Monday, August 24, 2015

Maciev Wieczorkiewicz' Terminator Training in the Philippines

We Filipinos may have trouble pronouncing his name but they didn't call him Terminator just for comparison to the sci-fi movie anthology. Mr. Wieczorkiewicz is coming to the Philippines for a limited time that can only be held at Crossfit Halcyon in Fisher Mall and in Station 1, Boracay.

The WOD training is only for this week starting August 26 to 29 the Crossfit Halcyon branch in Fisher Mall and the Station 1 branch in Boracay from 30 to 31. Take advantage of this rare opportunity. Contact Crossfit Halcyon Fisher Mall at (02)294-35-91 for inquiries and reservation. For more updates on activities at Fisher Mall, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Minnesota Timberwolves' Ricky Rubio Takes On Manila with adidas

Despite the bad weather, it didn't stop NBA player Ricky Rubio of the Minnesota Timberwolves to meet the media and the fans and tour around and take on Manila. An avid traveller himself, Rubio dreamed on visiting Manila and heard how crazy in a fun way Pinoys about basketball.
Ricky Rubio with local adidas endorsers the Boys Night Out hosts.

Having seen our Philippine team play back in Spain when he played for the home team, he said that our players shows potential in NBA. As a Spaniard, he also plays football to keep himself in shape. As an adidas endorser, Ricky wears the new Crazy Light Boost. He shares that being part of adidas is like being part of the family.

He also heard about how crazy Pinoys are about our street basketball since we have at least one basketball court in every baranggay. If you seen him in Intramuros and in Gatorade Hoops Center in Mandaluyong, do join the trend online with the hashtag #TakeOnSummer as he participates with local personalities.

For aspiring basket players who wanted to make it in the big leagues, Ricky Rubio shares these 5 qualities: Passion, "Share the ball"(remember, it's a team sport), Be smart, Work hard, and Enjoy what you do.

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Meet and Greet Dora the Explorer at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls

Press release

This August, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls is inviting all kids to embark on a fun and learning-filled musical adventure with their favorite traveler Dora the Explorer and her friends!

Dora the Explorer, the fun-loving and inquisitive little Latina girl from the world-famous animated children's television series, will be headlining a series of fantastic kiddie events at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, where kids can also enjoy a variety of fun performances and pocket activities.

Fans of the Dora the Explorer can come over and see the adorable cartoon character come into life at the Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill on August 15, Eastwood Mall Atrium on August 16 and Lucky Chinatown Atrium on August 23, with two meet and greet opportunities taking place at each venue at 2PM and 5PM.

Aside from the chance to see Dora the Explorer and her friends up-close, kids can also delight in fun-filled activities and games, and take home exciting prizes.

Parents looking to have their children join the Dora the Explorer Meet and Greet at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls can visit for complete admission details.

Kids can also be part of a song and dance spectacular featuring their favorite explorer at the Dora The Explorer Live! Search for the City of Lost Toys happening on October 8 – 11 at the Meralco Theater. Tickets are available at designated ticket booths located at Eastwood Mall, Lucky Chinatown and Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill.

Aimed at actively engaging children and preschoolers, Dora the Explorer is known for enriching kids’ cognitive abilities by having them observe situations and solve problems as they join Dora's adventure with her friends. Young viewers are also able to obtain essential skills and physical coordination as they are encouraged
throughout the show to respond to Dora and to actively participate in the adventure through physical movement.

For more information on Dora the Explorer Meet and Greet at Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, please call the Concierge at 709-9888, 709-0888, 0917-8380111 or visit

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Feed your curious minds this August on Discovery Channel

Press release

Discovery Channel answers some of your burning questions - from the origins of human beings to the modern way of living - this August. See how far we have come from the beginning of time to today’s fast paced society with two new shows and the return of Discovery Channel favorites.

Tawi-Tawi, Philippines is home to Santarawi, one of the last Badjao breath-hold divers who serve as modern models of our ancestors. THE GREAT HUMAN ODYSSEY follows Anthropologist Niobe Thompson as he takes us on a journey of discovery in the footsteps of our human ancestors, and unlocks the mystery of our unlikely survival and miraculous emergence as the world's only global species, meeting Santarawi along the way. We evolved during the most volatile era since the extinction of the dinosaurs. Like the many other kinds of humans who once shared our world, Homo sapiens should have died away. Instead, our species survived to populate every corner of the planet. Why are we the last of our kind? How did we do it?

