Friday, March 28, 2014

Beki Boxer Pilot Episode Review With Notes From The BlogCon

Beki Boxer is about a comedy-drama series about a closet gay who wishes to get boxing glory for his father. The title may sound like a giveaway from a Thai movie Beautiful Boxer but it differs from it. Beki Boxer is not a gay comedy but more like a family comedy since it still focuses on values.

Alwyn Uytingco plays the title role of Rocky. It is not unusual to use the name Rocky not just because of the Stallone title character but because there's a real life boxing champ Rocky Marciano in U.S. It is not unusual for Alwyn to play gay roles because he is very good at acting the part. I also found out that my cousin is coaching Alwyn for the role. Alwyn shared that he would love to try other roles besides gay characters.

Alwyn is joined by Christian Vasquez who plays Rocky's father. The cast includes Joross Gamboa, Onyok Velasco, Claire Ruiz, Candy Pangilinan and more. Alwyn also got in shape for the series and got trained into boxing. It is a good thing since the series also have a real-life boxing champ Onyok in the cast. He provided in-house consultation for the story.

The insights that you can draw from the series is awareness against gender discrimination because gays are not the only ones affected by it. I got to ask Onyok since he is the only one who represents professional boxing in the set. He said that the boxing community is ready to accept similar situation if there a gay boxer because there are already women boxers. The boxing community is aware and shows support for the series since it promotes boxing. 

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