Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Koronadal International Folklore Festival

In Region XII not far from General Santos, where the city of Koronadal lies. It may not be the ideal tourist destination in mind, but it will soon mark the travel agencies or travel transactions after what's going to happen in August.

From August 9 to 18, the world will come to the Koronadal to celebrate culture and diversity in its first Koronadal International Folklore Festival. The idea is not just to boost local tourism and more job opportunities to its constituents but to promote the B'laan tribe which is the first inhabitants of Koronadal.

During the Centennial celebration at CCP, was the only time the B'laan tribe presented their traditional dance to wider audience until now. The festival will not just bring the festival to the world but encourage our own youth and students show interests in our folklore, traditions and culture.

Not only that, it will bring many groups from around the world to participate. This will let everyone see that even though cultural diversities, erased the stigmata of Mindanao. Hon. Peter Miguel,M.D., mayor of Koronadal, managed to affiliate with CIOFF or International Council of Organizations of Folklore(translated in English) to bring many acts from around the world and be recognized globally.

 During the media briefing, I was oriented with their local dance as well as the traditional B'laan dance. Besides the festivities, there will be seminars from local and international panel of speakers. In short, this is considered the Olympics of Culture minus the competition.

Be the first to witness and take part. It is time to spend a week of August in Koronadal and make history happen. For more updates, follow this blog and like L.E.N.S. blogs on Facebook.

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