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adidas by Stella McCartney

Fall/Winter 2014 Bold all-over prints, natural earthy tones and structured
silhouettes thrive in new FW14 collection

Herzogenaurach, March 2014: adidas by Stella McCartney presents a Fall/Winter 14 collection inspired by nature. Reminiscent of the authenticity and energy found in earth’s natural surroundings, eye-catching all-over wood and animal prints combined with neutral, earthy shades amplified by bold flourishes of colour – enticing the wearer to the outdoors to embrace the open air.  How casing structured silhouettes, innovative texture combinations and laid-back layering, the collection unites aesthetically compelling, standout style with supreme functional performance.

“This season I was inspired by the elements of nature and sense of freedom and individuality that it allows. All-over statement prints are complemented by an earth-based palette of autumnal tones and wintery hues, while a play on structure and sleek lines is tempered by voluminous outer layers and cover-ups. I’m also really proud to continue to offer a collection that incorporates sustainable elements wherever possible,” says Stella McCartney.

This season’s Run Range is influenced by the exhilarating freedom and adventure of trail running. Performance Longsleeves, ¾ Tights, Shorts and Nylon Tees in all-over wood grain prints are enhanced by an enveloping autumnal palette of deep reds, forest greens and earthy browns reminiscent of woodland terrain. Techfit baselayers featuring strong colourblocking deliver support and added dynamism, while Performance Jackets and Hoodies enhance feminine silhouettes with structured layering to complete the look. As temperatures start to fall, revolutionary new ClimaHeat® technology in Performance Midlayers and Winter Tights offers exceptional insulation for runners who love the great outdoors through the use of hollow fibres that trap warm air and maintain body heat. Designed for ultimate endurance, additional ClimaChill®, ClimaCool® and ClimaLite® functionality throughout the range ensures superior comfort and temperature regulation for maximum performance.

Suggestive of nature’s reflective and harmonious balance, the Yoga range introduces a new visual and performance-focused aesthetic based on complimentary contrasts. Ultra-feminine, seamless dip-dye base layers in Poppy Pink and Natural Grey sit alongside Loose-fit Sweatshirts and Woven Pants in Clementine and Platinum Mauve for ultimate manoeuvrability and comfort, as organic, neutral tones are accentuated by vivid splashes of colour. A Seamless Stretch-fit Onesie in Light Maroon featuring transparent racer-back detailing affords total freedom of expression and relaxation during. The highlight of the range is a Woven All-In-One cover-up with batwing sleeves, tailor-fit cuffs and ruched waist detailing available in Rose Tan and Natural Grey, which presents the perfect outer layer for use before or after sessions. To complement style options within the Yoga range, this season’s Studio selection features Performance Longtights and 7/8 Tees specially designed for winter, with Mesh Hoodies and Quilted Jackets adding a Stella edge.

Low Waste Hoodies and Pants in soft pinks and heather greys layer effortlessly with the Low Waste Pull-on and Shorts in Pop Purple and Sharp Grey, as adidas by Stella McCartney introduces additional high-sustainability pieces to the line. Presenting the perfect performance/style option for those mindful of their carbon footprint, Organic Cotton and Recycled Yarn pieces in each range complete this season’s sustainable offering.

Offering a unique fusion of technical superiority and style for the true performance-focused tennis player, the Fall/Winter 14 adidas by Stella McCartney barricade range will be worn by ambassadors including Caroline Wozniacki, Andrea Petkovic and Laura Robson for their matches throughout the season. Demonstrating cuttingedge athletic design and standout aesthetic, the range comprises separates and dresses based on an ultrafeminine power palette of nude and ginger hues, bright pinks and all-white; Innovative texture mixes of open and closed mesh structures meet with statement colourblocking for maximum effect during play. Wimbledon will see Caroline Wozniacki step out in a limited edition  cropped, spacer fabric Bomber Jacket in White, while Andrea Petkovic will debut a new style of on-court Short with flyaway detailing. The US Open introduces an edited selection of match ensembles for day and night, with bright shades of red and pink making an impact in New York during the day and sophisticated nude and ginger hues at night. Fit-and-flare silhouettes and bi-tonal pleats that flirt with players’ movements and swing add a luxurious, even more feminine edge.

