Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Press release

Rediscover local musical treasures in a new ballet about the Filipino family. Ballet Philippines’ Sarong Banggi features new works by six exciting Filipino choreographers set to classic folk songs from around the country, arranged and orchestrated by Ryan Cayabyab, the country’s best-loved composer. This show is co-presented by the Province of Albay.

The show features choreography by Carissa Adea, Ronelson Yadao, Cyril Aran Fallar, Paul Alexander Morales, Nonoy Froilan, and Carlo Pacis. Each choreographer brings to the stage his/her unique impression of the Filipino family in a new  contemporary ballet with the cast led by Jean Marc Cordero, Earl John Arisola, Rita Angela Winder, and Monica Amanda Gana.

            “Sarong Banggi will tug at the audience’s heartstrings with its nostalgic music and earnest look at traditional Filipino values,” says Ballet Philippines Artistic Director Paul Alexander Morales”. “It will be interesting to see these choreographers’ different takes on familiar themes; love, loss and reconciliation that cements the Filipino family”

When asked by Morales to create two pieces for the show, Hong Kong-based choreographer Carlo Pacis was thrilled at the chance to come home and work with Ballet Philippines again. “As a Filipino living overseas, I felt that it was my responsibility to give back.” Pacis, former soloist of the Hong Kong Ballet is a two-time awardee for Outstanding Choreography at the Philstage Gawad Buhay Awards.

Sarong Banggi’s opening night on October 16 is a Filipiniana Gala featuring the live performance of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra under the baton of Cayabyab himself.

The music of the show was recently created by the Cultural Center of the Philippines in the special Collector’s Edition CD entitled “Serenata: Well-loved Philippine Folk Songs and Melodies”. Included in the album are the Kapampangan “Atin cu Pung Singsing”, the Hiligaynon “Ay Kalisud”, and the Tagalog “Dalagang Pilipina” and “Saranggola ni Pepe”, among others.

Sarong Banggi’s libretto is by Dennis Marasigan, lighting design by Meliton Roxas Jr., sets by Ohm David, and costume design by Rajo Laurel.

Sarong Banggi will be performed from October 16 to 18 at the Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo (CCP Main Theater). For inquiries, visit www.ballet.ph, send an email to info@ballet.ph, or call Ballet Philippines at 551-1003. For tickets and reservations, call the CCP Box Office at 832-3704 or Ticketworld at 891-9999.

Major sponsors of Ballet Philippines’ 46th Season include Globe Platinum, San Miguel Corporation, and Belle Corporation.

Connect to Ballet Philippines online through the following social media networks:

Twitter: @balletph
Instagram: @balletphilippines
YouTube: balletph

To join in the Ballet Philippines conversation, use our official hashtags: #balletph, #dancespring, #sarongbanggi

Monday, October 12, 2015

Spent your magical Halloween at Best Western Plus Antel Hotel

Halloween is one season of the year that I am anticipating. I still celebrate other holidays but I like Halloween the most because it's fun and you can dressed up your favorite monster. Nowadays, costumes for Halloween doesn't need to be scary which is why cosplayers love it.

I spent Halloween many times through the years. I spent it in school, in the neighborhood and events. You can never be too old for it. Now, that Best Western Plus Antel Hotel is celebrating Halloween again, I am pretty sure it's gonna be fun.

I haven't attended their Halloween yet but my niece and I enjoyed their event for Easter Sunday. Lot's of games and shows with treats for the kids. Come in your best costume and you might win an overnight stay.

For only P750 per head(adult/child), you will not only enjoy having a week with the family, you will build new memories with it. Bring your kids and spend the BEST Halloween you family will never forget.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Exploring the Quezon City Memorial Monument

The last time I entered the monument was back in my elementary school days during an educational field trip. Back then, we went places that has really educational substance unlike what I heard recently that they go to amusement parks or theme parks only.
Which part of the monument/shrine can you find this statue?

For the 75th year of Quezon City, I was advised by the tour guide at the Heritage House, to visit the interactive museum also located at the monument. Here in the Metro, this is probably the tallest masoleum and landmark with historical significance.

Back then, you can only see the large sarcophagus that housed the remains of the late president Manuel L. Quezon and his wife, Dona Aurora. Now, you can see a functional museum within the monument. If you noticed, the monument has three pylons with angels that signifies the three main islands. The three angels are in mourning while holding the sampaguita.  This was designed by Italian sculptor Francesco Monti.

The monument also housed some of the Quezon memorabilia and some historical artifacts, old photos from president's time. I mentioned interactive because there are some displays that shows a mock display of the stage and podium where President Quezon gives an inaugural speech. You make your own pose at the podium that is also shown in the screen in front of you.

