Sunday, March 30, 2014

Noises Off By Repertory Phils. review

The first time I saw Noises Off was in the movie I rented for the community-based theater guild that I was affiliated back in the 90's. This story was our reference about the do's and don'ts in a theater performance.
The cast line up for the Repertory Phils.' production of Noises Off is well selected. What I didn't know was that Gerard Sison, known for his cosplaying the late Christopher Reeve's Superman, is also a part of Repertory and makes his comeback for the role Frederick Fellowes which was also played by Reeve in the movie. It was too much for a coincidence because Gerard is a spitting image of Christopher Reeve that I later found out that it was a suggestion by another actor.
 Unlike the movie, it doesn't have a feeling that you are inside the stage so I prefer watching it in a real theater performance because the audience need to interact with the play in a third-person as well as first-person perspective. The humor is also smart comedy with slapstick so it is not for kids to understand.
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Jeepney Barkers With Violent Behaviors

Regardless of the positive and negative, public utility jeepneys rules the road of the Filipino masses. It is hard for drivers to make a living because the fuel is expensive. I can understand why they need to make a quota by making sure the seats are full to the maximum capacity of the vehicle before hitting the road or stopping by stopping at each corner to get the empty seats occupied.
The Filipino commuters endures this because it's still the best way to get anywhere in the city and it's the most cheapest public transportation fare. For jeepney drivers to operate, they need help from the barkers. These barkers stationed themselves at the designated areas to call passengers and making sure the jeepneys are occupied to the max.
But since anyone can be a barker, you can't be assured what kind of behavior these barkers have. One time last March 28, I was leaving Robinson's Place Manila and will take a ride home along Pedro Gil street. As expected, passenger jeepneys are in line waiting for the first jeepney in front to fill up. A barker was present to organize the passengers to make sure each one is seated and no space will be left unoccupied.
Most of the time, the passengers don't behaved accordingly when each passenger enters the vehicle and looks for a vacant seat. One passenger, a young girl, was using her phone while waiting for the vehicle to be on its way. She was not adjusting her area for another passenger to take a seat so the barker embarrassed her saying, Cellphone kasi ng cellphone kaya di makaupo iba. Kukunin ko yang cellphone mo (You keep using your phone and not minding the other passengers who are also taking a seat. I will grab that phone). For me, it was enough that the passenger was taught a lesson. But the female passenger probably didn't take it seriously so it may have got the barker mad.
The passenger made her way for other passengers to sit so the driver, an old man, started driving the vehicle. Not far from where we left, the cowardly barker rushed to the moving jeepney and slammed the part where the female passenger was seated. The mother of the girl pulled her daughter and shouted back at the coward barker. Since the side of the vehicle is exposed along with the back of the passengers exposed to any danger that may happen along the way. The worst part was the old man driver didn't do anything to protect the passengers as if nothing happened. Possible the driver was deaf since it is not the first time I encountered a driver who can't hear. If the coward didn't make that move, it would have been fine but since he threatened to get the phone from the girl, I am not sure if barkers are reliable.
During the Electronic Vehicle Summit held earlier during the month, the Electronic Vehicle Association of The Phils. or E.V.A.P., unveiled the next E-Jeepney prototype. The prototype was conceptualized by EVAP with the suggestions made by jeepney operators.
The prototype e-jeepney has one entrance near the driver seat(right side) and will only take the ride unless the passenger uses the smart card to tap his/her fare. Also, there will be designated loading and unloading areas/terminal for the e-jeepney so you won't need help from barkers to get passengers.
I am in support of the e-jeepney to make public transportation more presentable and professional. It will also help improve the lifestyle of the PUJ drivers and improve the system from commission basis to salary-based.
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Friday, March 28, 2014

Beki Boxer Pilot Episode Review With Notes From The BlogCon

Beki Boxer is about a comedy-drama series about a closet gay who wishes to get boxing glory for his father. The title may sound like a giveaway from a Thai movie Beautiful Boxer but it differs from it. Beki Boxer is not a gay comedy but more like a family comedy since it still focuses on values.

Alwyn Uytingco plays the title role of Rocky. It is not unusual to use the name Rocky not just because of the Stallone title character but because there's a real life boxing champ Rocky Marciano in U.S. It is not unusual for Alwyn to play gay roles because he is very good at acting the part. I also found out that my cousin is coaching Alwyn for the role. Alwyn shared that he would love to try other roles besides gay characters.

