Thursday, September 18, 2014


Release Material

– SKYSCRAPER LIVE WITH NIK WALLENDA to air *LIVE* across more than 220 countries worldwide on Monday, November 3 from 8.00 a.m. (MNL),
exclusively on Discovery Channel –

Nik Wallenda, “The King of the Highwire” is back at it again. This time, he is heading to the historic windy city of Chicago to attempt his most audacious and challenging tightrope walk yet. And like the legendary Wallenda family tradition, he will do it all without a net or harness.  SKYSCRAPER LIVE WITH NIK WALLENDA will air *LIVE* globally in over 220 countries on Monday, November 3 from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. (MNL), exclusively on Discovery Channel. 
Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel
In June 2013, Nik became the first person to ever successfully traverse the Grand Canyon on a tightrope. The live broadcast shattered ratings records peaking with 13 million viewers, making it Discovery’s highest-rated live event ever; and generated 1.3 million Tweets, ranking it as the most social show across all broadcast and cable networks in the US. The special was also recently honoured with an Interactive Emmy® for Multi-platform Storytelling for its companion website, which featured compelling video, 360-degree interactive views, backstage moments, real-time social updates and many other digital elements.

Fans and viewers across the globe, including those in Southeast Asia, will also be able to witness Nik’s upcoming walk via a *LIVE* streaming multi-platform companion experience on Several cameras which will be attached to Nik, will provide viewers multiple *LIVE* raw angles of the walk as it happens. Viewers and fans who would like to attempt the walk will also be able to experience it through a 360-degree panoramic simulation (to commence at a later date) on the Discovery Channel Asia website. To stay updated on the walk, visit and

“Discovery Channel delivers the most talked-about series and live events on television,” said Marjorie Kaplan, Group President of Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet. "We are excited about shifting from the natural backdrop of the Grand Canyon to the urban environment of Chicago. It is an iconic American city that presents a number of extreme conditions and challenges that Nik has yet to attempt on such a grand scale.”

Dozens of cameras will be positioned across the city and on helicopters – rolling as Nik attempts this nail-biting, two-part walk at night time in one of the windiest sections of Chicago. With unpredictable weather conditions, the tightrope crossing will present countless obstacles.

For the first part of the tightrope crossing, Nik will walk further than two city blocks – uphill rising to a 15-degree angle – from the iconic Marina City's west tower to the Leo Burnett Building at more than 50 stories high above the Chicago River.  Not only will this be the highest skyscraper walk in the history of the “Flying Wallenda” family, it will be the first time that he has ever attempted it at such a steep angle. The second part of the walk will span from the Marina City's west tower to the east tower. 

“This is going to be the most incredible tightrope walk of my career,” said Nik.  “I can’t think of a better city to do it.  I have fond memories of spending time performing in Chicago and the Midwest with my family. Besides, it’s the ‘Windy City’ and there’s nothing like doing this during winter in Chicago. That’s a challenge for me and I love to push myself to do things that most people think are impossible.”

A seventh-generation member of famed “Flying Wallenda’s,” Nik began performing with his family as a toddler and made his first professional tightrope walk at just 13 years old.  He hopes this latest feat will inspire others to go after their dreams and dedicates it to his family, particularly his great-grandfather, the legendary Karl Wallenda, who died after falling from a tightrope in Puerto Rico in 1978.

Nik will be joined in Chicago by his wife and three children, his close friends and an engineering team led by his father Terry Troffer. 

“I’m always looking for the next major hurdle and doing something that the world has never seen,” said Nik.  “I want my family to be there to see history in the making.  And feel comforted knowing that they’ll be praying along with me.”

SKYSCRAPER LIVE WITH NIK WALLENDA is produced by Peacock Productions for Discovery with Gretchen Eisele, Colleen Halpin, Knute Walker, Benjamin Ringe and Betsy Wagner serving as executive producers.  Sharon Scott is President and GM of Peacock Productions.  Howard Swartz serves as executive producer for Discovery.  Other Executive Producers include Nik Wallenda, David Simone, Winston Simone and Shelley Ross.  

Friday, September 12, 2014


Release Material

 John, M, W and F are back.