I was not the only one who went inside the museum. Besides with fellow bloggers, there were students who also showed interest. There's still hope for the youth and the future generation yet after the recent controversy about the lack of knowledge of Apolinario Mabini's disability, this will probably the right time to show them history especially they also don't know how significant it was to have the two EDSA uprisings that I also took part of.

What I learned new about Quezon was that he was also the first Filipino Freemason Grandmaster which makes me see the Monument and the chamber that housed the sarcophagus in another way. I feel like I'm in a Robert Langdon adventure minus the danger. The museum is free to the public but donations of any amount are welcome.

If you are visiting the monument and the Heritage House with a tour guide, be sure to ask questions. That's where our interests in history begins. For more historical places to visit, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour experience

Coca-Cola is not just a brand of carbonated drinks, it's part of popular culture that many generations enjoyed. It was Coke who originally designed it's contour shape bottle that we still buy from every neighborhood store for the last 100 years.
Michael Moore, Atty. Adel Tamano, and Ted Ryan

In it's 100th year of the contour bottle, Coca-Cola Philippines brought here the first ever Coke-Cola Bottle Art Tour. It's a traveling museum that is first seen in Africa and is touring 15 countries. It just came from Japan before it came here in the Philippines.

What you can see in the Coke Art Tour is different Coke ads and TV commercial plugs from the past. To make it more appreciative for us Pinoys, you will see old advertising clippings with local personalities like Gloria Romero in her earlier years in the entertainment industry.
Customized contour bottles

There is also a display of the classic contour bottle used as canvas by today's modern contemporary artists. The Coke Art Tour is also interactive with many digital application like the designing your own Coke bottle in one of their touch screen displays.

It is also the only museum that you can drink Coke while on the tour. The tour guides is also around to entertain you with Coke trivia and history of the contour bottle. It is free to the public but it is encourage to buy Coke collectibles. When I toured it earlier, I was introduced to a group of Coke enthusiasts who collects Coke memorabilia like die-cast vehicles with Coke design for example.
Can you find the right angle to make the right contour bottle?

The Coca-Cola Art Tour is only until October 4 at Bonifacio High Street Central Amphitheater. Spend your family weekend at the Coca-Cola Art Tour now before it packed up and go to the next country. For more Coke activities, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Quezon City celebrates it's Diamond Jubilee

Quezon City's dominates most of the National Capital Region( Metro Manila). I even remember reading our history that it is our nation's former capital. In it's 75th year, I got to go back to Quezon City Circle after the recent Earth Hour held in its grounds.

This time, I got to visit the newly opened Quezon City Heritage House to find out about the man the city named after. President Manuel Quezon probably didn't imagine that he will be named after a city in the future.

The Heritage House is the original house of Quezon originally located at Gilmore before it got relocated as a museum in Quezon City Circle. Some of the furniture were replicated for exhibit purposes but there are lots of memorabilia from the family like books, photos, paintings clothes and a lot more.

The admission for the Heritage House is free but for the maintenance and tour operations, donating is optional for those who wish to give. Speaking of maintenance, the original furniture, clothes and letters, photos are carefully restored so it won't get consumed by any pest/rodent or any atmospheric conditions that may affect the the original condition of the memorabilia.

The Heritage House can accommodate 50 people per tour but if there are children in one tour like in educational field trips, they can only allow 30 at a time. Like I said before, Quezon City is now 75 years since its foundation and there is a lot of festivities that is happening in the month of October.

This October 10  there is going to be a Mardi Gras and Parade Of Lights in Timog and Quezon City Circle which there will also be a concert on October 11.

There will also be a Pink Film Festival to celebrate LBGT pride. After the presscon, it was suggested by the tour guide to see the new exhibit at the Memorial Monument which is also interactive. The last time I've been there was during a field trip in my elementary days.

What your school teacher or college professors don't teach in history, I came to find out when visiting the museum. It broaden my awareness that history is told and interpreted by fellow men and women from their perspective. It is only up to us how to discover. See you all on October 10. For more updates, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kakao Talk launches Open Chat

Kakao Talk made texting or SMS messaging more fun and engaging to subscribers. Now, Kakao Talk is taking it to a whole new level with their newest option: Open Chat.

It is just simple to use. Just open your Kakao Talk app. If you don't have Kakao Talk yet, just download it from Google apps. Upon opening the app, you will see this options: Open Chat, Secret Chat and Regular Chat.

The good thing about Open Chat is you can meet friends without giving away your number yet especially with potential threats like stalkers for example. Another option for Open Chat is to sell something you wanted to promote.

Kakao Talk's Open Chat will be available by October 11 in the Philippines.  For more updates from Kakao Talk and other tech news, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.