Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Heck of a Week

It all came in a sudden. At 3:18 in the morning of August 1 last Saturday, it was announced that Cory Aquino died. What a way to start a month with this sudden news. I was privilege that in my lifetime, I get to have a hero,or to make it more feministic, a heroine in my lifetime. In August 1983, I was able to be aware of what was happening at the age of eight that a man was shot while leaving a plane. Before I turned eleven, I was witnessing history in the making during February 1986. Before I turned twenty - six, I took part along with the people back in EDSA last January 2001. Now, we are now witnessing another hero's burial since Sen. Ninoy's. This maybe going to be the last to see this in my lifetime since there maybe no one else who will deserve such honor. Last Wednesday, the day of Pres. Cory's burial, I never thought I could see the people united again since 1986 or 2001. People were once again in the streets paying their last respects to our dearest president. Even the kids who weren't born during that "dangerous life" were now aware who was Cory Aquino. Kris Aquino's last words for her mother was the most tear-jerking of all. Though she was not of model character in my opinion, this was the most sensible thing she'd ever said in her celebrity status. Maybe there's still hope for our country after the unexpected unity last Wednesday though it shows hopelessness. Just my wishful thinking.

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