Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mission: Point Blank

My first hands-on experience of Point Blank
First person shooting games are one of the popular and simple games to play. I also followed that trend in internet rentals just to play either terrorist or counter-terrorist with other gamers present. E-Games is now bringing one of the internationally successful massively multiplayer online first person shooting (MMOFPS) game to online Philippine community called Point Blank.
Point Blank Bloggers Conference

Last May 18, Point Blank Phillipines entered a closed beta testing period. Point Blank was developed by Zepetto, a Korean based game developer. Zeppetto has been marketing games online or in consoles. At present, it is the top online game in Indonesia, Thailand, and Russia.

What makes it different from other FPS game is not only it's online, it also has RPG (role playing game) capability were you can get EPs (Experience Points). Although E-Games has OPS7, Point Blank targets the gamers who are new to FPS.

At Point Blank, you can interact with other players. While playing, I was invited by other players to join their matches online. One time while playing at Netopia, I got to meet another player at the same place. We had a one-on-one match before we got to join other players. I really got hooked during a game demo I was invited and there were other times I played more often at Netopia when time permits. The maps are also interactive. You can blow up cars or shoot glass to break so it can cause damage or distraction to your opposing players. On my second time to play, I got to earn an EP.

What you can expect in the future at Point Blank is there will be maps where you can ride helicopters, dinosaur hunt and more choices of avatars, and ammunition. For now, hope to see you in one of the matches.

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