especially when you have lots of medication and hospital expenses. Not to mention blood transfusions to stabilize your platelet count.

Pioneer Insurance continues to give you non-traditional insurance policies that you surely need at an affordable rates. You can be also assured since they have been in the business for more than half a century and approved by the Insurance Commission.

To know more about their insurance packages, go to InsureShop . For more blog updates, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook. No blogger were harmed in the duration of  the adventure.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Performatura 2015

Heard of performing literature? Traditionally, it is the same thing with songwriting. Our very own Balagtasan is also a performing literature. If you didn't notice, the modern version is the rap battles. Little did anyone know that our very own's Gloc 9's raps is also considered art.

We should continue this heritage of ours since we are very rich with performing literature. In order to preserve our heritage, the Cultural Center of the Philippines launches the Performatura 2015. Performatura is a mash-up or amalgamated that combines the words perform and oratora (oration).

Performatura aims to orient this generation of this literature before it gets lost in history and textbooks. During the launch, I got to witness how entertaining Balagtasan can be when you tackle today's issues and interests.

I also got to see traditional Asian ventriloquist act that can still be useful for teaching young children. Performatura not only does this for show but also leads workshops. Not only that, there will be dialogues with authors like F. Sionil Jose and Lourd De Veyra.

The best part of this event is that it's free. You need only to donate a book per day and you get to attend all events within the day. The capacity may vary depending on which venue. To be assured of admission, you can reserve seats online at . The site is user-friendly just like booking a seat for a movie. They can still accept walk-ins if the seats are still vacant 15 minutes before schedule but it is only very limited.

The book donations will proceed to public libraries in Manila as part of CCP's campaign not to provide reading materials but to encourage reading. There will also be viewing of full/short length movies and performances by various artists.

Unlike the Pasinaya, this is festival has a more specific genre but it is just as fun. For the schedule of events, description and featured personality, just go to the website I linked above and register for booking. Time to book my seats for the event. For more updates, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Check out my teaser for the event at this Youtube video.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Press release

We hear, but do we actually listen?

            For its 3rd production in this years season line-up, The Artist Playground proudly presents AUDIRE starring veteran stage actress Angelina Kanapi under the direction of  Jeffrey Camañag.

            AUDIRE (Audire /aʊˈdiːre/: a Latin word which means 'listen carefully') is a one woman act based on sound exploration where sound is used as the kernel that creates the performance experience.

            AUDIRE is an experimental performance that showcases the process of artistic creations, inventions and discoveries. A process wherein the images of the sounds of the surroundings interact with the images of the artists inner sounds and thoughts that produce series of mental, emotional and physical images used to build a blueprint that breathes life to movements, situations, events and characters. It is basically an improvisation.

            The actors life experiences and memories serve as the source of images that interacts with the sound to create vivid experiences that the actor shares with the audience. It is like a concert but instead of sharing images through music and lyrics, the actor gives you scenes, moments, happenings and even monologues depending on what the sound inspires the actor to share.

            The actor is asked to listen to specific sounds that will set the foundation for the storytelling, the actors inner sound and thoughts will be primed to interact with external sounds that will provide auditory images and experiences that the actor can interact with and react to.
            The playdates of AUDIRE are October 17, 24, 31 and November 7, 2015 (Saturday). Time: 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.  Performance venue is at 1701 The Little Room Upstairs, Landsdale Tower, Mother Ignacia Ave. Quezon City

            Jeffrey Camañag who is directing this play noted that the  entire concept of this exploration came from the actress herself Angelina Kanapi.

            It was Angelina who thought of making sound as the primary element of the performance instead of just a support component. Every rehearsal was an exploration of understanding and struggling to define what the performance is really all about. But in the end through Angelinas clear understanding of what the experience should be, we were able to finally decide.

            As an actress AUDIRE is Angelinas gift to her audience. It is up to them to decide what to do with her gift.

            If you are looking for an entirely different theater genre and experience altogether, come and watch AUDIRE.

            This is not going to be the typical light and sound show or a sound and motion graphics with irreverent music.

            Be prepared to be a part of this one-woman show that explores on how sound can be a powerful stimulus for improvisation. Through sensitivity and awareness it can inspire interesting verbal and non-verbal responses that will create an interesting chain of events.

From vibrations to cognition that leads to interpretation. Interpretations that command subjective reactions. Reactions that are translated into series of actions with interesting encrypted information.

Remember: Everything around us are reverberations of inspiration, they are confirmations of the endless possibilities of imagination to inspire invocations that bring forth thought-provoking creations.

         The artistic team of AUDIRE are Roeder Camanag (Artistic Director), Jeffrey Camanag (Director), Rojean Regoso (Production Manager), Rein Martin Ramos (Technical/ Lights Designer), and Shiela Espina (Sound Designer).