The season’s collection is supported by high performance footwear and utility accessories; each styled to reflect the adidas by Stella McCartney aesthetic while providing specific performance benefits. FW14 sees the introduction of the first ever adidas by Stella McCartney adiZero XT Trail Run shoe, specifically designed for trail running. Revolutionary  RAXION™ outsole technology delivers superior and surefooted grip, while the lightweight outer with protective toe enables runners to take on challenging terrain with speed and agility. Available in three eye-catching colourways – Cargo, Red Zest and Woodgrain print – the adiZero XT Trail Run shoe is the perfect option for this season’s winter trail runs. Run Backpacks and Bumbags in dark, subtle shades are perfect for storing essential items when on the go, while Run Beanies and Gloves in Base Brown and Ginger blend with outfits perfectly to keep runners cosy and warm.

Alongside the new adidas by Stella McCartney adiZero XT Trail shoe, the Run range extends its adidas by Stella McCartney Boost shoe offering. Featuring intelligent rubber zoning for grip and weight reduction – as well as stretch to mimic natural skin movement – new Pure Boost and Boost II shoes ensure unparalleled energy return in training, with thousands of capsules contained within the shoe, storing and unleashing energy with every step. New Pure Boost tooling enables runners to get back to their roots with uninhibited contact between foam and foot for ultimate comfort, while Boost II features an extended Torsion® system for stability and four-way mesh upper that complements the aesthetic of the main collection.

The innovative inner boot construction means it can be rolled down for a laid-back look, or worn up for maximum protection against the elements. Backpacks in Sharp and Natural Grey sit alongside ribbed woollen neckwarmers, balaclavas, hats and gloves to complete the look. 

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- New season to kick off with a one-hour special DANGEROUS TOYS -

Over the past 11 years, Discovery Channel's Emmy®-nominated series  MYTHBUSTERS have tested more than 925 myths, filmed over 7,600 hours, created more than 840 explosions and used in excess of 50 kilometres of duct tape. Come July, Discovery Channel brings back your favourite cool geeks – Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara – for brand new episodes from season nine of MYTHBUSTERS. Together with guest appearances by actor Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead), award-winning actress Sophia Bush and world record-setting tightrope walker Nik Wallenda, the gang will sort out facts from fiction by using their signature brand of real-world scientific experimentation. Join them every week for explosive new episodes as they prove or disprove popular myths, misconceptions and legends starting Wednesday, July 16 at 9:00 p.m.
Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel
The season kicks off with an hour-long, epic toy-themed special DANGEROUS TOYS, executive produced by Jamie and Adam. After years of working together, the pair is finally squaring off against each other in a no-holds-barred, all-out war! Jamie and Adam are taking their talent for building awesomely destructive gadgets and crossing it with kids’ playtime to compete in an elaborate child’s game of war. Their ultimate goal: to try to take each other down.

To create their twisted adult interpretations of fortifications, vehicles, weapons and other child-play favourites, the two will draw inspiration with their “Dangerous Toys brain trust”, a pint-size think tank made up of a group of imaginative pre-teens who offer up limitless ideas including a 25-foot (7.6 metre) couch fort, combustible robotic armies and a thing Jamie affectionately calls “The Kraken”. With ingenuity and innovation, a sandcastle could be a fortress and a cardboard box can open an entire universe of possibilities. Jamie will do whatever he can to conquer Adam’s fort, while Adam does the same, as each man fends off a succession of blistering attacks to be the last one standing.

Don’t miss this and many more mad-cap experiments in 17 new episodes of MYTHBUSTERS! Encores every Saturday at 11:00 p.m. and Sunday at noon.

Some of the myths they’ll tackle include:

Star Wars: Revenge of the Myth: The gang, along with special guest – award-winning actress Sophia Bush, examines and tests three scenes from the Star Wars series for plausibility. Could Luke really have swung across a huge chasm to escape Stormtroopers while carrying Princess Leia with only his belt-rigged grappling hook? Could the Ewoks’ primitive swinging-log trap have realistically crushed one of Darth Vadar’s most sophisticated weapons - an Imperial “Chicken Walker”? And would a Tauntaun’s carcass have kept Luke from freezing to death on the bitterly cold climate of Hoth?

Zombie Special: What would happen if there really was a zombie invasion? In this episode, the team challenges three tall tales of apocalyptic proportions with The Walking Dead’s Michael Rooker as a special guest. When it comes to wasting “Walkers”, is an axe the more efficient weapon of choice, or are you better off with a gun? Meanwhile, Adam turns undead to test another zombie myth: can the ‘might of the living dead’ bust down Jamie’s door or is the physical force of the unwieldy mob just filmic fiction. And, if you’re swarmed, can you outrun – or outsmart – a hungry horde? Tory, Cary and Grant investigate why fleet-footed film human heroes still end up at the wrong end of the brain buffet despite zombies shuffling at the speed of an arthritic grandma.