            After making a splash during its Manila premiere last February, Red Turnip Theater is bringing back the Olivier Award-winning play "Cock" for a limited one weekend re-run this October. Mike Bartlett's comedy about sexual identity was a surprise smash, playing to packed houses and critical acclaim. It also marked the directorial debut of Rem Zamora who created a stir with his "innovative" ( and "creative" (Business World) staging; a bare stage with only his four actors and Bartlett's witty script.

            REM ZAMORA: "We always knew we had a fantastic script. When we first read Cock, I was on the floor. It was hilarious. It was also a little painful, cause it was so real. What I didn't expect was the huge reception we got after we opened. There was so much buzz! Our houses filled up quickly and people really took to the show. People talked and debated over it. In fact, people are still talking about it! That's why we knew we had to bring it back. Everyone who had come to the show wanted to see it again and those who had missed it the first run were begging for a re-run."

            "Cock" centers around a man (John) who must choose between his gay lover (M) and the woman (W) he's slowly falling in love with. Adding confusion to the mix is M's father (F) who is hell-bent on preserving his son's homosexual relationship. The four decide to meet for an ill-fated dinner and that's when all hell breaks loose. The show has been hailed as "a 90 minute whirlwind of language and deft theatrics, a human battle royale..." (The Philippine Star)

            The "year's fiercest quartet of actors" (Philippine Daily Inquirer) have returned to reprise their critically-heralded performances. Topper Fabregas is John, Niccolo Manahan is M, Jenny Jamora is W, and Audie Gemora completes the cast as F.

            JENNY JAMORA: "I love how people became so invested in our characters. We would have houses where audiences would heckle and cheer out loud. People would choose sides and root for certain characters. I'd have people come up to me after a show and tell me that they either wanted to hug me...or punch me in the face (but in a good way daw). We perform the show in the round and we actually had an audience member who came to the show four times because he wanted to see the show from all angles. As an actor, I've never been part of something that's generated this much discussion. It's very rewarding."

            REM ZAMORA: "I think one of the main reasons as to why the show is such a hit is because the script is brilliant. People could relate to the situation and these characters, regardless of their sexual preference. It also doesn't hurt that I've been blessed with an amazing cast who've brought the script to places I never thought possible. People have never seen a show and a cast quite like this one. I mean, where else would you find a show that's got a hilarious, show-stopping sex scene where none of the actors take off any of their clothes ?".

            "Cock" has brought Red Turnip Theater one step closer to achieving its vision of bringing more straight plays with an experiential angle to the local scene. It has also stayed true to what this company is gaining a reputation for- fantastic, ensemble acting coupled with great writing. The success of its first run could only be a testament to the growing market for this kind of theater.

            COCK is a comedy… with bite. No props, scenery or furniture. Just actors, sharp dialogue and some clever staging. All essential. Absolutely Red Turnip. 

            Direction by Rem Zamora, technical direction and lighting design by John Batalla, set design by Denis Lagdameo and sound design by Jethro Joaquin.

            COCK will be staged at Whitespace — 2314 Chino Roces Ave.  Extension (formerly Pasong Tamo Extension), Makati — on OCTOBER 3, 4 and 5 (Friday, 9 p.m.; Saturday / Sunday, 4 pm. and 8 p.m.)

            For tickets, call Ticket World at tel. 891-9999 or Red Turnip Theater

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ballet Philippines presents Giselle and Blue Moon Series

After the Sapphire Season opener La Revolucion Filipina, Ballet Philippines presents its biggest event, Giselle. If you are familiar with ballet, you know that Giselle is a big thing. It seems fitting for BP to present Giselle again as part of their celebration after 45 years in the business. For limited time only, Giselle will be staged from September 19 to 21 at CCP.
Excerpt from Giselle

This year's production of Giselle is also their homecoming gala because they will be joined by different schools taught by former BP dancers. For the opening night, they will also be joined by Soloist Stella Abrera of the American Ballet Theater and she will be performing as Giselle for one night only. Nonoy Froilan will choreograph for this production.
Standing(L-R)Katherine Trofeo, Nonoy Froilan, Denise Parungao, Gina Katigbak-Garcia
Seated: Margie Moran, Stella Abrera, Paul Alexander Morales

For the rest of the nights,Principal Dancer Katherine Trofeo will reprise her role. She was Giselle in last year's production. In another night, Denise Parungao will also perform as Giselle. Besides Stella, ABT Pricinpal Dancer James Whiteside will also perform. BP's Principal Dancers Earl John Arisola and Jean Marc Cordero will also perform.