Alwyn is joined by Christian Vasquez who plays Rocky's father. The cast includes Joross Gamboa, Onyok Velasco, Claire Ruiz, Candy Pangilinan and more. Alwyn also got in shape for the series and got trained into boxing. It is a good thing since the series also have a real-life boxing champ Onyok in the cast. He provided in-house consultation for the story.

The insights that you can draw from the series is awareness against gender discrimination because gays are not the only ones affected by it. I got to ask Onyok since he is the only one who represents professional boxing in the set. He said that the boxing community is ready to accept similar situation if there a gay boxer because there are already women boxers. The boxing community is aware and shows support for the series since it promotes boxing. 

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pinterest launches local language version in PHL

Manila, Philippines – 25 March 2014: Pinterest, a site where tens of millions around the world go to get inspiration for the things they love and plan their future, has been translated into the Filipino language.
People in the Philippines can access a translated version of the Pinterest website and Android apps.
“We’re excited to help Pinterest fans explore the things they love to do in Filipino,” said Matt Crystal, Head of International, Pinterest. “Pinterest Philippines already has an active pinning community with our most popular categories including fashion, travel, crafts, food and home d├ęcor. Today’s localization is a first step toward helping pinners discover their interests and hobbies in an entirely new way.”
A growing global community
In the last year, Pinterest has launched in more than 20 languages and will continue with more translations in 2014.
“Global growth is a top priority for us because as more people join the site, the more interests will be represented, and the better the service becomes for Pinners,” Crystal said.
People use Pinterest to create wish lists, plan decor for their home, get inspired about places to visit, discover new recipes, and more. On Pinterest, people can follow Pinners with similar interests to get creative ideas for the everyday activities in their lives or things they hope to do someday in the future. As a global discovery tool, Pinners get access to a worldwide resource of visual content based on the categories they’re most interested in. You can try out Pinterest for yourself at or by downloading the Android apps.
About Pinterest
Co-founded in March 2010 by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra, Pinterest is a tool for discovering things you love, and doing those things in real life. Since its inception, Pinterest has helped millions of people pick up new hobbies, find their style and plan life’s important projects.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

International and Filipino Artists Create Exhibition to Support Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - On April 6, 2014, a consortium of international and Filipino artists will open the “Haiyan International Fundraising Art Exhibition 2014”. This exhibition, which features art works from over 40 international artists and 17 Filipino artists, showcases the support from the art community from around the world for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.
“Haiyan International Fundraising Art Exhibition 2014” was conceptualized by Singapore National Artist Goh Beng Kwan and Filipino artist Florence Cincowhen they and other artists from the ASEAN region convened to celebrate the 86th Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej in Thailand. Alongside Mr. Goh Beng Kwan and Mr. Cinco, the consortium of artists participating in the exhibition includes Mr. Ilseon Ryu (Korea), President and Art Director of Ecorea Biennale Committee and President of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Art & Research; Ms. Grete Marstein (Norway), President of the Norwegian Artists Copyright Association and International Vice President of the International Association of Art (UNESCO);            Mr. Trinh Tuan (Vietnam); Mr. Daniel Houle Jayd (Canada), and Mr. Wattanachot Tungateja (Thailand).The exhibition is organized and curated by Mr. Florence Cinco, Mr. Red Mansueto, and Ms. Aimee Villas Adalla.
Each of the artists participating in the “Haiyan International Fundraising Art Exhibition 2014” has contributed an artwork in support of the ongoing relief and reconstruction efforts in the Visayas region.All proceeds from the art works sold during the exhibition will go to MyShelter Foundation, whose Liter of Light program provides low-cost, simple solar lighting to disaster-stricken areas, creating local jobs, teaching green skills, and empowering local communities.
Since Haiyan struck, thousands of people have lived without electricity. As a result, women feel unsafe, children cannot study at night, and households remain dependent on expensive or unreliable forms of lighting (i.e., kerosene, candles) to survive. In the most devastated communities, these alternative energy sources have already run out. MyShelter Foundation was the first organization to respond to the immediate need for lighting in Palo, Leyte, providing the cheapest form of lighting through its Liter of (Night) Lights and street lamps, which were assembled and installed in the community within 40 days of the disaster.
Liter of Light’s efforts to aid the Typhoon Haiyan victims focus on assembling and installing night lights and street lamps for 228 bunkhouses in Leyte and Samar, the areas most affected by Typhoon Haiyan. At a cost of just US $9 per beneficiary, MyShelter Foundation’s Liters of Light will bring light and hope to over 27,000 people displaced and affected by the storm.

