Thursday, March 6, 2014

An Evening With Kikuo Ibe, The Father of G-Shock

In my previous posts, I broadcast that Kikuo Ibe is in Manila for the Shock The World Tour by Casio G-Shock.  In addition, Casio releases the limited edition Shock The World watch for the Manila tour. The watch is fashioned with the design of the Philippine flag on a white G-Shock.
Kikuo Ibe

The event highlights how Kikuo-san made it big about inventing the G-Shock. Even though he made a breakthrough, I still find him down to earth. He also has a message: Never give up. In a way, he is like Thomas Edison in contemporary times.
Limited edition Shock The World Manila watch

Besides that Kikuo Ibe touring Manila, Casio also presented the latest line in G-Shock series. One that I find interesting was the Bluetooth equipped watches. There is a funny short video about the advantage of having the Casio G-Shock GB-6900 in practical use.
G-Shock endorsers

The also introduces endorsers who are not celebrities but their lifestyle are extraordinary enough. We are also entertained with the music of Up Dharma Down. Seeing Kikuo Ibe is one milestone on my part because I got to meet one innovator in this lifetime.
Performance by Up Dharma Down

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