Marvel at the wonders of human adaptability in THE GREAT HUMAN ODYSSEY premiering August 2, airing Sundays, 8PM.

Every great invention has to start with a great idea. HOW WE GOT HERE tells the stories of iconic Americans whose entrepreneurial genius radically changed their worlds and ours, creating new ideas and industries that transformed our nation in ways so profound, we often take them for granted today. Each episode will dramatize that moment, exploring both how the future unfolded as a result of that precise moment in time, and also how fundamentally different our world would have been had things happened differently.
Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel

Find out how America made a name for itself and paved for exponential impact in HOW WE GOT HERE premiering August 6, airing Thursdays, 9PM.

It’s another season of testing myths, proving or disproving what is real and what is urban legend as MYTHBUSTERS returns with some wacky ideas planned. Can you really use a whip to swing your way to safety across a deadly chasm? Find out if driving while talking hands-free is really as bad as holding the phone. Catch special episodes that will tackle myths from TV shows like The Simpsons and epic movies such as Star Wars.
Join the witty MYTHBUSTERS duo Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage in another season of fun mythbusting returning August 12, airing Wednesdays, 8PM.

It’s the dawn of the technological age and life should be getting easier by the second. GADGET MAN is back for another season and Richard Ayoade still isn't finding life any easier. Cooking, shopping, moving house, going out or even staying in are among the activities that involve far too much effort for Ayoade's liking. This is why he continues his crusade to find gadgets that can ease his pain.

Discover life hacks with the latest innovations in GADGET MAN returning August 28, airing Fridays, 9PM.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Book and Borders Cafe

This digital era brought in E-books and online literary platforms using tablets that you can access anywhere. It also brought in new readers. During my time, it was considered geeky or nerdy to read for past time. Even I was ridiculed because I am the only one in my high school alma mater who reads for leisure.

But if you ask me, I still like to feel the texture of flipping each page of the book. I find that satisfaction of using my imagination because it makes the brain stimulated. What makes Books and Borders Cafe different from any cafe is that it is similar to library and you can eat their yummy dishes and desserts.

The atmosphere is cozy. The house music is soothing to the ears and the couches are pleasant looking and comfortable. Since it is a cafe, it is still customary to order food and drinks. Reading books are complimentary. Just like any library, just pick the book you like to read. Show it to the cashier and and deposit any valid I.D.

There are wide selections in the cafe but since it is still limited, don't expect they have all kinds of books. The selections includes interest books, popular fictions like young adults(e.g. John Green's Fault In Our Stars), fantasy(Tolkien), Bob Ong's and Archie Digests.

Book and Borders also held reading sessions upon schedule just check out their Facebook page. Probably this will be a venue for future book launches. Hope they include some graphic novels in their archives. During the grand launch last July 28, we got a sample reading from Wynwyn Marquez reading an excerpt from 50 Shades Of Grey and Book and Borders Cafe endorser Karylle reading an excerpt from photographer Nigel Barker's book which he personally signed.

Read, Sip, and Dine at Book and Borders Cafe. Located at 281 Tomas Morato, Quezon City. For more updates, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook. I will feature their yummy dishes, desserts and more on my food blog, W.H.A.T. food blogs

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Discover Eastern R&R Secrets with Jojo’s Diary of Asia on TLC

Press release

Are you in dire need of a relaxing vacation yet you don’t know where to go? This August, find out stunning destinations, de-stressing activities, rich cultures and great food on the all-new series JOJO’S DIARY OF ASIA, premiering on August 3, airing Mondays at 10 p.m.
JOJO’S DIARY OF ASIA follows the unforgettable journey of TV host and travel enthusiast Jojo Struys as she uncovers the unique ways people can disconnect from stress in their daily lives while soaking up different cultures and learning how to make a diverse array of traditional Asian dishes. Follow Jojo as she immerses in the deeply cultural customs and delights in Japan, the breathtaking natural beauty of Nepal and the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong.