“Haiyan International Fundraising Art Exhibition 2014” runs from April 6-26, 2014 at Galleria Duemila. For more information, please call Tel.  No. +63 2 831 9990; Telefax No. +63 2 833 9815 and look for Thess Ponce or Mark Arvin Patiag.  You can also email us at or check out for more details and event happenings.

For more information on “Haiyan International Fundraising Art Exhibition 2014”, visit

For more information on the Liter of Light and MyShelter Foundation, visit or e-mail may also contact Ami Valdemoro (for Liter of Light),

Sunday, March 23, 2014

House & Lot Property for sale

A friend of mine ask me to post this ad on my blog for the owner. The property is in Ciudad Nuevo, Naic, Cavite. The property is a fully furnished loft-type at a street corner. The property's size is 36sqm.

The amenities of this property includes an exclusive use of a clubhouse, parks & playground, a basketball court, etc. Ciudad Nuevo is near to community clinics, marketplace, and schools. If security is concern, there is a guard house at the entrance of Ciudad Nuevo.

You won't find a property like this in the Metro since its already crowded. What is good about Naic is that it is near to the beaches of Cavite and is already near to Batangas. If you ask me, this is a good place to settle down on weekends.

The owner is selling it for P420,000.00 . I am only referring buyers. If you wish to talk to the owner about the property, text me at 0922-8640029 or e-mail me at . Contact me if you wish to advertise anything on my blogs.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mall of Asia Arena to host the PBA All-Star Weekend

The PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) granted Mall of Asia Arena the exclusive rights to host the 2014 PBA All-Star Weekend on April 3 – 6, 2014 at the Mall of Asia Arena and selected SM Supermalls.

The PBA All-Star Weekend is the annual assembly of the best players of the PBA playing various events such as the 3-point shootout, skills competition, shooting completion by All-Star Game.

Highlights of the weekend are PBA Greats vs Stalwarts and Skills Challenge game on April 4, 2014 and PBA All-Stars vs Gilas Pilipinas game on April 6, 2014. Other activities will include basketball clinics, hospital visits, medical visits, meet and greet, referee clinics and coaches clinics.

The Mall of Asia Arena, operated by SM Lifestyle Entertainment, Inc., has a seating capacity of 15,000, with a full-house capacity of 20,000. It has been the venue for world class concerts and sports events in the country. The Mall of Asia Arena, through to its commitment to change the game and elevate entertainment for the Filipino audience, guarantees a world-class events and entertainment experience to its audience.
You can buy tickets at SM Tickets outlets nationwide or visit their website at

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Discovery Channel SUPER JAPAN Specials

It’s the last chance to watch SUPER JAPAN, the Discovery Channel series of documentaries that celebrate the evolvement of Japan into the global powerhouse it is today!  Today, 19 March, at 7:00 p.m., the last two episodes of the special will highlight the convergence of old and new in the land of the rising sun: 
“Sea Whisperers” takes a plunge into the country’s 5,000 year old ancient tradition that has defied the tide of time – the legendary free-diving Ama or ‘sea woman’ who make a living by diving deep in the coastal waters of Japan to harvest abalone and turban shells. The key to their culture is their identity as female free-divers who understand the need to live in harmony with nature if future generations are to continue their way of life. This means they refuse to use scuba tanks as that would make it too easy to over harvest the abalone and turban shells which they depend on a living for. With environmental changes threatening their livelihoods and most Ama divers now aged over 65 years old, their future, as free-diving champion Ai Futaki discovers, is far from secure. 
“POPcorn Dreams” takes viewers inside the quintessential Japanese pop (J-POP) music scene to document a burgeoning phenomenon – J-POP girl group AKB48 from Akihabara, Tokyo. Unlike regular pop groups who occasionally put up performances and are seen mostly on television, AKB48 – who holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest Pop Group – was founded and produced by Yasushi Akimoto based on the “idols you can meet” concept. The group is split into several teams and take turns to perform on a daily basis at their very own AKB48 Theatre where fans would be able to catch them live. SUPER JAPAN tracks the global expansion of AKB48 and examines its first overseas venture, sister group, JKT48 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Follow Melody Nurramdhani Laksani, a local JKT48 member as she hones her performing skills to become a pop idol sensation in Indonesia and Haruka Nakagawa, a Japanese girl who transferred from AKB48 to JKT48 to help the Indonesian girls replicate AKB48 songs and dance moves – and whose character and efforts to learn the local language is attracting a growing fan base. Can a pop group concept as unique and radical AKB48 be successfully exported and duplicated in countries with starkly different cultures?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TV5’s Kuwentong PBA shares real drama behind recent Philippine Cup

