Saturday, June 11, 2011

An EPIC Launch

Epic Children's Choir
June 10, 2011. Intramuros, Manila. I was invited to attend the launch of Epic: The Children's Choir and the Magazine. The children really caught my attention when they started singing. They were really talented and with the formation of the choir, they really they need some exposure to promote their talents. The children also are recipients for the incoming school year as they were given complimentary school bags for their participation courtesy of generous donors.

The Epic magazine launched its special issue this month. The articles are done professionally as if you can find this in novelty stores but it is only available in the street vendors or new stands for a purpose. The magazine is also means for street vendors to have additional income. It only cost 50 pesos and half of it goes to the vendor. The magazine also is not a cheap toilet paper for its price. The stories in the magazines are encouraging enough as if they can be submitted to Reader's Digest. The quality of the magazine is worth more than its price. Part of the cover story includes fellow blogger, Rowena Lei of Animetric's World .

When I first started this blog, it was of personal purpose and to promote my outreach programs I am involved in. I can say the Epic launch is also an advocacy that needs its word spread over. The launch was made possible by and . If you wish, how to help out this worthy campaign, go to SolvePoverty's website:

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