Friday, June 17, 2011

Caritas Financial Combi Plan

Caritas Financial Plans, Inc. is known for its mother company, the Caritas Health Shield. For years, Caritas was able to provide assistance in health concerns in various hospitals nationwide. Besides the recognized hospitals, Caritas also has its own hospital.

From Health Shield, Caritas also opened its horizons with Caritas Financial Plans, Inc. Unlike any insurance, Caritas Financial offers non-traditional financial programs that can help you for your needs in the future. I mentioned non-traditional because Caritas Financial is the only one that offers a combined pension (Caritas Fund Provider) and health plan (Caritas Expanded Core) in one package called the Combi Plan. 

I know you have reservations regarding insurance because of what happened with other insurance companies that closed down. I know that feeling. I was also affected by that but I was able to get the benefits. It won’t be the same with Caritas Financial because unlike other insurance companies that got closed, Caritas Financial also generates income from its hospital.

Unlike the insurance I benefitted from, I find the rates of Caritas Financial cheaper. Let’s use the Combi Plan F (ages 12 to less than 55) as example. The Full Contract Price is PhP80,530, which is the sum of the Fund Provider (40,750) and Expanded Core (39,780), if there are five who are availing of the plan. If it’s spot cash, it will be only 72,877. The program year of this plan is ten years. If you are paying on annual, semi-annual, or quarterly, it’s only five years to pay. On year 1, you have a max. coverage of 40,000 and a daily room rate of 400 and it succeed each year. By year 10, you already have max. coverage of 90,000 and daily room rate of 1,400. At the maturity of the plan, you will have the benefit of 50,000.

The privileges of having a Combi Plan are hospitalization benefits in Caritas-accredited hospitals, Special Diagnostic & Lab Procedures in Caritas-designated diagnostic centers, Emergency Care, Out-Patient Services, Annual Physical Exam, Dental Care, Credit Life Insurance(Pays the Fund Provider installments in case of plan holder’s death), Disability Benefits(Pays the remaining unpaid, Fund Provider installments in case plan holder becomes permanently and totally disabled), Term Life Insurance(In case of death of natural cause, pays the beneficiary an amount equivalent, to the Fund Provider Maturity Benefit), Accidental Death Benefit(In case of death by accident, pays the beneficiary an additional amount equivalent to the Fund Provider Maturity Benefit).

If you are based in Metro Manila and interested  for a presentation, text 0922.864.0029 to schedule a date. You can text this number if you wish to be part of Caritas Financial.

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