This Tuesday, March 18, Sports5 brings forth the real drama behind the lives of PBA superstars with the airing of Kuwentong PBA on TV5.
From the same team behind the Kuwentong Gilas documentary series, Kuwentong PBA will give a glimpse of what happened behind the recent PBA Philippine Cup Semifinals, among protagonists Petron Blaze Boosters, Barangay Ginebra San Miguel, Rain or Shine Elasto Painters and the newly crowned champion – the San Mig Super Coffee Mixers.
Coaches and players from each team share their insights from their disappointing losses to their winning moments. Hoop fans will be delighted to follow the series as it delves into the country's greatest basketball minds - the legendary San Mig Super Coffee coach Tim Cone and the fiery Rain or Shine coach Yeng Guiao.
"It has been a phenomenal PBA Philippine Cup. The journey of all the teams truly captivated PBA fans and even casual viewers everywhere. Just like Kuwentong Gilas, we want to give fans a deeper look into what it really takes for a PBA team to compete at the highest level. You'll see a side of the PBA that we don't normally get to see like Yeng Guiao watching his own team play from the comfort of his home,",” said Chot Reyes, Head of Sports5.
Kuwentong PBA will surely be a must-watch sports documentary on what truly makes a PBA champion. Catch it this Tuesday at 9:30PM only on TV5.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Full Gallop review

I have to admit fashion is not one of my biggest card suit and I am not familiar with Diana Vreeland until I attended a forum about Being A Fashion Icon. The forum's target audience was the students of fashion schools but it provide me a background before watching Full Gallop, a biographical monologue about Diana Vreeland.
Full Gallop sets the story at Diana Vreeland's home after she was released from her duties as editor of Vogue. Cherie Gil plays the part of Diana Vreeland in this one-woman act. Monologues are one of the most challenging acts in a play. You just don't act the character but also visualize the story through actions. It will also require the maximum use of the stage and it will be really exhausting. The play is no different but Cherie Gil did more than what was expected and my hat's are off for her wonderful performance.
Full Gallop is on stage at Carlos P. Romulo theater in RCBC Building in Makati for a very limited time. Get the best seats for Full Gallop at TicketWorld. A must-watch for fashion enthusiasts. For more stage production reviews, visit and like the L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jessy Mendiola is the new ambassador for Astring-O-Sol

It is not just enough to brush your teeth because we still have to get fresh breath throughout the day so Astring-O-Sol Ice is the newest product for Astring-O-Sol that makes our breaths as cool as ice and who could be the best one to promote the product as ambassador than Jessy Mendiola who is as cool as ice herself.
RX Jock Gino introduces Jessy Mendiola

During the launch last May 9 in The Fort Strip, BGC, Taguig. In a short instructional video, Jessy gave tips about the mouth turn offs. It is funny but it does not ridicule. It just offers to avoid these turn offs. It would be awkward to experience this turn-offs during social functions especially dates. For more product launches, like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.
The blog author meets the endorser

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Coca-Cola, PCW laud Filipina resiliency in Women’s Month celebration

Coca-Cola Philippines and PCW enjoin the entire nation in celebrating the International Women’s Day by forming the biggest human woman’s symbol—a strong affirmation on their commitment to economically empower the Filipino women.

Manila, Philippines--Coca-Cola Philippines, in cooperation with the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW), launch the Women's Month Celebration with the theme: Juana ang Tatag Mo ay Tatag Natin sa Pagbangon at Pagsulong— a celebration of the Filipino women's resiliency and the country's journey towards disaster-recovery.

