Thursday, August 18, 2011

U Flair: University Flair and Bartending Competition

Flairtending is bartending while entertaining guests using bar tools and executing dance moves, juggling, or flipping tricks. One example from the movies that involves flairtending are Cocktails(1988) and Coyote Ugly(2000). After this movies, there are emerging flairtending among our universities. I even got to see students practicing some flair moves in soiled ground.

Frenzy Condoms organized the UFlair, the flair and bartending competition for the universities to own and to popularized the competition among the college campuses and to target audience to expect yearly. The competition has three phases.

The first phase is the student who wish to join should submit a 2-minute video of their recent flairtending and must be a currently enrolled by showing their proof of enrollment for the school year 2011-12. The organizers will screen them and pick 36 contestants for the elimination round.

The second phase is the elimination round. There are three elimination rounds. Each elimination round has 12 contestants and the top four will be picked out to proceed to the Grand finals. I was able to watch the third leg of the elimination at Eivisssa Superclub. Each contestant picks a piece of paper to find out what kind of mix and what kind he/she will be.using. I was really impressed with their skills and there was even one lone female contestant among the male dominant competition even though there are still dropped bottles but I am sure those were not avoidable.

Part of their criteria is showmanship(pardon the exclusive word) and how their drink mix turns out. Besides this, there's also an area where you can vote and support for your favorite flairtender by buying Frenzy condoms. The Grand Finals will be held at Dolce on September 7. The winning flairtender will get a portabar, PhP15,000 and a trophy. The first runner up gets PhP10000 plus trophy and the second runner up gets PhP5000 plus trophy. There will be special awards for Frenziest Mix, Frenziest Flair and the Frenziest Flairtender of the night. Special awardees will received PhP3000 and a trophy.

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