Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Review on 33 Variations

When I first got invited to watch this, I never realized how much impact will give me and my sister that I invited to watch with me.  33 Variations is a story about a Beethoven researcher who is going to reveal that Ludwig von Beethoven did works for another composer and did not just one but 33 variations of a musical piece.

Thus having flashbacks with Beethoven as the Beethoven and researcher's worlds collide when they both experiencing the same struggles that also affects the people around them. What makes this production really interesting was that both timelines sometimes happens in one scene. It has good stage delivery that it can also make a good movie but I find it better on stage because it is an immersing experience.

The actor who played Beethoven did very well and convinced me that he is really the composer. It also got me curious about the 33 variations like as if it's the Da Vinci Code in classical music. I am glad I was able to watch this and it got me interested in classical music again. Only Red Turnip productions can give our thinking caps active while watching. The 33 variations is also being played to give comparison. The pianist is also the essential part of the production even though it is not a musical.

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