Kicking-off the month-long event is an attempt to set the record of the most participated women symbol formation at the Quirino Grandstand, March 08, with Coca-Cola and PCW gathering over 10,000 participants from the national and local government, academic institutions, and civil society organizations.

“Our Women’s Month Celebration aims to echo a united voice in valuing the indispensable role of women in recovery, progress, and nation-building. Our line-up of activities for this month shows the Company’s commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of Filipinas,” says Atty. Adel Tamano, Vice-President for Public Affairs and Communications, Coca-Cola Philippines.

Coca-Cola and Women Empowerment

The active participation of Coca-Cola Philippines in the Women’s Month Celebration is aligned with its global mandate to empower 5 million women by 2020, with a program branded 5by20.

Locally, the company has partnered with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), to create the Sari-Sari Store Training and Access to Resources (STAR) program, with gender-sensitive modules customized for Filipino women micro-entrepreneurs.  It mainly aims to transform women sari-sari storeowners into becoming better entrepreneurs through a combination of components that help them overcome barriers to business success. The components of the program include: (1) provision of scholarship for formal training on Basic Entrepreneur Skills and Gender Sensitivity; (2) access to financial resources; and (3) access to store merchandising support.

The 5by20 STAR Program is anchored on the premise that Filipina variety store owners play a crucial role in the economic development of small communities, through their businesses. It is currently assisting more than 20,000 women in the country, including those who have been affected by Typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas region.

Journey to recovery

“Coca-Cola is in a unique position to help women retailers because of the nature of our business and our operations. Through inclusion in our value chain, we ensure that our beneficiaries would grow along with the company. For many years, we have been championing well-being, women empowerment, and water stewardship, but this time, we also aim to assist in the country’s recovery from Yolanda by leveraging on our existing projects such as 5by20,” says Tamano.
 To date, the Company along with the USAID has committed to helping 1,500 sari-sari storeowners in the Visayan region rebuild, rehabilitate, and restock their businesses.

“The human symbol puts the spotlight on how women are poised to become the social and economic power houses of the future and how much organizations like Coca-Cola and PCW value their contributions,” concludes Tamano

Thursday, March 6, 2014

An Evening With Kikuo Ibe, The Father of G-Shock

In my previous posts, I broadcast that Kikuo Ibe is in Manila for the Shock The World Tour by Casio G-Shock.  In addition, Casio releases the limited edition Shock The World watch for the Manila tour. The watch is fashioned with the design of the Philippine flag on a white G-Shock.
Kikuo Ibe

The event highlights how Kikuo-san made it big about inventing the G-Shock. Even though he made a breakthrough, I still find him down to earth. He also has a message: Never give up. In a way, he is like Thomas Edison in contemporary times.
Limited edition Shock The World Manila watch

Besides that Kikuo Ibe touring Manila, Casio also presented the latest line in G-Shock series. One that I find interesting was the Bluetooth equipped watches. There is a funny short video about the advantage of having the Casio G-Shock GB-6900 in practical use.
G-Shock endorsers

The also introduces endorsers who are not celebrities but their lifestyle are extraordinary enough. We are also entertained with the music of Up Dharma Down. Seeing Kikuo Ibe is one milestone on my part because I got to meet one innovator in this lifetime.
Performance by Up Dharma Down

