Friday, May 22, 2015

Tennis All-Stars are back in The Arena for the International Premiere Tennis League

After the success of last year's tennis all-stars event, The Arena brings them all back in International Premiere Tennis League this December 6-8 2015.
(left to right): Christopher John Quimpo, Smart Sports Marketing; Gary G. Dujali, VP and Head of PLDT Home; Edgar C. Tejerero, President of SM Lifetsyle Entertainment, Inc. and co-owner of Philippine Mavericks; Abhishek Ponia, VP of Operations, International Premier Tennis League; Jean-Henri Luillhier, Co-owner and Team Manager, Philippine Mavericks; Haresh Hiranand, Co-owner, Philippine Mavericks; Kevin Belmonte, Co-owner, Philippine Mavericks.

This is unlike any tennis event. Usually, tennis is an individual competition but in IPTL. 30 players across the country in five teams to represent five countries: Philippines, Singapore, India.UAE, and joining for the first time; Japan.

Playing for the Philippine Mavericks are Serena Williams, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Treat Huey, Richard, Gasquet, Jarmila Gajdosova, Borna Coric, Sabine Lisicki and team captain Mark Philippoussis. You can tell that the ladies are also strong players.

After the success of last year, the audience will expect new elements to be added. Pre-selling will start July 15. Price ranges of a three-day pass from 3,000(Gen. admission) to 58,000(transferable). For more pre-tournament activities and updates, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Press release

The world’s best-known adventurer is set to face his toughest challenge yet in BEAR GRYLLS: BREAKING POINT, a new six-part series for Discovery Channel. The series follows Bear as he returns to the wilderness - but this time, he’s not alone. In each episode, the extreme survivalist will instead be joined by some very unlikely companions: two people on a mission to overcome debilitating phobias that have haunted their daily lives. Plagued by their anxieties, they are determined to confront their fears, Bear Grylls style.

Premiering on Discovery Channel on May 26 at 9:00 p.m., Bear will take his terrified companions on a meticulously-planned three-day expedition into the wild landscapes of Mexico and Italy. Designed to expose them to the fears that rule their lives, Bear will test their resolve as he brings them to their Breaking Point – and beyond. And Bear himself is seen in a new light – as an advisor, cheerleader, confidant and buddy – that leads him into unchartered psychological and emotional territory.

Heights, germs, spiders and rats are just some of the phobias Bear’s companions struggle to live with on a daily basis – but they are unavoidable in some of the world’s harshest terrains. As Bear’s survival skills are put to the ultimate test, he vows to keep them out of danger – and send them home in one piece. Bear wants to show these people that they hold strength in their vulnerability, that the wilderness can transform their lives. If they can conquer this, he believes, they can conquer anything.

Bear’s buddies:
  • Water. Bear meets two men who are terrified of water after suffering trauma in their lives, and helps them to confront their fears at some of the world’s deepest canyons and highest waterfalls. 
  • The OCD Sufferer. Terrified of any contact with blood or germs, an OCD sufferer tests his trust in Bear when he must face a muddy forest canyon, eat raw meat and drink animal blood.
  • Afraid of Heights. Our heights sufferers have to face their fears head-on when they are dropped at the bottom of a mountain and the only way is up. After reaching the summit, Bear expects them to heli-hop through the Dolomite Mountains to another peak, where a terrifying high-wire challenge awaits. 
  • The Claustrophobics. Bear meets two men who struggle to conduct normal lives after traumatic events gave them a life-long terror of enclosed spaces. In a bid to face their demons head-on, Bear takes them through a massive network of caves.
Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel
  • Rats and Spiders. Haunted by the idea of these scuttling creatures at their homes and workplaces, two family men follow Bear into terrain perfect for hosting super-sized versions of the very thing they would normally run screaming from.
  • The Picky Eater. Food allergies and fad diets are not much use when it comes to surviving in the wild with a man boasting an infamously unorthodox palate. A father of two embarks on a journey with Bear that threatens to take his strict diet to breaking point.
  • Trees. Bear meets a mother who is so scared of trees she can’t even take her son to the park. Determined to help her tackle a phobia that has blighted her entire life, Bear takes her to the middle of the Mexican jungle, where she must confront the very trees she is most afraid of.
  • Insects. After witnessing his mother suffer a terrible allergic reaction to an insect sting, Bear helps a man face his fear of insects with an emotional journey into the wilderness, where insects come in far larger, more dangerous shapes and sizes than he could have previously imagined.

BEAR GRYLLS: BREAKING POINT demonstrates that anyone can become an adventurer, no matter how inexperienced or terrified they are, and that with the right training and support, the wilderness is a place not just to survive, but to thrive.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Philippine Retail Investment Conference

Investing is not easy when are aware of the risks. Most of us Filipinos are clueless about investments. There are reasons why Filipinos are afraid of investing. Most of us have fears and wanted to avoid risks.
Mr. Bob Stammers of CFA Institute

There are always misconceptions about investing. Which is why CFA Institute is having the Phil. Retail Investment Conference at SMX Convention Center, SM Aura on May 16, 2015. This convention is the ideal venue to be educated in business. The speakers are one the best in the industry of investing in the global market.