Unearth the multitude of ways you can de-stress - bathing elephants in the Himalayas, learning breathing techniques from a Zen Buddhist monk and wielding a samurai sword in Tokyo. Join her as she discovers the pampering secrets of these three wondrous countries in JOJO’S DIARY OF ASIA, airing this August on TLC.

Episode Synopsis:
·         EP 1 Japan: Jojo kick-starts her journey in Japan. She immerses herself in the healing waters of the famous hot springs known as “onsens”, gets a bit of animal therapy in Adventure World, and makes her very own sushi with Japan’s renowned pickled apricots called “Umeboshi”.

·         EP 2 Japan: In the heart of historical Kyoto, Jojo has a session with a Zen Buddhist monk at Myonshinji Temple. She heads to Toei Kyoto Studio Park to get her face painted porcelain white as an apprentice Geisha, called a “Maiko”. While soaking up the incredible sights around the Kiyomizu temple, she gets a lesson in making nutritious Tofu.

·         EP 3 Japan: At the majestic beauty of Mount Fuji, Jojo travels to a volcanic zone in Hakone to experience the legendary black eggs of “Owakudani”. She then experiences the ride of her life on the world’s steepest roller coaster at Fuji Q Highland. Jojo finally winds down in more “onsens”, just in time to learn how to make a famous fisherman’s dish called “Namerou”.

·         EP 4 Japan: Jojo has learned the art of the Samurai sword on her one-on-one lesson with one of Japan’s most renowned swordsmen, and has found a unique relaxation with the sight of the fascinating jellyfish at the Enoshima aquarium.  She learns the history of cup noodles and makes her own version upon visiting Cup Noodle Museum.

·         EP 5 Japan: It’s an exciting physical winter day for Jojo who rides a bullet train from Tokyo to spectacular Karuizawa, to visit and witness the beauty of Mount Asama. After an amazing ride, she learns the sport of skiing and curling which is also known as “chess on ice”. Jojo also gets to try how to traditionally make delicious “udon” noodles from scratch.

·         EP 6 Nepal: Jojo takes her adventure to the next level by heading to the beautiful country of Nepal. Here she visits the old village of Bhaktapur to learn about the art of making traditional Tanka paintings, how to create wonderful pots on a spinning wheel and make some “Bara”, which is a very famous and golden-coloured lentil patty.

·         EP 7 Nepal: Continuing her journey in the country of Nepal, Jojo visits the valley of Chitwan, where she gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to personally bathe an elephant in the river, experience the famous folk dance steps wearing the local dance costume of the Tharu tribe, explore the local market and learn how to make the much-loved Nepali dish “Alu tama” with a chef along the native river.

·         EP 8 Nepal: Upon enjoying the horse cart ride, Jojo gets to bond with the local villagers and witnesses an exciting battle of spinning tops by the local children. She hits the mountainous roads to visit the world famous birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini, a sacred site for Buddhists around the world. Jojo also travels to the mountains of the Annapurna range in Pokhara where she learns how to cook a traditional Thakali meal.

·         EP 9 Nepal: Jojo experiences the relaxing “hot stones” massage and heads to one of the most famous trekking destinations in the world, Pokhara, where she encounters curio shops and Tibetan peddlars selling their wares all bound in the charismatic Fewa Lake. She tries the paddleboat and catches a thrilling snake charmer in action. Jojo learns how make the traditional staple meal in the highlands of Nepal, Dhido.

·         EP 10 Nepal: A wonderful flight over Mount Everest takes over Jojo’s morning. She visits Thamel Street for a sound healing workshop with musical healers, who use the power of vibrations to heal a diverse array of ailments. After being given the privilege to meet the “Living Goddess” or the “Kumari” child, Jojo has an enlightening conversation about attachments with a Buddhist monk and walks down to try a traditional Nepalese dinner, accompanied by vibrant dancers all in a cultural restaurant in Spice Street.

·         Ep 11 Hong Kong: Jojo flies to Hong Kong where she first experiences Dragon dancing. She learns to create latte art and paintings on canvas through her art jamming in the lovely city. Jojo visits the winding lanes of the popular ladies market before her cooking session with a local chef at the Auberge hotel in Discovery Bay.