Sunday, July 12, 2015

Luxury Staycation at Chateau Hestia

Chateau is French for castle. Hestia is a Greek goddess of hearth and agriculture. What does it both have in common? Tagaytay and some areas in Silang are known for retreat houses, camp sites and hotels especially along Tourism Road that faces Taal Volcano.

Just minutes away from the Tagaytay intersection to the inner areas of Silang, where Chateau Hestia is located. Chateau Hestia is not only for accommodation and fine dining but also ideal for different occasions as well. This is something a retreat house, an inn or any transient house cannot offer.

For the accommodations, it simply targets couples especially during honeymoon and families with children ideally. When I say children, I really mean elementary age or younger. It is not like a hotel with floor levels and lobbies but cottages. Each cottage set up has a shower area but it is not private to the occupants of some cottage or casita which is why it is ideal for couple. It may be ideal for a lone occupant but where’s the fun in that.
Bamboo Casita

There are 3 cottages, 3 casitas and 1 casa to choose from. Rates may vary depending on the type of accommodation. During my stay, I was settled at the Bamboo Casita. It has a king sized bed and an ethnic-style bench by the window were you can sit or lie down which is still comfortable. What I like about the bed was the design that looked like an antique. The framework of the bed is all made of hardwood carvings that gives it a sturdy look.

What I like about the ceiling that it feels comfortable because the ceiling is nipa-style which make it ventilated. The shower is the only thing that may appear out of place but in a good way. It is equipped with push button system to make it warm and activate the sprays. The room is very clean and neat that you need not to wear any footwear inside the room.

I was able to see how vast the area is when I explored it and saw the Casa Carmen. The Casa gives that thought  of living in the province in style. It is the only accommodation that has a kitchen, and a bar. You may notice that even though it used the names like Casa and Chateau, the theme of the accommodations still look Asian. Even if there is no occasion, this is a good place for staycation. 
Casa Carmen

Besides the accommodations, Chateau Hestia also has an events area for special occasions. Just above the restaurant, it can be used for parties and different functions. The garden area outside the restaurant is not only for parties and functions but also for pre-nuptial or photo ops. Chateau Hestia is a pet-friendly environment but the guest owner must provide their own bedding for their pets.

For Chateau Hestia, the options are limitless. If you like to go around, Tagaytay is not far. For more details about Chateau Hestia, you may check their website. For more travel and lifestyle features, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook. For my next feature of Chateau Hestia will be the food which will be posted on my food blog, W.H.A.T. Blogs.

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