Sunday, June 21, 2015


Press release

MICKLE joins this year’s Electronic Music Expo and Convention (EMEX) to be held at the SMX Center of SM Aura in Taguig City from June 19 – 21, 2015.

A new name in the market, MICKLE is a brand of dependable and reliable sound mixers that is priced reasonably lower when compared to other known brands now available in the market locally.  Solely distributed in the Philippines by Panvin International, MICKLE’s aim is give quality electronic sound mixers without making a hole in your pocket.  From simple sound mixer set-up - 2 to 4 channels (starters) to 18 channels set-up (mid-level), MICKLE has a unit for your need. 

Introducing into this event is his professional mixer board which is comparable to the one being used in big concerts or dance parties. The professional board set-up has a minimum of 22 channels and increases in features as you go up with your channel needs.

When asked about their expectations in joining this event: “MICKLE is a good and reliable brand.  True that there are other companies providing the same thing but we are not afraid to go head-to-head with them because we (Panvin International) believe in what it can offer”, as stated by Mr. Rahul Daryani, Panvin International.

The Electronic Music Expo and Convention is a yearly event where different sound suppliers are placed in one spot and showcase what they can offer to the buying public.  Known and newcomers in the market of electronic sound equipments are presented to the scrutiny of the dynamic attendees.  This year it is to be held at the SMX Center of SM Aura in Taguig City.  From June 19 till the 21st, SMX Center will open its doors to those who wish to know what is new and latest in the world of electronic sound business.

  “Joining this event will open doors for us and make MICKLE the new word of mouth when it comes to professional sound mixer needs.  We are good in our word and equipment!  Trust us when we say, having the best sound mixer doesn’t have to put you at the negative budget-wise”, says Rahul. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sitting In at Raffles Design Institute

It's been a while since I was inside a class and I mean years. I never thought that in my age, I am going to attend one. But the reason why I agreed to attend because it is a photography session and it's relevant to blogging.
Mr. Sven Pfrommer

Mr. Sven Pfrommer is one of the instructors at Raffles Design Institute who teaches photography. After orienting us about the course description, he proceeded with the photography workshop. Although I have an understanding in the subject because I started old school photography, I still need to adjust to different digital cameras since there are different types of operating system running the camera's menu.

I am used to film cameras that wind up the film when the exposure occurs. I always have control over the opening and shutter speed. After the workshop, we applied it by testing our shots with LED lights as subject at a slow shutter speed. This gave me an idea for action sequences that I can try for the Monster Jam the next day.

Now, I have an idea how Raffles Design Institute is serious about educating. Though the tuition is not cheaper than a regular college, there are advantages to it. The ratio per class is less than a handful. The maximum of student per class is 6. This way, you will be given full attention and mentored properly.

They eliminated the minor subjects that are irrelevant to the course but more on the practical subjects. Besides, you don't need units of Physical Education for a fashion institution. The best part here is that you can finish it in three years. If you look at the photo, the room is equipped with projector and mannequins needed for the students of fashion.

Lastly, Raffles Design Institution is widely connected internationally. They have many schools in different countries in case you will continue studying elsewhere that has a Raffles Institute. I think an institution like Raffles has more educational substance than any traditional schooling. We need more schools like these since there are collegiate studies that does not teach you how to work in the real world and not just theoretical studies. I didn't say we don't need traditional schooling but it will compliment the educational system in a macro level.

Raffles Design Institute offers courses in Business, Fashion Design, Visual Communication and Interior Design. They are located along Metropolitan avenue in Makati. Just a few blocks after the police station if you are coming from Ayala-Buendia intersection. For more lifestyle features, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fiestas are not always good for the community

Before you judge me as killjoy, I want you first to read the whole post. I like fiestas especially in my father's hometown in Lucban even though I am a Protestant. It's not perfect but at least it is building up tourism that flocks the streets every year. The people know where to park their cars because they have been advised days before.

Unlike here in Manila especially in the baranggay where I grew up. You can never tell where you can pass or not because there is no advance notice. I thought they dismantled the stages because they used the national holiday last Friday for their programs. Earlier before we left for church, we can still get a cab ride from my place. But later in the afternoon, the road was blocked just a few blocks away. The reason was the street is being used for games/programs we thought was finished last Friday or Saturday. So along with my grandmother and my 7-year old niece were forced to walk along carrying a week worth of groceries because even a tricycle can't enter.

The worse part was when we are passing the closed area, we were begged to contribute for the fiesta. I am really pissed off  and snapped back, "If it wasn't for this fiesta, we would not be having hard time walking." And you see all these banners of elected officials with their fiesta greetings so why these people bother begging anyone who passes by.

This way of celebrating fiestas is a bad image for the community especially if I take a picture of the roadblocks, you will see how many banners with photos of many elected officials. I only advise that the baranggay officials should give notice days ahead where the roadblocks will take place and give alternate routes.

I hope this will be my last rant which is I am doubtful. Feel free to share your thoughts and like my Facebook page, the L.E.N.S. blogs.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Half Day Tour at Lotus Garden Manila

City of Manila is always the center of many travel destinations for everyone. Ermita has lots of money changers which is located in one block. It is accessible when you are travelling to the airport or by the pier and there are has lots of active nightlife. All this besides the Rizal Park/Luneta.