            For tickets, call or text  0977-3062924.

Angelina Kanapi is an actor in film, television, adverts and the theater.
She taught acting and has led Viewpoints/Composition workshops in vari-ous schools and theater companies such as Philippine High School for the Arts, Tanghalang Pilipino's Actor's Company, College of St. Benilde's Dulaang Filipi-no, University of Sto. Tomas, UP Integrated School, Trumpets, Gantimpala
Theater Foundation, among others.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Learn about Plane Crashes and Super Systems on Discovery Science this October

Press release

This October, Discovery Science examines how some of mankind’s best inventions work - and malfunction. 
Photo courtesy of Discovery

In the new season of Why Planes Crash, pilots and passengers relive the rare and horrifying occasions in which malice, human error or technical faults turn routine flights into nightmares! The search takes viewers inside some of the most terrifying situations imaginable with the aid of shocking archive footage and dramatic animated reconstructions. What brought troubles to these planes?

The answers are on the way as Why Planes Crash airs Thursdays, 9:50 pm.

The most complex systems help make our world a better and more livable place. In a new season on Discovery Science, Super Systems returns and pulls back the curtain on some of the incredible people and machines that keep the planet ticking.

Curious on what made the list? Catch the new season of Super Systems as it premieres on October 20, Tuesday, 8.10pm.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Press release

Rediscover local musical treasures in a new ballet about the Filipino family. Ballet Philippines’ Sarong Banggi features new works by six exciting Filipino choreographers set to classic folk songs from around the country, arranged and orchestrated by Ryan Cayabyab, the country’s best-loved composer. This show is co-presented by the Province of Albay.

The show features choreography by Carissa Adea, Ronelson Yadao, Cyril Aran Fallar, Paul Alexander Morales, Nonoy Froilan, and Carlo Pacis. Each choreographer brings to the stage his/her unique impression of the Filipino family in a new  contemporary ballet with the cast led by Jean Marc Cordero, Earl John Arisola, Rita Angela Winder, and Monica Amanda Gana.

            “Sarong Banggi will tug at the audience’s heartstrings with its nostalgic music and earnest look at traditional Filipino values,” says Ballet Philippines Artistic Director Paul Alexander Morales”. “It will be interesting to see these choreographers’ different takes on familiar themes; love, loss and reconciliation that cements the Filipino family”

When asked by Morales to create two pieces for the show, Hong Kong-based choreographer Carlo Pacis was thrilled at the chance to come home and work with Ballet Philippines again. “As a Filipino living overseas, I felt that it was my responsibility to give back.” Pacis, former soloist of the Hong Kong Ballet is a two-time awardee for Outstanding Choreography at the Philstage Gawad Buhay Awards.

Sarong Banggi’s opening night on October 16 is a Filipiniana Gala featuring the live performance of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Cayabyab himself.

The music of the show was recently created by the Cultural Center of the Philippines in the special Collector’s Edition CD entitled “Serenata: Well-loved Philippine Folk Songs and Melodies”. Included in the album are the Kapampangan “Atin cu Pung Singsing”, the Hiligaynon “Ay Kalisud”, and the Tagalog “Dalagang Pilipina” and “Saranggola ni Pepe”, among others.

Sarong Banggi’s libretto is by Dennis Marasigan, lighting design by Meliton Roxas Jr., sets by Ohm David, and costume design by Rajo Laurel.

Sarong Banggi will be performed from October 16 to 18 at the Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (CCP Main Theater). For inquiries, visit, send an email to, or call Ballet Philippines at 551-1003. For tickets and reservations, call the CCP Box Office at 832-3704 or Ticketworld at 891-9999.

Major sponsors of Ballet Philippines’ 46th Season include Globe Platinum, San Miguel Corporation, and Belle Corporation.

Connect to Ballet Philippines online through the following social media networks:

Twitter: @balletph
Instagram: @balletphilippines
YouTube: balletph

To join in the Ballet Philippines conversation, use our official hashtags: #balletph, #dancespring, #sarongbanggi

Monday, October 12, 2015

Spend your magical Halloween at Best Western Plus Antel Hotel

Halloween is one season of the year that I am anticipating. I still celebrate other holidays but I like Halloween the most because it's fun and you can dressed up your favorite monster. Nowadays, costumes for Halloween doesn't need to be scary which is why cosplayers love it.

I spent Halloween many times through the years. I spent it in school, in the neighborhood and events. You can never be too old for it. Now, that Best Western Plus Antel Hotel is celebrating Halloween again, I am pretty sure it's gonna be fun.

I haven't attended their Halloween yet but my niece and I enjoyed their event for Easter Sunday. Lot's of games and shows with treats for the kids. Come in your best costume and you might win an overnight stay.