Mythssion Impossible: The team tests three implausible idioms. According to the saying, “like herding cats”, shepherding a throng of feisty felines is not just difficult, it’s downright impossible. So Adam and Jamie set out to learn the herd mentality and then attempt to apply it to some crabby tabbies. Kari, Grant and Tory bring home the bacon with a porker of a phrase, “catching a greased pig” is another challenge that seems out of the question, but when they combine pigs, lubricant and athleticism will this mythical expression turn out to be a load of old hogwash?

Duct Tape Canyon: Lost in the wilderness, Adam and Jamie survive the desert, repel down canyon cliff-faces and brave Class 5 rapids – all with just duct tape and a bumper load of bubble wrap. Can they traverse a desert with duct tape travois, repel down canyon cliff-faces on a duct tape rope, and create a pair of daft rafts to navigate through thunderous rapids? It’s their most ambitious duct tape adventure yet…this time with a special guest appearance by Discovery Channel’s Nik Wallenda, the famous daredevil who walked across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope last year while millions watched live.

Bullet Baloney: The MYTHBUSTERS take on five filmic firearm clichés and fables. Can a gun fire lethally if its barrel is bent? Can you fire a gun in space like they do in science fiction movies? Can tape measures, wallets and golf balls stop a bullet? Will a neon sign blow out in shower of sparks if hit by a bullet? Will a shotgun shell on a tip of a wooden spear detonate if jabbed into an attacking animal à la the movie The Gray? And finally, if a gun is dropped in the boiling oil of a deep fryer go off?

Do Try This at Home: After more than a decade of testing impossible, dangerous and downright crazy myths that you shouldn’t or couldn’t try at home, the team investigates a host of myths that maybe you can! Be sure to break out the safety googles and get ready for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) science from chemistry conundrums, to a veracity of viral videos, stopping time in your living room, and some extreme fire-fighting and metronome madness thrown in for good measure.

Hollywood Car Crash Clichés: It’s wall-to-wall automotive mayhem as the crew drive through glass, tackle a cinematic solution to congested roads and plough through traffic, and fire a rocket-propelled grenade at a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) to see if they can flip it to take aim at classic Hollywood crash clichés.  

Car Chase Chaos/Animal Antics: Can you really switch drivers, share the driving duties, or dump a dead body in the middle of a Hollywood high-speed getaway? To tackle a trio of Tinsel Town car chase clichés, our dynamic myth-busting duo puts the pedal to the metal, gets their action movie hero on and brings Buster a body bag for the ride home. Also, the team tests a host of fan-suggested homemade deterrents for keeping critters from crawling, creeping and causing calamitous catastrophe on the property.

Supersonic Ping Ping/Ice Cannon: Adam and Jamie ask if supersonic ping pong can go lethally wrong. Supposedly a lightweight table tennis ball can top the speed of sound and become a lethal projectile. To find out if this unlikely premise is possible our dynamic duo turns the dial marked supersonic science to 11. The rest of the crew looks into a ballistic mystery from history – by lighting the frozen fuse on a cannon made of ice. It could be an explosive combination!

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In the south Asian peninsula known as Indochina, amongst the political tensions, burgeoning new wealth and developing nations, lies some of the world’s most breathtaking natural marvels. In the latest Animal Planet series, the spectacular WILDEST INDOCHINA – which premieres Tuesday, July 15 at 9:00 p.m. – sweeps across the globe’s most diverse peninsula to unearth all the makes it the organic wonder it is. The four-part series traverses from Cambodia to Vietnam, southwest China and Thailand – historically-rich cities whose vast area are homes to outstanding landscapes, tropical jungles and armies of animals, some of which are the most rare and secretive.
Photo courtesy of Animal Planet
The Indochina is bounded on the north by India and China, on the east and south by the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand, and on the west by the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal. Much of the area is mountainous and the rivers are largely unnavigable. Being a tropical climate with heavy seasonal rainfall, the WILDEST INDOCHINA journey begins in the water kingdom of Cambodia, which is considered to be one of the most biologically-rich countries in Southeast Asia. A place where wildlife and climate are ruled by turbulent monsoon cycles, the wild land of changing seasons pose significant challenges for its numerous inhabitants – like Asian elephants and Burmese pythons, amongst others – who face daily intense battles to adapt in order to survive.

Over at the eastern most part of Indochina, see how life has fought back in war-ravaged Vietnam whose tropical jungles are bursting with 10% of the world’s species so much so that new breeds and types are being discovered at incredible rates. The WILDEST INDOCHINA journey extends to a south eastern Himalayan enclave where China’s secret garden lies tucked away with approximately half of all Chinese birds and mammals; many found nowhere else on Earth. 