These performances are not just for show. It is also an advocacy program. Stella has her campaign to raise funds to help the students affected by typhoon Yolanda. Her program, Steps Forward for the Phils., aims to provide classrooms destroyed by the typhoon with chalk boards, computers, etc. so they can rebuild their lives starting with their classes.

Stella left the Philippines at age four. For her advocacy, she said it's for giving back to her ethnic roots. You are probably asking, why should a Filipino see this ballet performance? I admit not all of the Pinoy masses are into ballet especially with a classical piece like Giselle. It is base on a French poem and if you have a background of the story, it has the elements similar to our tele-novelas. It has romance, betrayal, revenge and forgiveness. "There is a Giselle in all of us", says Stella. "You bring yourself into the role"

For first time Giselle, Denise described it like being a kid in Toy Kingdom. It was her dream part and now, she feel blessed to be selected to be Giselle. When she enters the rehearsal, she shares; "I am Giselle."

Part of the Sapphire Season line up is the Blue Moon Series. Just like the Blue Moon, it is just once in the lifetime that BP is celebrating its 45 years. The Blue Moon Series will present choreography from Alice Reyes, Agnes Locsin and more.

For more updates, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook. Thanks to my sister, Teacher Korrina Cruz of ACTS Manila who is my consultant for ballet information.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Karylle is first celebrity endorser of Status Salon

Release material

These days, Karylle dabbles into almost everything – singing, hosting, acting, writing, musical theater, songwriting.

She is seen on TV almost everyday hosting the ABS-CBN noontime show “It’s Showtime.” She is also currently promoting her newest album “K,” under PolyEast Records.

She also makes sure that she performs onstage every now and then, Just last weekend, Karylle was one of the performers of the 45th anniversary show of the Cultural Center of the Phillippines “Musikal,” a historic coming together of more than 200 local theater performers in the country. She reprised her Sita role from last year’s “Rama Hari” revival.

With everything that keeps Karylle busy, the singer-actress-TV host is thankful that STATUS Salon has chosen her to be their first celebrity endorser.

“I really am grateful to STATUS that they gave me their full trust and confidence to be their first celebrity endorser,” says Karylle. “It feels great that I was warmly welcomed by everyone, and I now have STATUS to take care of my hair.”

She adds, “with all my engagements, na siyempre kailangan ayusin yung buhok ko, sometimes it takes a toll on my hair, so ngayon I’m happy na kasi STATUS is there na.”

Karylle, who frequents Quezon City, San Juan, Eastwood and Ortigas areas, also notes that it is good that there is always a STATUS Salon near her always.

STATUS has branches in Tomas Morato, Katipunan, Eastwood San Juan, Robinson’s Galleria plus STATUS Premiere Salon in Acropolis, Makati, and Banawe.

“We really are happy that Karylle is already part of the STATUS Salon family,” says Robina Ko, one of the owners of the salon chain. “Karylle is so beautiful inside and out, and people look up to her because of her intelligence, good heart, and beauty kaya perfect talaga siya for STATUS.”

Roseann Ko, the other owner of STATUS, also adds that, “the launch of Karylle as our endorser also signals our foray into franchising, so it’s really a big step for all of us, and we are thankful that we have Karylle.”

For franchising inquiries, please contact Mr. Paul Vicencio at 0915-8770219.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

mabe Comes To The Philippines

mabe is a Mexican-based company that specializes in household appliance but when it collaborated with GE in 1987, it expanded their market beyond. This only means that mabe household appliances are world class quality.