For only P750 per head(adult/child), you will not only enjoy having a week with the family, you will build new memories with it. Bring your kids and spend the BEST Halloween you family will never forget.

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Update. The event is moved to October 31.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Old-School October on DMAX

Press release

The CAR CHASERS are back for a second season - which means more cars, more transformations and bigger deals. CAR CHASERS season 2 premieres on Monday, October 12, at 8:10 p.m.

Dan Short is an automotive force of nature. He does whatever it takes to restore cars to the highest possible standard, and he doesn’t care who he has to steamroll, charm or sandblast along the way. Dan knows that each car is a powder keg of hidden surprises and problems to be solved, and the only way that a restoration will succeed is if the owner is as committed to the restoration as Dan and his team. Witness top class automobile restorations in the all-new episodes of FANTOMWORKS, premiering on Tuesday, October 13, at 8:10 p.m.

Few men can make it in the high stakes game of airplane repossession, and AIRPLANE REPO follows them on their clandestine missions. Banks and creditors call these guys to outfox deadbeat owners and recover the expensive aircraft – they are the best of the best in what they do. The latest episodes of AIRPLANE REPO premieres on Wednesday, October 28 at 8:10 p.m. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cherry Mobile will bring you home for Christmas

I am sure you are all familiar with the emotional Xmas song, "I'll be home for Christmas". It was sung by Bing Crosby in 1942 for the American soldiers overseas who can't come home for the holidays. It also became an anthem for our overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

No Filipino I know is not related to an OFW. I have two relatives who are currently abroad because of work. They spent less time when they went home and it will take them years to get back. Cherry Mobile has lots of advocacy programs with their Cherry Cares campaigns which is why they made Piolo Pascual their ambassador for OFWs.

Piolo Pascual has heart for OFWs when he shot the movie Milan and saw how OFWs are doing there. For this season, Cherry Mobile launches the #CherryChristmas promo to reward today's modern Pinoy heroes.

Since Facebook is the main online medium to maintain contact overseas, it's only fitting to maximize the use of this platform. It's open to all active Filipino Facebook users who have a family member abroad. All you have to do is make a video sharing why would you like to spend your holidays at home with their love ones. Upload it via #CherryChristmas app on Cherry Mobile's Facebook page.

A big recognition awaits the chosen video and I can guarantee it's gonna be a big surprise. But the main point of this is to share stories, wishes and dreams. Upload them now. You have only until November 8 to submit.

For the complete mechanics, go to and . For more holiday promos, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Friday, October 9, 2015

51 Talk renews contract of Michelle Gumabao

I first found out about 51 Talk when I was invited to their media launch. This is also where I first met Michelle Gumabao as brand ambassador.

51 Talk is an ESL(English as Second Language) company from China that expanded their offices here because of obvious reasons, we have the best online English tutors in the region has to offer.

During the event, I witnessed Michelle Gumabao signs contract as she renews her term as brand ambassador of 51 Talk. From what I've seen in the videos, Michelle is passionate and very dedicated to 51 Talk as ambassador. She was present in every caravan, talks to applicants, talks to the new recruits and more.

In addition to this, 51 Talk awards winners for their in-house contest for their online teachers for #51TalkTeacherStory . They awarded three winning entries. I got to talk to one of them and shared to me how they benefited from teaching online and the fulfillment of doing it.

51 Talk continues to recruit new online English tutors and this may be a good opportunity for you. For more updates, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Monday, October 5, 2015

How to make your vacation photos stand out in social media

Press release

Even if you haven’t seen a friend in ages, you’re most likely still going to hear about her vacation adventures because of those perfectly timed postings on Instagram or Facebook. Friends’ vacation photos seem to account for most of the photos that appear on an average person’s timeline. Obviously, people love to share how they’re discovering new places, savoring new cuisines, and embarking on new adventures with the rest of the world via their social media accounts.

Not all vacation photos, however, merit a second look. For sure, you’ve ignored some social media postings made by friends who have posted bland or cliché photos that anyone would instinctively gloss over. Who’s interested in a grainy photo of the sky or a view of the beach that could have been taken anywhere in the world? How many times have you seen that image of an airplane wing taken from inside the cabin? And will you really stop to look at an obligatory tour group photo taken in front of the bus?

If you’re planning to go on vacation anytime soon and intend to keep the world apprised of the highlights of your adventure, you may want to think of ways to come up with distinctive photos that will not only remind you of the great moments you’ve had, but will also merit a second look and lots of likes when you post them on social media.