WILDEST INDOCHINA caps off in the heart of the peninsula where one of its wildest countries lays – Thailand. From ancient rainforests – that are believed to be older than the Amazon – to hostile coastlines, Thailand has some of the most prolific environments on the planet. It is a melting pot of varied habitats and territories where an assortment of creatures such as reptiles, birds, amphibians and nearly 300 mammal species – such as endangered hog deer and clouded leopards which are vulnerable to extinction – roam and have evolved to cope with its ever-changing landscape. Where the natural world is left to forge its survival, extraordinary adaptations, behaviour and evolutionary tricks occur. Witness the magnificence of WILDEST INDOCHINA which encores every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m., Saturday at 10:00 p.m. and Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

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Emerson Network Power ‘Data Center 2025’ Report Forecasts Massive Changes to the Data Center Ecosystem

Industry projects significant increases in density, cloud adoption and use of solar power

Manila, Philippines  [April 30, 2014] – Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, today released “Data Center 2025: Exploring the Possibilities” a forward-thinking report summarizing four months of global research designed to identify the industry’s vision of the data center in the year 2025. The results range from the expected—increased utilization of the cloud—to the ambitious—largely solar-powered data centers with power densities exceeding 50 kW per rack. One thing was clear: Most experts believe the data center as we know it will undergo massive changes over the next decade.

More than 800 data center professionals from around the world responded to the Data Center 2025 survey, with dozens of others contributing their thoughts via interviews, email and video. Asia Pacific was well-represented in the survey, with about 29% of respondents hailing from the region.The feedback, viewed collectively, indicates most in the field remain bullish on the data center industry and on continued innovation in the IT space and beyond. For example, on average, experts predict density in 2025 will climb to 52 kW per rack. According to the Data Center Users’ Group™ sponsored by Emerson Network Power, average density has remained relatively flat since peaking around 6 kW nearly a decade ago, but experts are anticipating a dramatic upswing in density that could radically change the physical environment of the data center.

"Major forces such as virtualization, cloud, converged infrastructures, big data and advances in mobility have spawned rapid changes to the data center, an industry trend that we continue to observe among Philippine customers," said Hans Bayaborda, country manager, Emerson Network Power in the Philippines. "The way by which Philippines-based players navigate through and manage these changes will be critical in determining the country's competitiveness in the increasingly digital landscape that is the global economy."

Other notable survey results and forecasts from the report:
§  Big changes in how data centers are powered: The experts believe a mix of sources will be used to provide electrical power to data centers. Solar will lead, followed by a nearly equal mix of nuclear, natural gas and wind. Sixty-five percent believe it is likely hyperscale facilities will be powered by private power generation.

§  Cloud forecasts are somewhat conservative: Industry experts predict two-thirds of data center computing will be done in the cloud in 2025. That’s actually a fairly conservative estimate. According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, cloud workloads represent around 46 percent of current total data center workloads, and will reach 63 percent by 2017.
§  DCIM will play a prominent role: Twenty-nine percent of experts anticipate comprehensive visibility across all systems and layers, while 43 percent expect data centers to be self-healing and self optimizing. Taken together, that would indicate 72 percent of the experts believe some level of DCIM will be deployed in 2025—significantly higher than most current estimates of DCIM adoption.
§  Utilization rates will be higher: That increased visibility is expected to lead to more efficient performance overall, as 72 percent of industry experts expect IT resource utilization rates to be at least 60 percent in 2025. The average projection is 70 percent. That compares to estimated averages today as low as 6-12 percent, with best practices somewhere between 30-50 percent.

“The data center of 2025 certainly won’t be one data center. The analogy I like to use is to transport,” said Andy Lawrence, vice president of Datacenter Technologies and Eco-efficient IT at 451 Research. “On the road, we see sports cars and family cars; we see buses and we see trucks. They have different kinds of engines, different types of seating and different characteristics in terms of energy consumption and reliability. We are going to see something similar to that in the data center world. In fact that is already happening, and I expect it to continue.”

To view the full report and video input from industry experts, visit For more information on Emerson Network Power products and solutions that support the data center, visit

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Press release

Tanghalang Ateneo, the longest-running theater company of the Loyola Schools, Ateneo de Manila University is celebrating its 36th season for the school year 2014-2015.

            Growing from a fledgling band of student players to one of the country’s leading school-based theater companies, Tanghalang Ateneo proudly announces its 36th season line-up of three productions with the theme “Navigating Identities” revolving around man's need to define himself and his significance in the world.

