Monday, October 26, 2015

My Travel Buddy Adventure with Pioneer Insurance

The greatest adventure is the thrill not knowing what will happen next. That makes it exciting. When I was suddenly asked to join an adventure obstacle course with wall climbing, I took the chance. It is my first time and it is one of my bucket lists.

Another thing that makes this adventure thrilling is how you conquer fear. I am afraid of heights. But when the adrenaline rush got me to climb the wall, I didn't get freeze. Instead, my arms just got tired because they were aching badly. I guess that happens when it's your first.

Going to places like Kampo Trexo may be unpredictable especially there are extreme obstacles involved. In my younger years, I used to do volunteer community work in the provinces. A fellow volunteer accidentally got electrocuted and died.

Since then, we never go out in a program unless all volunteers are insured. During the adventure trip, we were oriented that we are going to be insured with Pioneer Travel Buddy Insurance designed specifically for travels. Travel Buddy Adventure Insurance is for travels with outdoor activities like the one we did.

If you are unsure of a place because of the dengue threat, Pioneer also has the MediCash Dengue Insurance. I was a dengue survivor myself and it's hard being a dengue patient especially if you're on critical level. Nowadays, hospitals are prepared for it but having an insurance also helps especially when you have lots of medication and hospital expenses. Not to mention blood transfusions to stabilize your platelet count.

Pioneer Insurance continues to give you non-traditional insurance policies that you surely need at an affordable rates. You can be also assured since they have been in the business for more than half a century and approved by the Insurance Commission.

To know more about their insurance packages, go to InsureShop . For more blog updates, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook. No blogger were harmed in the duration of  the adventure.

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