Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Sunday's UPCAT

I went to accompany my kid sister to U.P. Diliman for this year's UPCAT. Once each year, 4th year students from all over the country braved enough to accept a challenge:To pass the UPCAT(Universty of the Phils. College Admissions Test). It's a big thing among these students because not all were able to pass UPCAT. My sister was scheduled to take it at 12:30. We were already there around 9AM. My sister entered her assigned building at 11AM as soon as the earlier batch finished. I left for lunch and to go elsewhere because their test will be taken until 5PM. There were already set up food booths near Vinzon's and ate along with other examinees and their families. I ate an old favorite: Beach House's famous barbecue. The place is almost a festival by the sights of the people there. The traffic was even heavy in the OVAL as the first batch leaves the campus at once. I never had classes at this campus but there was something about this campus that made you feel welcome. Besides the barbecue which I long missed, I have wonderful memories there when I was still a student. One of my best buddies was a student there. The atmosphere also contributes that factor since you rarely see an open field in Metro Manila. Now, my sister along with hundreds of students awaits what may changed their lives forever for whoever will pass the UPCAT.

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