Monday, March 16, 2015

Why Should You Watch Bridges Of Love

1. Three new series has three directors(Richard Somes, Will Fredo, and Dado Lumibao) that are consistent and fluidly worked together for this project.

2.  According to director Will Fredo, the love story is the basis of the conflict.

3. The Bridges can be considered literal or figurative. It's up to the viewer to understand why.

4. It is Richard Somes first time to direct a love story.

5. The supporting cast also have significant stories besides the main cast.

6. The main cast was not the first choice for the roles but they were the best choice.

Wits and Wisdom from the cast: Every human being cannot be bought by price. There are still principles that govern each individual regardless of which walks of life.

Bridges of Love premieres tonight after Forevermore. The blogcon held yesterday with the cast, directors and head writers. For more Primetime Bida updates, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Earth Hour 2015 #UseYourPower

I got to experience my first Earth Hour in SM Mall of Asia and another year in Ayala Triangle.  I do recall that the mall is still in operation even though it was dark all over the premises. Every year since then, my home participated in Earth Hour.
Earth Hour Philippines 2012 in Ayala Triangle

I was wondering how can one hour without using light can make a difference. It will not just make your bills cost less but it will make an awareness known.
Writing commitments for Earth Hour

During the presscon for Earth Hour here in the Philippines, it was announced that it will be held in Quezon City Circle this year. It is a good thing to set this year's Earth Hour Philippines in the Northern area of the Metro. Quezon City is the biggest area in Metro Manila so expect that more people will be going.

It was only during the Earth Hour presscon that I learn that having this event is just a start. The next step is to carry the message to other people and do your part. Last year, Earth Hour had its first comic book superhero ambassador not because Spider-Man has a movie, it shows that anyone can do major things to help the environment.

The tagline for Earth Hour is "#UseYourPower". As I said in my previous blog post, I am using my power to influence people using my blog and spread the message. Join me at Quezon City Circle or at any participating city across the planet to celebrate our concern for Mother Earth. Come in your most comfortable and colorful sporty attire because this year's Earth Hour Philippines will be different. Mark the date. March 28 from 8:30-9:30 PM.

Earth Hour is a major yearly event initiated by WWF. For more updates, join this blog's followers or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

From Pre-Wedding Worries to Bridal Wisdom

Press release

For a girl, as far as milestones and special occasions go, nothing tops a wedding—especially, if it’s your own.

And when it came time for Precious Pasia to walk down the aisle, her goal was to live out the dream, which was made possible when she won the Colgate Optic White Dream Wedding Challenge.

Precious, who joined the contest as a bride-to-be shared her wedding woes online like the flower girl refusing to walk during the procession or someone spilling a drink on her wedding gown. Her candid answer evidently struck a chord with the public, allowing her to win a rare chance to have her pre-nup shot by acclaimed lensman Pat Dy and wedding documented by famed videographer, Jason Magbanua.

Today however, the happy new bride seems to have put all her worries behind her. And after finally tying the knot with her husband, Precious is all too eager to share her newly found wisdom for future brides, hoping to give them one less thing to worry about.

For starters—

“…Plan. Kahit wala pang husband,” she laughs. “Start your Pinterest board, research your suppliers, have pegs in mind so that during planning time, you won’t have a hard time.”

Precious shares that she started booking her church and reception venue as far back as two years ago, because she just really wanted everything to be perfect. Even her wedding dress, went through a lot of back and forth with a couple of couturiers before it “felt right.”

And then there’s the part where you want it all documented for posterity, which is where the dream wedding duo of Pat Dy and Jason Magbanua comes in. Known in the country as prime picks for anyone’s pre-nup and/or wedding day, Precious makes her desire to have both acclaimed artists document her wedding no secret.

“Having Pat Dy for my pre-nup and Jason Magbanua at my wedding was really a dream come true,” she adds.

And for all the frenetic planning that came with making her wedding day meaningful and memorable, having Dy and Magbanua immortalize the moment meant she didn’t have to worry about not having her special day captured on film and video; after all, these are the kinds of memories that you will want to share for generations to come. Having the best people capture each moment means having less worries and more  beautiful memories to treasure forever.  

But now that she has lived through the experience of planning a wedding, here’s what Precious has to say about it:

“At the end of the day, having all my family, all our families, and loved ones present became the most important thing for me on my wedding day,” she confessed.