According to Mr. Robert Stammers; CFA Institute's director of Investor Education, {there is a } "need for a good financial advise". Mr. Stammers will be one of the speakers and he has wide experience in real estate in his background.

The Conference will also have topics about Bonds, Stocks, Real Estate and more. If you are interested, just go to the event from 8:00 to 5:30. For more updates about the corporate world, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Kalibrr Recognizes Fresh Grads with Latest Promo

Press release

Graduation maybe over, but job-matching platform, Kalibrr, is putting the spotlight back on to the graduates of 2015 with their latest online promo.  ‘Fresh Grad Giveaway’ is an initiative by the tech start-up to encourage those who have just graduated that they can succeed in whatever career they choose, and Kalibrr is ready to back them up.

“Kalibrr is not limited to providing a roster of job matches for our users. We, as a company, are firm believers that there will always be something more in an individual and one is bound to succeed. We want people, fresh grads particularly, to know that.” said Kalibrr COO Dexter Ligot-Gordon.  

Mechanics are simple. All it takes for participants to join is to post a photo of themselves in their best work attire on Instagram with an accompanying statement on how they think they can succeed with Kalibrr. The entry must tag @kalibrr and must bear the hashtag, #SucceedWithKalibrr to be valid. To make things more exciting, participants are also required to tag a friend whom they one to share the prize with.

Entries will be judged by three criteria: number of likes (45%), originality and creativity of the photo (35%), and quality of the write-up and description (20%).  The owner of the winning entry will receive a P50,000-worth of shopping spree.

Only college students who have graduated or will be graduating in 2015 are allowed to join the promo. A Kalibrr account, created beforeMay 31, 2015, is also required to join the contest.

Kalibrr’s Fresh Grad Giveaway is on-going until May 31, 2015. Announcement of the winner will be on June 3, 2015, through Kalibrr’s social media accounts. For more details, visit the promo’s micro site at You may also check out their Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (@kalibrr) accounts.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Pru Life UK brings Pacman’s fight live to Bantayan Island, 7 other communities

Press release

3 May 2015, Manila –Bantayan Island, Cebu converged and rooted for their boxing hero Manny Pacquiao as they witnessed with the world his valiant fight against Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The live viewing was for the first time done simultaneously in Santa Fe, Bantayan and Madridejos towns, a public service of British life insurer Pru Life UK.

An island still recovering from the devastation wrought by super typhoon Yolanda more than a year ago, the locals gave their outpouring of support to the People’s Champ in his defeat to Mayweather in the Fight of the Century. Known for being a survivor, Pacquiao serves as an inspiration to the Bantayan people who are continuing to rebuild their lives, livelihoods, and communities. 

Bantayan Island was one of the worst-hit islands in the country when super typhoon Yolanda struck the country in November 2013, claiming more than 6,000 lives. After almost two years since the destruction, the island, together with the affected provinces in the Central Visayas region, continues recovery efforts with the support of charitable organizations and Pru Life UK’s Prudence Foundation. The Foundation has provided livelihood and rehabilitation to the people of Bantayan Island for the past year; aiding almost 90 per cent of the population with their substantial needs.

“We know how hard it was for the Bantayan people to get back on their feet when they have lost almost everything.” said Antonio de Rosas, president and CEO of Pru Life UK. “Pru Life UK supports every Filipino fighter. With our charitable arm, Prudence Foundation, we are committed to restoring the island. This is why we brought the much-anticipated fight of the two boxing greats to the people of Bantayan Island, We strongly believe that this will further inspire the locals – and us -- to fight against difficulties and succeed in making life better.”

Pru Life UK brought live coverage of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight to 10 communities in Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Batangas, Quezon, Albay, Aklan, Cebu, and Northern Samar. The live screening in Bantayan Island drew nearly 7,000 viewers. In the 10 communities, an estimated 27,800 watched Pru Life UK’s live screenings.

For more information:

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ejay Falcon admits his childhood ambition was to become a police or soldier

I was not present to cover the presscon for MMK tribute for the SAF Brave44 with Angel Locsin and Coco Martin because I was covering another event. But I am glad I can catch up with Ejay Falcon, who will portray another member of the SAF who also lost his life during the encounter.

Ejay Falcon admits like any boy at a young age, he also wants to be a police officer or a soldier. Although he already done an action movie, it is his first time to do action with a real life character of a SAF member named Ren.

Unlike Coco's character, Ren's story is focused on his family, who relies on him for support. Ejay undergo actual training for SAF at Sta. Rosa, Laguna where he got to give respect for the men in uniform.

Although Ejay never got to see the actual family of Ren, he relied on the production people who already got a chance to meet them even though they are still grieving and also relied on the director. Ejay did his own stunts for the story.

Given that the climax will be the battle scenes, it was done in realistic since there are real SAF members who were also involved in choreographing the battle and used all pyrotechnic effects just to make it real. They even used a drone to give a bird's eye view of the battle.

The first part of the Brave44 story was the most watched episode that day since it was still fresh on the minds of the people. The second part will be shown this Saturday(May 2). For more ABS-CBN presscon coverage, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.