Friday, July 10, 2015

Ballet Philippines reveals their 46th Season Line Up

After the success of Cinderella, Giselle and their season ender Manhid; Ballet Philippines announced their line-up for the 46th season.
Excerpt from Swan Lake

We were shown excerpts of their line ups during their launch at CCP Main Auditorium lobby We started with a classic ballet piece from Swan Lake which will be part of Body Positive. Another production that will also make this season different is "Hugot Sa Rosas". 
Excerpt from Sarong Banggui

Sarong Banggui will feature music from Maestro Ryan Cayabyab. As the name suggest, most will be Fililino folk music that BP will interpret. For Body Positive, it will be a form of advocacy to promote awareness regarding AIDS. Perhaps this event will not only showcase but will tie up with different agencies involved to update us so we can make a big step further.

One production that the whole family should look forward to is one of BP's original production, Peter Pan. Peter Pan is one of the original choreography BP has been doing for many years that brought many kids to ballet.
Choregraphers Nonoy Froilan, Edna Vida and Monette Victoria

BP's Mr. Paul Morales shared that kid audiences come with their Pan costumes for the shows. This is probably the only production that is for all the ages. During Manhid, BP collaborated with stage actors from different theater guilds and the band Radioactive Sago Project. This season, the company will collaborate for the first time with the short movie production.

Mr. Morales added that during Manhid, there is a tagalog term Pagsibol which fits this season's theme- Dance Spring: Pagsibol because most of the principal dancers are no longer in BP but it also promoted new dancers to fill in. This season also brings back BP masters/ choreographers Nonoy Froilan, Edna Vida and Monette Victoria for the productions.

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