That, and making sure that she could actually enjoy her wedding and stop worrying about the little details that could potentially ruin her big day.

Leading up to the special occasion, Precious made sure that every single thing was in place—from her wedding dress to her smile.

“I went into just as much effort to ensure that my dress was perfect to making sure that I had the perfect, white smile to go with it on my wedding day—a task made all the more easier with Colgate Optic White,” she shares. “After using the product for a week, I really saw a difference, my teeth became whiter. And that gave me the extra confidence I needed for the big day.”

On the groom’s side, Aljoe says that couples must always try to prepare together. “Be enthusiastic about the plans and be collaborative; expect conflict to arise but just try to think positively.”

As for the bride’s biggest wedding worry? Precious happily reports that her husband was eagerly waiting for her at the altar—and that’s definitely something to smile about.

Colgate Optic White promises to give you one shade whiter teeth after one week* so you have one less thing to worry about on any occasion. Try it now!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

TAYO Awards 2015

When I first created this blog, it was about documenting my advocacy programs before it became a professional blog site. Now, it became instrumental for promoting other advocacy campaigns. Last year, I had a privilege to see the awarded student initiative programs that was recognized for TAYO(Ten Accomplished Young Organizations).

Last year, I got to interview one representative of an organization and I was really impressed with what I got to know about the program. This time, I am about to start a series of posts about the campaigns of this year's TAYO. I assure you will be impressed with what these students done than any politician or philanthropists can innovate.

So let's start the ball rolling, shall we?

If there's a blood drive for transfusion, there's the Milk Drive. It's not from any dairy product. I am talking about mother's milk. It was an initiative from UP College of Medicine Phi Lambda Delta Sorority to initiate breast milk donors from communities they visit.

According to Ms. Maria Angela Villa of Phi Lambda Delta Sorority, this campaign not only helps promote awareness that breastfeeding is still the best source of milk in the child's first years, but it also initiates other mothers provide breast milk for those who can no longer provide it.

If the biological mother is no longer capable to give breast milk for her child due to possible and various reasons, this is the right program to help the community. Just like blood transfusion, Ms. Villa said that applicants are also screened before donating breast milk and they also help educate mothers.

The Milk Drive was already been operational for less than a year and they already have been visiting communities/health centers in Tondo and Quezon City or even outside Metro Manila and even in the Philippine General Hospital. The milk they had gathered from the communities is contained in an ice chest and will be pasteurized and brought to PGH. The campaign was successful that even their fellow sorority alumni members showed interest and support.

I will continue with the rest of the participating organizations and their campaigns on my next posts. If you are interested with the campaign I featured and desired to get involved, feel free to reply to this blog post or directly message me via my L.E.N.S. blogs Facebook page.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Reasons Why You Should Consider The New Honda Click 125i

I got to attend the public launching of Honda's newest scooter: The Click 125i.. I listed some of the reasons why you should consider this.

-It has three colors: Asteroid Black, Pearl Horizon White and the standard Honda color Candy Rosy Red.

-It has sporty look for a scooter. It looks sleek and sharp. Almost like futuristic design.

-It has dual keen eye headlights that look badass. The black color suits it.

-Equipped with New Generation Intelligent 125cc global engine.

-It is environmentally friendly scooter. Maximizing the efficient combustion and minimize friction to reduce the risk of waste. Wish it would have an fully electric and non-combustion option.

-The Honda pioneered technology PGM-FI built-in liquid-cooled engine can go 8.40kW(11.4PS0 at 8500RPM maximum power and 11.16 Nm at 6500 RPM maximum torque.

-Thelding Stop System(ISS) is responsible for its fuel efficiency. ISS eliminates wasteful fuel consumption by switching off the engine automatically after three seconds of traffic or brief stops. Just twist the throttle to start up and go in less than a second.

-Equipped with the Honda Safety and Security feature. It does not start up when in down position. Brake Lock remains in idle state when stopped at downhill.

-It has a large storage capacity of 18 liters which is capable of storing a full-face helmet.

-The LED headlights and LCD meter panel saves 80% power consumption.

Unveiled last February 18 at Trinoma Activity Center. For more information, go to . For more updates, follow this blog or like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.