Friday, October 2, 2015

Quezon City celebrates it's Diamond Jubilee

Quezon City's dominates most of the National Capital Region( Metro Manila). I even remember reading our history that it is our nation's former capital. In it's 75th year, I got to go back to Quezon City Circle after the recent Earth Hour held in its grounds.

This time, I got to visit the newly opened Quezon City Heritage House to find out about the man the city named after. President Manuel Quezon probably didn't imagine that he will be named after a city in the future.

The Heritage House is the original house of Quezon originally located at Gilmore before it got relocated as a museum in Quezon City Circle. Some of the furniture were replicated for exhibit purposes but there are lots of memorabilia from the family like books, photos, paintings clothes and a lot more.

The admission for the Heritage House is free but for the maintenance and tour operations, donating is optional for those who wish to give. Speaking of maintenance, the original furniture, clothes and letters, photos are carefully restored so it won't get consumed by any pest/rodent or any atmospheric conditions that may affect the the original condition of the memorabilia.

The Heritage House can accommodate 50 people per tour but if there are children in one tour like in educational field trips, they can only allow 30 at a time. Like I said before, Quezon City is now 75 years since its foundation and there is a lot of festivities that is happening in the month of October.

This October 10  there is going to be a Mardi Gras and Parade Of Lights in Timog and Quezon City Circle which there will also be a concert on October 11.

There will also be a Pink Film Festival to celebrate LBGT pride. After the presscon, it was suggested by the tour guide to see the new exhibit at the Memorial Monument which is also interactive. The last time I've been there was during a field trip in my elementary days.

What your school teacher or college professors don't teach in history, I came to find out when visiting the museum. It broaden my awareness that history is told and interpreted by fellow men and women from their perspective. It is only up to us how to discover. See you all on October 10. For more updates, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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