Of course, the first step to getting great photos is to have a good camera. Fortunately, you don’t need to lug around a bulky SLR camera to take picture-perfect images, especially if you have a cutting-edge smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+. With its 5-megapixel front camera and 16-megapixel rear camera, with F1.9 lens and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), you can take picture perfect images of your vacation highlights. On the other hand, its 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display on its seemingly borderless dual-edge screen offers unprecedented multimedia capabilities: its deeper screen contrast and superb detail will translate into thumb-stopping images that you and your friends will rave over.

Here are some reminders to help you come up with good vacation shots that you would be proud to post on your social media account:

Don’t take mediocre photos. Compose a good photo in your mind so that you don’t end up taking a pile of blah shots that’s best deleted from your phone. Don’t limit your photos to popular landmarks that everyone has probably seen on the internet anyway. Who needs to see another shot of the Golden Gate bridge or the Eiffel Tower? Capture moments that show ordinary but quirky scenes that you don’t see in all tourist traps. Be quick to snap those photos. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ has a Quick Launch feature that lets you capture moments in under a sixth of a second (0.6 second) – by just pressing the home button twice.

Play with lighting. Lighting can add drama to your photos. Don’t limit yourself to daytime shots; the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ also offers Auto High Dynamic Rage (HDR), letting you take clear photos even in low light conditions. Take photos of the horizon at different times of the day. Just as you’d like to remember how serene the beach looked at sunrise, and the changing colors of the sea throughout the day, you would also want to remember the glow of the lanterns that lit the island at night.
Capture & Share live moments using video. Take videos of one-of-a-kind moments that are worth documenting—your daughter squealing in delight as she rides the mini train, or your dog emerging from the water with the trout he has captured. If you are using the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, you can make use of its Shake-Free Video feature, which helps create sharp, crisp 4K videos on the go, making it easy to shoot clear videos even if you are on the move. You can even share those great moments in real time. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ has the Live Broadcast feature that lets you do a live streaming session on YouTube® directly from the smart phone’s camera.

Strike a pose. Whether you’re feeling sexy in a bikini or have been dying to wear boots, and scarves, take advantage of the moment by snapping a selfie. Afraid that your trip has made you look a little tired? Enable your phone’s Beauty Face for a quick fix. And if you’re feeling a little camera shy, drag in as many friends into the frame! Samsung’s wide-angle camera turns selfies into groufies with its 120 degree wide-angle lens.

Use catchy captions. Come up with witty captions that would draw people’s attention to your photos. Captions serve as a good hook and let people understand your photos better.

Be creative. Play with your images. You can post process your photos with the built-in features and filters of the Galaxy S6 edge+ to add depth to photos or make them more interesting. Make sure to crop unnecessary images in the background to remove any distractions.  

Experiment. Create colorful collages of photos. You can also use the Video Collage Mode to record and edit short videos easily in various frames and effects.

Simply put, if you want your vacation photos to truly stand out, you need the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ that offers the next level camera that allows users to capture brighter, blur-less photos and shake-free videos, all perfect for photo sharing, video-collages and live broadcasting. Not to mention its biggest dual edge display feature that offers the best viewing experience one can ever have.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Exploring the Quezon City Memorial Monument

The last time I entered the monument was back in my elementary school days during an educational field trip. Back then, we went places that has really educational substance unlike what I heard recently that they go to amusement parks or theme parks only.
Which part of the monument/shrine can you find this statue?

For the 75th year of Quezon City, I was advised by the tour guide at the Heritage House, to visit the interactive museum also located at the monument. Here in the Metro, this is probably the tallest masoleum and landmark with historical significance.

Back then, you can only see the large sarcophagus that housed the remains of the late president Manuel L. Quezon and his wife, Dona Aurora. Now, you can see a functional museum within the monument. If you noticed, the monument has three pylons with angels that signifies the three main islands. The three angels are in mourning while holding the sampaguita.  This was designed by Italian sculptor Francesco Monti.

The monument also housed some of the Quezon memorabilia and some historical artifacts, old photos from president's time. I mentioned interactive because there are some displays that shows a mock display of the stage and podium where President Quezon gives an inaugural speech. You make your own pose at the podium that is also shown in the screen in front of you.

I was not the only one who went inside the museum. Besides with fellow bloggers, there were students who also showed interest. There's still hope for the youth and the future generation yet after the recent controversy about the lack of knowledge of Apolinario Mabini's disability, this will probably the right time to show them history especially they also don't know how significant it was to have the two EDSA uprisings that I also took part of.

What I learned new about Quezon was that he was also the first Filipino Freemason Grandmaster which makes me see the Monument and the chamber that housed the sarcophagus in another way. I feel like I'm in a Robert Langdon adventure minus the danger. The museum is free to the public but donations of any amount are welcome.

If you are visiting the monument and the Heritage House with a tour guide, be sure to ask questions. That's where our interests in history begins. For more historical places to visit, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.