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

adidas ZX series

adidas ZX Series
Following the success of court classics of the 1970s that struck a chord with both athletes and style-conscious casuals, a new breed of athlete was emerging. With running quickly entering the global stage, a new formula was needed to bring optimum performance to a brand new game, heralding in a brand new age of athletic footwear. In 1986, the adidas ZX Series was born.
From the humble beginnings of the ZX 500 model, the ZX Series championed road-tested technologies and forward- thinking creativity, and over the next three decades would create iconic silhouettes such as the ZX 700 and the ZX 8000. Committed athletes quickly adopted the Series’ forward-thinking technologies into their daily regimes, while head-turning subcultures soon fell for the family’s trademark bold colourways and space age aesthetic.
Whether breaking a personal best or making a statement on the streets, the ZX Series stays true to its task and true to the Originals story of pioneer athletics with a progressive aesthetic. Thirty years down the line, the story is still being written. 
ZX 100
Dripping with the original ZX DNA of the 1980s, the ZX 100 was a crisp, calculated runner that stepped softly and spoke clearly with a blend of classic casual style and a newly emerging aesthetic that would soon form the foundation of 90s running trainers.
Contrasting the futuristic ZX ‘000s that had yet to come, the ZX 100 used fluid lines and organic design that complimented the spirit of the times.
Its classic mesh-suede construction was balanced with a cool selection of colourways that let the wearer do the talking and was soon making regular appearances on the terraces; most notable were the shoe’s new suede window panels that framed its iconic 3-stripes and tasteful pops of colour around the heel and top eyelet. 
The true success of the ZX 100, however, was its accessible cross-culture silhouette that made it as comfortable in the stands as it did on the track. It was a sign of things to come and demonstrated what it takes to make a true iconic trainer; intuitive technology and natural style.
ZX 630
Pushing further into the future with
the ZX Series, the new ZX 630 presents a contemporary take on classic performance footwear. With subtle nods to models across the ZX Family, this new silhouette takes a classic suede-mesh construction to create a ZX shoe that’s true to the times.
With its heart in the origins of the ZX Story, the ZX 630 takes classic 80s aesthetic with organic lines and a rugged outsole that’s built to perform.
Clean colour bases are offset with crisp accents on the laces and 3-stripes while a classic TPU heel clip sets the tone with no hesitation. All of this is rounded off with classic EVA-injected outsoles and a cushioned mesh lining.
With its bold, angular silhouette and outspoken aesthetics, the ZX 630 is immersed in the vibrant subcultures that made British sneaker culture matter. Tuned to the past with a contemporary touch, the ZX 630 culminates as a symbol of classic performance footwear for the trendsetters of today.
ZX 5000 Response
With a stripped down structure and a commitment to the future, the ZX 5000 RSPN was a bold reinterpretation of the ZX ‘000 aesthetic that dominated the landscape when it released. The shoe returns for 2014 in vivid new colourways and all of its original edge.
Starting with a classic construction of mesh with synthetic suede panels, the iconic ZX ‘000 cage was stripped from the heel and replaced with a slick leather tag, while the introduction of an inner sock brought the series into the modern age with an unparalleled fit. The shoe also incorporated aspects of 90s trail running shoes such as a rugged outsole design that was fine-tuned for optimum responsiveness.
Capped off with floating 3-stripes and a clean run of colours, the ZX 5000 RSPN was a contemporary approach that stayed true to the ZX tradition of technical trainers that kept turning heads.
ZX 700
Firmly familiar even today, the release of the ZX 700 in 1985 was far from a quiet affair. Bold and boisterous, the shoe took the classic runner silhouette and brought it to life. 
Eyes set firmly forward, the ZX 700
took stylistic cues from 1984’s ZX 500 silhouette with brand new materials and an aggressive design aesthetic to produce a totally new shoe.
In the ZX 700’s upper, a combination of polyester mesh and polypag foam offered a lightweight and versatile runner while new synthetic suede on the reinforcement panels maintained the shoe’s road-ready resilience as well.
Moving onto the midsole, a combination of polyurethane and EVA provided reflexive cushioning and rugged durability in all the right places, and a combination of traditional and ghillie lacing systems complimented subtle adjustments in the heel-stabiliser to shed vital weight and provide the wearer with the best possible comfort and support.
As is the case with many iconic runners, the shoe was also a winner in the style circles. Bold two-tone colour schemes were splashed with the contrasting 3-Stripes mark, heel-tab and midsole accents that brought the shoe to life, and the introduction of reflective inserts on the heel and toebox marked a development that would bring real benefits to athletes on the road and a dazzling new look to the stylists on the sidewalks.
Almost thirty years on, the ZX 700 regularly appears in the marketplace, demonstrating its continuing cultural presence. With its jagged wave-profile outsole and daring angular aesthetic, there was no way the ZX 700 was ever going to be less than larger than life, and it was precisely this spirit that made it a trainer of the choice for cultures that lived the very same way. That being considered, it’s no surprise to see the heart of the ZX 700 still beating thirty years later.
