Monday, August 24, 2009

Comics Review: Archie 600

I really had high hopes. When the issue was released, I was already disappointed. I maybe have an idea what will happen. Maybe because I was influenced by the the tele-movie, To Riverdale and back. Anyway, after Archie Comics heavy publicity, and many decades of unending love triangle. Archie is now settling down. As the cover suggests, Archie proposes to Veronica. I may be not fair giving this a half star since it's a 6 part storyline. I may also be biased since I favor Betty than Veronica

Monday, August 17, 2009

Review: Disney and Pixar's Up

Disney and Pixar brings magic to the big screen again with UP.

Balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen is a typical grumpy old man. But he wasn't always grumpy. He was just devastated by his personal loss. But he still aims to fulfill dreams he and his wife shared and what could make it more better than an adventure with an 8th year old wilderness explorer named Russell.

Carl Fredricksen was voiced by Edward Asner. This maybe the first time a veteran actor plays a lead role in an full-length animated film for today's generation. Making a hero of a grumpy old man was a good idea. It's not really expected and a tandem between an old man and an eight year old is very unlikely. Disney never fails to include life's lessons in their movies. The 3D experience will make it better so don't watch without a 3D specs.

The advance screening last August 14 was made possible by Walt Disney Studio Phils., TV 5, SM Cinema with Jack & Jill Roller Coaster, C2, and Milo. Special thanks to Azrael for the invitation. This movie can be enjoyed by the whole family. Disney and Pixar's Up will be shown in theatres everywhere on August 19. I give it a 5 out of 5 balloons. Rated GP.

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's all for the best

Sometimes we don't expect bad things happens to us. Some call it bad luck, others blame Murphy(who's Murphy anyway?), karma etc. I am not spared from it all. My experience from not continuing my studies from may have not be such a bad idea after all. My mother was forced to resign from work because her superior was not able to think professionally. My mother has vast experience from her time at Tupperware Philippines(not the Tupperware sales) and recently was working from a real estate company. There was something I know about mom that she really knows how to work administratively. Though I have a sister already working but I know she can't be force to work for us because she has a kid now. I can work anyway for an N.G.O. w/c I am now applying for. There are some people now disappointed that I am taking it very cool without feeling bad because I always think it's all for the best.As a song says, "Always look at the bright side of life."

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Review: G.I. Joe:The Rise of Cobra

I thought I would be disappointed and vowed not to watch the movie till I saw the action figures. The movie revived one of my favorite childhood collections. The story gave much more character emphasis than the cartoon series it was based on. As the subtitle said, it shows how Cobra originated and how Duke got into GI Joe. I like how detailed they were in character looks on SnakeEyes and Baroness. There were also vehicles from the cartoon series that was revived for the movie as well. The only part that makes me wonder was before the movie's story, GI Joe was already born not just for Cobra but for something covert. It just seems that GI Joe purpose to counter any threat. I also like their new motto,"When all else fails, we don't." But it was worthwhile. I look forward for a sequel. Gave it 3-star.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Heck of a Week

It all came in a sudden. At 3:18 in the morning of August 1 last Saturday, it was announced that Cory Aquino died. What a way to start a month with this sudden news. I was privilege that in my lifetime, I get to have a hero,or to make it more feministic, a heroine in my lifetime. In August 1983, I was able to be aware of what was happening at the age of eight that a man was shot while leaving a plane. Before I turned eleven, I was witnessing history in the making during February 1986. Before I turned twenty - six, I took part along with the people back in EDSA last January 2001. Now, we are now witnessing another hero's burial since Sen. Ninoy's. This maybe going to be the last to see this in my lifetime since there maybe no one else who will deserve such honor. Last Wednesday, the day of Pres. Cory's burial, I never thought I could see the people united again since 1986 or 2001. People were once again in the streets paying their last respects to our dearest president. Even the kids who weren't born during that "dangerous life" were now aware who was Cory Aquino. Kris Aquino's last words for her mother was the most tear-jerking of all. Though she was not of model character in my opinion, this was the most sensible thing she'd ever said in her celebrity status. Maybe there's still hope for our country after the unexpected unity last Wednesday though it shows hopelessness. Just my wishful thinking.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Sunday's UPCAT

I went to accompany my kid sister to U.P. Diliman for this year's UPCAT. Once each year, 4th year students from all over the country braved enough to accept a challenge:To pass the UPCAT(Universty of the Phils. College Admissions Test). It's a big thing among these students because not all were able to pass UPCAT. My sister was scheduled to take it at 12:30. We were already there around 9AM. My sister entered her assigned building at 11AM as soon as the earlier batch finished. I left for lunch and to go elsewhere because their test will be taken until 5PM. There were already set up food booths near Vinzon's and ate along with other examinees and their families. I ate an old favorite: Beach House's famous barbecue. The place is almost a festival by the sights of the people there. The traffic was even heavy in the OVAL as the first batch leaves the campus at once. I never had classes at this campus but there was something about this campus that made you feel welcome. Besides the barbecue which I long missed, I have wonderful memories there when I was still a student. One of my best buddies was a student there. The atmosphere also contributes that factor since you rarely see an open field in Metro Manila. Now, my sister along with hundreds of students awaits what may changed their lives forever for whoever will pass the UPCAT.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

FHM 100 Sexiest Women Victory Party

Last July 9, FHM Phils. hosted their biggest party held every year. FHM themed this year's party like a university hosted by Jaymee Joaquin,this year's 50th sexiest woman. Even before the party, attendees enjoyed the gimmicks from each booth. The one caught my attention most was the RRJ booth who designed their booth like a locker room. The party started with performances by Sandwich, Pupil, and Kamikaze with dance numbers from some of the 100 Sexiest Women. After the parade of models, it ended with the presentation of 100 Sexiests with a finale of Sexiest Woman of 2009, Cristine Reyes. Photos courtesy of Christopher and Mark.