Monday, October 19, 2015

Learn about Plane Crashes and Super Systems on Discovery Science this October

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This October, Discovery Science examines how some of mankind’s best inventions work - and malfunction. 
Photo courtesy of Discovery

In the new season of Why Planes Crash, pilots and passengers relive the rare and horrifying occasions in which malice, human error or technical faults turn routine flights into nightmares! The search takes viewers inside some of the most terrifying situations imaginable with the aid of shocking archive footage and dramatic animated reconstructions. What brought troubles to these planes?

The answers are on the way as Why Planes Crash airs Thursdays, 9:50 pm.

The most complex systems help make our world a better and more livable place. In a new season on Discovery Science, Super Systems returns and pulls back the curtain on some of the incredible people and machines that keep the planet ticking.

Curious on what made the list? Catch the new season of Super Systems as it premieres on October 20, Tuesday, 8.10pm.

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