ZX 710
One of the lesser-known models from the ZX Series, few shoes can stake as big a claim on versatility as the ZX 710. First released in 1987, its silhouette serves
up subtle nods to previous ZX concepts, ultimately presenting one of the boldest designs to come out of the ZX series.
Designed with all athletes in mind from the casual to the competitive, the ZX 710 model combined vital technologies with straightforward good design to create the optimum running shoe. A blend of mesh and leather on the upper ensured the shoe would be lightweight and breathable with Polypag PU material inserted around the tongue and collar for optimum cushioning.
Reflective panels on the heel tab, toebox and 3-Stripes also made welcome returns, while an updated dual-density sole used split tooling to implement a Dellinger web along the forefoot and a vital PU heel counter at the rear. A new eyestay overlay also brought the shoe into form with the foot to guarantee the best possible performance.
A true pioneer, the ZX 710’s striking silhouette ensured every aspect of the shoe was up to the task at hand, and happened to create a great looking shoe for the casuals looking for the latest hit. With its legacy most visible through the echoes of its influence in countless models that would follow, the ZX 710 now stands as a symbol of uncompromising aesthetic; one that does whatever is necessary to create the next champion.
ZX 750
One of the most distinctive silhouettes of the ZX Series, the ZX 750 was originally conceived as a contemporary update to the straight-up running silhouette of the ZX 700, but quickly captured the hearts of style-conscious casuals with its slick lines and bold colour combinations.
With the model 700’s athletic prowess reinstated in full, the ZX 750 model still boasts the most vital technologies in performance footwear, most notably the graduated dual-density midsole that used accented inserts to ensure that every element of the sole performed to its optimum potential.
Designers placed suede overlays in vital areas to make the shoe lightweight without sacrificing vital structure, and
a lace overlay ensured that the shoe’s calculated fit could truly perform as intended. This was capped off with the seminal Torsion system and the now-iconic heel counter, molded from thermoplastic polyurethane to provide reflexive, reactive support.
What completed the shoe’s story was a colour palette to be envied. Bold colour palettes brought a depth of character to its no-nonsense silhouette, something that never went unnoticed with the straight-talking subcultures. 
A confident blend of functionality and fresh aesthetics, there are few shoes that can claim to have shaken the terrain like the ZX 750 model did in all realms, from the track to the terrace; its story begins in the very foundation of the ZX Series, but with its eyes-forward approach to design, the ZX 750 model truly has a story all its own.
ZX 8000
First hitting the streets in 1989, the ZX8000 was more than just a new shoe. Part of the progressive ZX ‘000 series, the shoe captured the hearts of dedicated athletes and street-level casuals the world over with its futuristic design and forward-thinking technologies.
The ZX8000 was a calculated and considered shoe, designed to bring the best performance out of every wearer with SoftCell technology in the heel for optimal cushioning on contact and a brand new Torsion system outsole that offered free independent movement of the forefoot and heel.
That being said, what really took the sneaker community by storm was the ZX 8000’s bold design and big looks.
The OG Aqua colourway’s contrasting panels of violet and lemon yellow within the 3-Stripes mark and now-iconic outsole tooling left an impression on the landscape that still resonate even today. Feet firmly on the ground, the shoe would make regular returns throughout the 90s in vivid colourways that never failed to set the streets alight. 
A testament to the style-conscious creativity & pioneer spirit that runs through the entire ZX Series, the ZX 8000’s daring fusion of innovative new technology and instinctively clean aesthetics culminated in a shoe that left lasting impressions. From athletics to aesthetics, from record breakers to beat makers, it’s a shoe that lives and breathes the cultures that gave it life. 
ZX 850
A modern interpretation of a street style classic, the ZX 850 was a reinterpretation of the classic ZX 800. This new model presented a combination of tried and tested technologies and straightforward style to satisfy both committed athletes and a committed street following.
Blending together the best of its brotherhood, the ZX 850 used a combination of vario and ghillie lacing as well as mesh and synthetic suede construction to make the shoe lightweight and breathable.
The series assumed a whole new air of style, however, with subtle accents along the side panel and 3-Stripes and an extended heel-counter that transformed the silhouette into something totally new for the 3-Stripe fanatics. The original
ZX 800 would make serious waves
only months later, the London Posse cementing its street credentials with full ZX 800 uniform on the back of their ‘London Posse’ 7”; a true founding father of contemporary British sneaker culture.
The shoe’s combination of action
and aesthetic set a new standard in performance footwear and the organic lines of its intuitive silhouette can still be seen in the landscape today. As a tribute to a true pioneer, the ZX 850 represents a turning point that said the ZX Series had put its foot down as a pioneer of the
next step.