Monday, July 13, 2015

This July on Animal Planet

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This July on Animal Planet

The most unusual animals are gracing your TV screens this July on Animal Planet! From the bizarre animals of the land down under, to the aggressive cats of Los Angeles and New York – Animal Planet gives you a look at the world’s unique and misunderstood creatures from each side of the world.
Photo courtesy of Animal Planet
The new series WILD AUSTRALIA features one of the largest and most extreme wildernesses on Earth. Australia's animals are the product of millions of years of evolution in isolation, producing some of the planet’s strangest, and most unique creatures-- from mammals that lay eggs, to trees made from gold, to lizards that drink through their feet and the spiky yet cute echidna. This two-hour special explores the bizarre, deadly, and quirky characters that live in the world down-under.

WILD AUSTRALIA premieres on 17 July and airs on Fridays at 10PM.

When a pet cat controls the owner instead of the other way around, be ready to experience hell on earth. MY CAT FROM HELL (SEASON 6) follows Jackson Galaxy as he travels from Los Angeles to New York helping cat families in need. This season, Jackson helps model and social media star Adrianne Curry handle her menacing cat along with several other high profile cases. Watch Jackson deal with some of the worst cases of cat-on-cat and cat-on-human aggression he has ever seen. From humans that just don't understand their animals to cats that are in need, Jackson has one goal:  to help change people's lives, one cat at a time.

MY CAT FROM HELL returns on its sixth season on July 29, airing Wednesdays, 10PM.

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