During the Papal Visit, lots of hotels are booked since everyone wanted to have a glimpse of the patriarchal figure head of the Roman Catholic Church. Hotels like Lotus Garden Manila which is located at the corner of Padre Faura and Mabini sts. in Ermita.

After having breakfast at their lobby buffet area, we passed by their bar which is open every morning. Unlike the local bars, the bar patrons can drink because they are more tamed than most local drinkers. You go to a bar just for social drinking not to get into trouble.

Lotus Garden has only one Multi-purposed Function Room ideal for big celebrations like debut or wedding receptions. The capacity may vary depending on the set up of the event but you can be sure that there are lots of potential you can do with the event venue.

Going through their new building hallway gives it a mixture of old fashioned furnishing since their staircase and floors are made of wood. In a more open area, they have a bistro-like atmosphere with bar and a jacuzzi at one rear end. The jacuzzi can also be used by guest as part of the amenities upon request. But it is limited to 15 people max. The area also has a billards table for added amusement. The area can also accommodate a band area for the event.

Located in the premises of the open area, there is a room for ideal for corporate functions. It is a closed room for privacy. It is an air conditioned board room set up with a projector for meeting and conferences outside company offices.

One of the amenities for the guest is the gym. It is equip with treadmills to keep any health buff in good shape. Their basic rooms for accommodation is just basic ideal for an executive from out of town who needs only a place to sleep and a place to refresh and leave the luggage. But it also has an office type desk in case the desk needs to work and a TV to get news update. The room can accommodate two people max since the bed is just twin sized.

There is also another room ideal for families who just need to have a staycation. It has two beds and has bigger area with a small dining table and chairs in case the guest has some food with them. There is one room equipped with a kitchen set up if the guests needs to prepare dishes within room quarters.

What I also find unique in the room and hallways are it has display of Baguio or any Northern Highland souvenirs like the rice god Bulol statue in the rooms. What is good about the vicinity of the hotel is that it is near the mall, the hospital and many restaurants. Upon leaving the hotel, you can choose upon taking a cab or public jeepney that can pass by.

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Monday, June 8, 2015

City Garden Suites Manila

Right in the heart of Manila stands a benchmark of comfort and business-class luxury. City Garden Suites – Manila in Ermita, Manila, Philippines provides the perfect accommodation for business guests and leisure travelers seeking a home away from home at an affordable price.
Photo courtesy of City Garden Suites Manila
This sprawling, central option exudes an impressive homey charm. The 142 rooms, 45 in the new annex, feature plush beds with generous pillows, a private toilet and bath, ambient lighting, wood furniture, and parquet floors. Hospitable staff adds to the warmth of the place, making guests feel safe and secure. These allow full relaxation, a luxury amid the bustling center of the commercial and business district.
The pulsating vibe of its location encourages one to go harder and faster, both in business and leisure pursuits. But when the sights and sounds die down, the same landscape intensifies a longing for home. Fortunately, the hotel in Ermita is there to fill the void.
  • Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • Cable TV with 72+ channels
  • Pay movie system
  • Refrigerator with mini-bar items
  • Coffee and tea maker
  • Private toilet with bathtub and hot and cold shower
  • Hair dryer
  • Complimentary newspaper
  • IDD/NDD phone
  • Safe

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Siddhartha The Musical World Premiere

Buddhism is one of oldest religions. It's even older than Christian and Islam. Just like any religion and philosophy, Buddhism also has insights which is logically sound. It even has similarities with Christianity.
Ven. Master Yung Guang(Standing, left)

In popular culture, there is Hermann Hesse novel Siddhartha which is used as a textbook reference and the movie Little Buddha by Bernardo Bertolucci which stars Keanu Reeves as the title character of Prince Siddhartha before the enlightenment and a manga by Osamu Tezuka.

For eight years now, a musical production in Cebu depicting the life of the enlightened One and was brought to many tours in other countries and now will be shown in CCP for it's world premiere. Musical composer and director Jude Gitamondoc says it will be an entirely new production compared to the previous productions. It will cover from his birth to death and even after. It will be a new experience even to those who've seen it.
With main cast and production

The idea of making a musical started in Buddha's Light International Association in Cebu to promote Buddha's teaching through a theatrical production. Using the poetry of Ven, Master Hsin Yin and the composition of Jude Gitamondoc with the cast with different backgrounds auditioned, the stage was set.

Jude Gitamondoc add, the new production will add new songs and new characters fit for a CCP production. For actor Benjie Layos, the expectations for him to play the title role are very high. Even though he is not a Buddhist, he still lives up the principles so he can understand the part. Just like Benjie, the cast were reading Siddhartha's biography. The Buddhist monks are also involved in the production to make sure that everything's on track and accurate.
Benjie Layos as Siddhartha

Director Jude mentions that the purpose of the play is not to be preachy but to witness Siddhartha's journey that changed the course of history as we know it. Watch Siddhartha the musical on July 17 at CCP for 2 performances only. For more updates about Siddhartha the musical and more theatrical productions, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.