            The productions are as follows:

written by Han Ong
translation by Ronan B. Capinding
direction by Ed Lacson Jr.
August 1-2, 5-9, 12-16, 19-22, 2014
Venue: Ateneo's Fine Arts Black Box Theater

MIDDLE FINGER is an adaptation of Frank Wedekind’s modern classic “Spring Awakening.” Set in the U.S., the play centers on four young Filipino-American high school students who seek their identities in a world dominated by the repressive authority of adults. This play was first produced by Tanghalang Ateneo in 2007.

written by Glenn Sevilla Mas
an adaptation of Ma. Milagros Geremia-Lachica’s
“Sa Pagtubu kung Tahud / Upon the Growing of the Spur”
direction by Ronan B. Capinding
November 27 - December 13, 2014
Venue: Ateneo's Rizal Mini Theater

RITE OF PASSAGE is a Carlos Palanca-winning full-length play about a young man from the Visayas who wants to escape the monotony of rural life and seeks guidance in navigating his teenage years but finds none from his family. The young man is overwhelmed by the fact that no one understands him as he navigates his way through life on his own. The play was first produced by Tanghalang Pilipino for the Virgin Labfest, the Cultural Center of the Philippines' annual festival of new plays in 2005.

written by Samuel Beckett
translation by Rolando S. Tinio
direction by JK Anicoche
February 5 - 21, 2015
Venue: Ateneo's Fine Arts Black Box Theater

WAITING FOR GODOT / PAGHIHINTAY KAY GODOT  is a Nobel Prize winner for Literature. A classic absurd play, this will be staged in both English and Filipino. The play, translated into the national language by National Artist for Theater and Literature Rolando S. Tinio, is about two characters Vladimir and Estragon who go through the motions of patiently waiting for the arrival of a mysterious Godot.

            Glenn Sevilla Mas, a well-respected playwright and noted Carlos Palanca winner is at present the artistic director of Tanghalang Ateneo.
He also teaches various subjects in theater at the Ateneo de Manila University.  

            The officers of Tanghalang Ateneo (SY 2014-15) are as follows: Jose Antionio I. Caluag (Company Manager), Hershee D. Tantiado (Finance Officer), Rachelle Ann L. Go (Marketing), Ma. Julienne Ella S. Bautista (Publicity Coordinator), Joe-Nel C. Garcia (Secretary General), Angelique Louis S. Basa (Special Projects Officer) and Dane Larieze L. Chua (Theater Manager).

            For inquiries and reservations, please contact Acel Go at 0916-480-2195 or email:

            Connect to Tanghalang Ateneo online through the following social media networks:



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Philtranco Bus Lines celebrates its 100th Year

Public transportation may vary but it will never replaced the first public vehicle we had. The buses. Before we had jeepneys, it was the buses that first made public transportation easier. Because of that, Philtranco is now celebrating its first centennial year.

First established as Al Ammen Transportation Company by founders Albert Ammen and Max Blouse in 1914, it first operated from Iriga to Naga. It transferred ownership to  the Tuason family in 1958 then during Martial Law, to the Mantrade Group where it changed its name to Pantranco South Express Inc.

In 1979, it expanded its coverage to Eastern Visayas region. It was in 1984 where it formally changed to Philtranco Service Enterprise Inc.  Then in 1986, it covered the whole archipelago via ferry service as the first nationwide bus liner coverage.

Last July 6, I was invited by Philtranco on its celebration of its 100th year at their Pasay City terminal. During the event, it was mentioned that there is a simultaneous celebration in Bicol. They also unveiled the historical marker during the event.

What were the changes that happened recently for Philtranco? Earlier during the year, Philtranco just signed a contract with Pinoy Travel for buying tickets online. If you having hard time purchasing tickets during peak seasons, this is the best way to get the seats for the trip you like. They also tie up with to offer their services for exclusive trips.

I also found out that there are already bus drivers or bus captains, as they are now called, are women. Driving a public bus is no longer exclusive job for men. What are we looking forward for the future of Philtranco? According to Ms.Christine Guevarra of Philtranco's marketing department during the presentation. Not only that there are hiring for lady bus captains but the bus captains will be looking for presentable during the trips.

Philtranco already have three types of buses that is operational now. The deluxe buses are non-airconditioned buses, the premium deluxe are the air-conditioned buses, and the executive coach. For the trips across the archipelago, Philtranco tied up with Fastcat, catamaran ferry boats for cross-island trips.  Philtranco also have their own magazine publication distributed among the bus terminals to make the passengers entertained for long trips. Indeed that riding a bus to any province won't be the same from now on.

Time for me to plan my next trip. Follow this blog for more updates about Philtranco or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook