Monday, August 22, 2011

adiZero crazy light now available for Miadidas

adidas has yet again made a mark in sports shoe history as they include the adidas Crazy Light to the slew of sneakers available at ‘miadidas.’ This brand customization program is a unique opportunity to customize your adidas Crazy Lights by selecting from a choice of colour, trim, and even personalized embroidering. Customizable from heel to toe, the 9.8 ounce Crazy Light can now be dressed in all sorts of different color schemes, specifically on the tongue, palette and the rear heel tab. Using a revolutionary computer-aided system, the whole process only takes 15 minutes to complete and within 21 days you will be wearing your unique miadidas Crazy Lights. Whether you’re a beginner, an enthusiast or a serious athlete, mi adidas caters to your personalized needs not just in fashion, but in function. With it brings the huge advantage of wearing a shoe that fits to all your lifestyle needs. It’s an area of the sportswear market that needed addressing, and in doing so adidas has again raised the bar on sports performance.
The process is simple, visit To get things started, just select your gender and size. Knowing that every foot is different, adidas makes the shoes fit your feet by letting you choose sizes and widths for your feet.  Tweaking your creation is made easy given the many different components of your shoe that you can adapt, change and design the way you want. Your creation will show immediately on the 3D shoe. Choose from an array of edgy and flashy colours for the top of the shoe: the tounge, toe cap, eyelets, lining and laces, and on the bottom of the shoe: the sprint frame, midsole, and outsole. Lastly, you are given the choice to personalize your Crazy Lights with lazer etching, and you can even include the logo of your preferred NBA Team on your shoe. And voila, you now have your very own miadidas Crazy Lights.
This one-of-a-kind brand customization program, mi adidas, is currently available in adidas Greenbelt 3, for the same original price of 6,995php. For more information, visit  Hurry and grab your very own Crazy Lights now!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

U Flair: University Flair and Bartending Competition

Flairtending is bartending while entertaining guests using bar tools and executing dance moves, juggling, or flipping tricks. One example from the movies that involves flairtending are Cocktails(1988) and Coyote Ugly(2000). After this movies, there are emerging flairtending among our universities. I even got to see students practicing some flair moves in soiled ground.

Frenzy Condoms organized the UFlair, the flair and bartending competition for the universities to own and to popularized the competition among the college campuses and to target audience to expect yearly. The competition has three phases.

The first phase is the student who wish to join should submit a 2-minute video of their recent flairtending and must be a currently enrolled by showing their proof of enrollment for the school year 2011-12. The organizers will screen them and pick 36 contestants for the elimination round.

The second phase is the elimination round. There are three elimination rounds. Each elimination round has 12 contestants and the top four will be picked out to proceed to the Grand finals. I was able to watch the third leg of the elimination at Eivisssa Superclub. Each contestant picks a piece of paper to find out what kind of mix and what kind he/she will be.using. I was really impressed with their skills and there was even one lone female contestant among the male dominant competition even though there are still dropped bottles but I am sure those were not avoidable.

Part of their criteria is showmanship(pardon the exclusive word) and how their drink mix turns out. Besides this, there's also an area where you can vote and support for your favorite flairtender by buying Frenzy condoms. The Grand Finals will be held at Dolce on September 7. The winning flairtender will get a portabar, PhP15,000 and a trophy. The first runner up gets PhP10000 plus trophy and the second runner up gets PhP5000 plus trophy. There will be special awards for Frenziest Mix, Frenziest Flair and the Frenziest Flairtender of the night. Special awardees will received PhP3000 and a trophy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dell Vostro V131 Laptop Designed To Provide Stunning Style and Optimal Productivity For Small Businesses

·         The new Vostro V131 laptop offers up to 9.5 hours of battery life
·         Thin & powerful design allows users to work beautifully
·         Intel® Core i3 and i5 processors options power fast, uninterrupted multitasking

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, August 15, 2011 – Dell today introduced the Vostro V131, a thin, powerful, and sleek addition to the award-winning Vostro laptop line. As one of the lightest and thinnest product in the Vostro portfolio, the Vostro V131 is designed specifically for small business customers. An ultrathin, ultra-stylish chassis houses up to Intel® Core i3 and i5 processors, making the Vostro V131 a portable powerhouse engineered to maximize business productivity. A removable 4-cell battery and Intel® ULV Celeron 847 processor, both available as an option, will deliver up to 9.5 hours of battery life[i], allowing users to work virtually anytime, anywhere.
“We designed the Vostro V131 to deliver fast, uninterrupted multitasking for today’s business challenges,” said Ricky Lopez, Country Manager, Large and Medium Enterprise, Dell Philippines.  “The result is a feature-rich laptop for mobile professional s who want full performance to support their technology demands without sacrificing design and portability. In addition, the V131 offers services and software solutions that improve productivity and data security.” 

Understanding the challenge of connectivity for on-the-go small businesses, the Vostro V131 offers a wide variety of options including WWAN, WLAN and Bluetooth 3.0. The standard fingerprint reader security software provides exceptional security for anywhere, anytime peace of mind.

The Vostro V131 is perfect for everyday office operations like document editing, presentations and email, and also provides stellar collaboration options including a full HD camera, SRS Premium Voice Pro, digital array mics and built-in Skype. In addition, the laptop offers two USB 3.0 ports, a chiclet keyboard with a backlit option, and quick launch keys.

Pricing and Availability
The new Vostro V131 (core i3) is available today on, starting at USD 728.00. The Vostro V131 (core i5) will be available in the upcoming weeks.

Additional Information:

About Dell
Dell Inc. (NASDAQ: DELL) listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. For more information, visit

Dell and Vostro are trademarks of Dell Inc. Dell disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others.

1 Based on testing using the Mobile Mark 2007 Productivity battery life benchmark test.  For more information about this benchmark test, visit  Test results should be used only to compare one product with another and are not a guarantee you will experience the same battery life.  Battery life may be significantly less than the test results and varies depending on your product’s configuration, software, usage, operating conditions, power management settings and other factors.  Maximum battery life will decrease with time and use.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Article Link:No Strings Attached: How Not To Be A Friend With Benefits

This is an interesting link to an article about relationships:
Image courtesy of

"There are times in every woman’s life where her body wants either what her heart can’t handle or her brain knows better. You know the drill — you want a man, but not a relationship." Read more:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Job Opening for Digital Marketers and Writers

I am making referrals on behalf of my friend.

For an online publication.
With Experience.
Writer must have flair or fashion and lifestyle.

Interested? Just like my blog fan page, LENS Blogs on Facebook and follow Mark_Templar on Twitter and e-mail me your Twitter name and your e-mail address for Facebook at

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Join the Chevrolet Spark Virtual Carpool Club

What is a carpool? I usually see Americans practice carpooling and it’s an effective way to save fuel especially if colleagues go home on the same neighborhood. Chevrolet is holding a contest using a Facebook application because it is the biggest social network platform ideal for the contest. 

As soon as you’re logged in a Facebook, go to the Chevy Philippines fan page and click the Facebook like register at the Virtual Carpool Club which is a prerequisite for the Facebook application. 

The goal is send as many invites as you can to your Facebook friends in your network. In every four of your successful invites, you get one Spark Car that is equivalent to one raffle entry. The more Spark Car, the more chances in winning an iPad 2 in the grand raffle for you and your winning carpool. Contest duration ends by September 30.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Due to numerous emails, text messages and other letters sent to various officers of the CCP, and to the artists themselves, with an increasing number of threats to persons and property,  the members of the Board of the Cultural Center of the Philippines have decided to close down the Main Gallery where the Kulo Exhibit is on display.  This decision was made amidst controversy and deliberation by the Board as to what steps are necessary to avoid future similar incidents.

In the light of the foregoing developments and recent experience,  the CCP management has reviewed its policies and are now taking steps to enable its officers and staff  to make more informed decisions in the future.  
The  CCP shall continue to act as catalyst for free expression of  Filipino artists.  It thanks all those who have, in one way or another, contributed to the dialogue about art, and the different ways it affects society today. 

KULO' opened  on June 17  at the CCP Main Gallery,  a compilation of work by 32 artists, meant to be part of the Center's celebration of the 150th anniversary of Jose Rizal. Because all the participating artists had a common educational background, all having studied at the  UST, they felt it fitting that the theme of Jose Rizal also reflect the heritage and culture represented by the 400-year old university. 

Each artist participated with one installation. It was curated by J. Pacena II.

In keeping with previous practice to evaluate merits of art works on the basis of established parameters,  the CCP Visual Arts Division,  headed by Karen Ocampo-Flores,  approved the  proposal to exhibit on the basis of an evaluation of their proposal as well as the background qualifications of the participating artists. 
Publicity on the exhibit only happened after a major network covered it in the news. Particular focus had been put on one specific art work,  "Politeismo." By Mideo Cruz.  Politeismo has been exhibited since 2002 in such venues as the  Ateneo de Manila, UP Vargas Musueum and Kulay Diwa Galleries. 

Threats  to security became most alarming on Aug. 4 when Security reported that a couple had vandalized the art works and attempted to set fire to the exhibit but had been unsuccessful.  Subsequent hate mails and  threats to members of the Board intensified following this incident. 

Following serious discussion,  the Board members agreed on the common objective, to nurture freedom of artistic expression, while recognizing the responsibilities that go with it.

Refer to
Raul Sunico, President
Emily Abrera, Chairman
Visual Arts Division (Tel: 832-1125 loc. 1504-1505)
Public Relations and Linkages Division (Tel: 832-1125 loc. 1113-1117, Email:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Return of the Come-Back of the New and Improved Haring +Ubu-L XXX at the CCP

Sipat Lawin Ensemble presents Return of the Come-Back of the New and Improved Haring +Ubu-L XXX on August 4 (8pm), August 5-6, 2011 (3pm and 8pm) at the Tanghalang Huseng Batute of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

          In SEASON 2000-Xi, the renegade theater company revisits its adaptation of French Playwright Alfred Jarre’s avant-garde play UbuRoi through a new devised work at the Center.

          An interactive, explosive, fun, filthy, powerplay, Haring +ubu-l aims to revisit, re-investigate, remind, and re-expose the subject of excesses and exploits as represented by the performers, the audiences and their consciousness. Sipat Lawin takes Jarre’s classic piece, considered one of the precursors to the theatre of the absurd and plays with it further.  Setting the entire piece within a toilet bowl, HARING +UBU-L XXX spews out the filth, greed, avarice, gluttony and ambition of society.  The audience is caught up in the entire spectacle as theater’s classic fourth wall is broken down and spectators join the actors in the highly interactive work.   A supreme example of the Theater of Cruelty, discomfort substitutes escape inside the performance space.

          This play is recommended for college students. Audiences are urged to come prepared - extra shirts, raincoats and even umbrellas are a must. 

            Sipat Lawin Ensemble is an edge-work, site-specific theatre company geared towards developing a contemporary community theatre experience shared among artists and audiences inside and/or outside the four walls of the theatre. The Ensemble is composed of young theatre arts alumni from the Philippine High School for the Arts and collaborators.

          Tickets at P300 with 20% discount for senior citizens, government employees and military personnel. Student price is P200.
          For details, contact Dramatic Arts Division at 832-1125 local 1606-1607 or e-mail, Facebook: Sipat Lawin Ensemble.

Friday, August 5, 2011

How Globally Networked Are You?

The contest is to all who Like the L.E.N.S. Blogs Community at Facebook, follows Mark_Templar on Twitter and currently following the L.E.N.S. blogs who are currently residing in the Philippines. If you are not part of any yet, start following me at Twitter and Liking my Facebook page now.

If you already read my previous post about Western Union's Your World Facebook Application , you probably have tried it. But just the same, here are the mechanics:
  •  Like this blog post.
  • Answer this question: What are the three pages/sections of
  • Open your browser to Once you're on the page, log in using your Facebook account. Don't forget to Like the website as well.
  • Click Your World highlighted in this picture.

  •  As soon as the page shows you your graphical results of your network, place your pointer to your name and it will show your World Index. Once, it shows your World Index, screen capture the page showing your World Index. Highlighted on a red box in the image below.

  • Post this link on your Facebook wall or your Twitter or both. If you are posting on Twitter, tag me @Mark_Templar
  • Save the image and send it to along with the link of the Facebook or Twitter status that is linked to this blog and write Western Union Contest as subject. Samples of a Facebook status and Twitter status
  • Deadline of submitting entries is on 12 midnight August 30.
  • The first two entries who has the most World Index wins a 1000 pesos worth of SM Sodexo gift certificate each. The winners will be announced on my blog and will be notified by e-mail about the claiming details.
  • If you have questions, you can e-mail me directly or reply here.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Point Blank Commercial Launch

Get your carbines locked and loaded. Point Blank is having a commercial launch. Point Blank is an online  FPS(First Person Shooting) game.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Word From An Azkal

Here's Anton Del Rosario of Phil. Azkals:

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