In addition to this, mabe is now expanding in the Philippines and introduces the new line of appliances that will soon be available in the country. Since the 50's, mabe has its presence in already 75 countries already had acquisitions since then.

mabe's household appliances includes refrigerators, washing machines, air-conditioners, etc. and some of their products carries the GE name in some territories that apply. This means that mabe shares the same quality with GE in their product line. These appliance are ideal for a modern household. There is a washing machine and dryer that saves space for those who are living in studio type condominium units. There's also a refrigerator that has a built-in water filter and one can dispense ice without opening it.

These appliances will be available in the Philippines by December.For more updates, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Friday, September 5, 2014



Are you ready for more over-the-top tales of beasts that lurk below water and stalk on land? If you thought Animal Planet has already uncovered all of the fabulously fearsome creatures that nature has to offer, think again! MONSTER WEEK is back with brand new stories of dangerous man-eating reptiles and mammals. Premiering Monday, September 15 through to Sunday, September 21, catch MONSTER WEEK for a jammed-pack week of monster madness, daily from 9:00 p.m. to midnight.
Photo courtesy of Animal Planet
This year’s MONSTER WEEK highlights include:

·         TEN DEADLIEST SNAKES – premieres Monday, September 15 at 9:00 p.m.
·         NATURE’S MOST WANTED: CROCZILLA – premieres Tuesday, September 16 at 9:00 p.m.
·         MAN-EATING ZOMBIE CATS – premieres Wednesday, September 17 at 9:00 p.m.
·         MAN-EATING SUPER WOLVES – premieres Wednesday, September 17 at 10:00 p.m.

MONSTER WEEK kicks off with TEN DEADLIEST SNAKES (Monday, September 15, 9:00 p.m.), a three-part series hosted by British wildlife adventurer Nigel Marven, who dodges snapping jaws and vicious fangs in the United States, Costa Rica and South Africa, while searching for the world’s most lethal serpents. To make his list, he will go anywhere and everywhere – pristine jungles, rocky deserts, rubbish dumps and even the city wasteland. Witness an incredibly slow-motion shot of a spitting cobra as it sprays venom directly into Nigel’s face, and meet the notorious puff adder along with the terrifying black mamba, the world’s fastest snake and Africa’s largest – and number one on Nigel’s list of TEN DEADLIEST SNAKES.

As the human population expands deeper into the wild, animals are beginning to fight back to protect their territory. Follow the action as Animal Planet focuses on some fearsome creatures which have no qualms with making humans their prey.

On NATURE’S MOST WANTED: CROCZILLA (Tuesday, September 16, 9:00 p.m.), join wildlife cameramen Jim and Jason on their quest to track down and relocate a gigantic 4.5-metre crocodile – dubbed “Croczilla” – that is tormenting a local village in the Caribbean Republic of Belize. The boys’ job is to investigate the attacks on local inhabitants by interviewing the victims and tracking down the beast before locals take matters into their own hands and kill the endangered animal.

In MAN-EATING ZOMBIE CATS (Wednesday, September 17, 9:00 p.m.), learn about an incurable zombie-like pathogen – the canine distemper virus – that is spreading among the world’s big cats, desensitising their fear of people. These mindless killers are ruthless and out of control, having developed a sensational thirst for human blood. The documentary looks at some chilling cases in the hunt for the truth including the killing of innocent children in Nepal, the mauling of a forest ranger in Colorado and eating of a hunter in Siberia.

Then, trace the ultimate assassins in MAN-EATING SUPER WOLVES (Wednesday, September 17, 10:00 p.m.). With razor sharp teeth, killer instincts, and senses so precise they can hear your beating heart…and smell your fear, these wolves are threatening humans like never before, even forming destructive, unstoppable super-packs. This special travels to Siberia, the epicenter of terror, where the residents of the village of Verkhoyansk are in a battle for their lives with a roving pack of 400 ravenous wolves that have already killed horses, dogs and several children. Not only are their numbers rising at an alarming rate, but these wolves are growing bolder and more deadly by the day. With attacks also happening in the America in states like Alaska, Idaho and Minnesota, what, if anything, can stop these killers mobs?

Come face-to-face with these formidable predators and more this September on MONSTER WEEK