Friday, June 24, 2011

Coca Cola and WWF Teamed Up To Unveil The First Eco-Friendly Billboard

Photo courtesy of Nick Yarte
Billboards have been controversial since it may be disastrous when storms come but when Coca Cola and World Wide Fund(WWF) for Nature Philippines unveiled the first eco-friendly billboard along EDSA between Buendia and Guadalupe on the Northbound lane, it was something to consider. The eco-billboard is made up of plants that can help out produce fresh air to counter smogs from the smoke belching vehicles that passes along the highway. It's simple really if you remember your elementary science. The 60 x 60 ft. billboard can absorb 46,800 pounds of carbon dioxide, estimated by botanist Anthony Gao. This is probably one step not only to make our environment clean but also to promote awareness. For more information about the billboard and how to be ecologically aware, go to and

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