Friday, August 14, 2009

It's all for the best

Sometimes we don't expect bad things happens to us. Some call it bad luck, others blame Murphy(who's Murphy anyway?), karma etc. I am not spared from it all. My experience from not continuing my studies from may have not be such a bad idea after all. My mother was forced to resign from work because her superior was not able to think professionally. My mother has vast experience from her time at Tupperware Philippines(not the Tupperware sales) and recently was working from a real estate company. There was something I know about mom that she really knows how to work administratively. Though I have a sister already working but I know she can't be force to work for us because she has a kid now. I can work anyway for an N.G.O. w/c I am now applying for. There are some people now disappointed that I am taking it very cool without feeling bad because I always think it's all for the best.As a song says, "Always look at the bright side of life."

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