Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Homeowners' Association

The apartment we lived in has a nice history. It was built on land owned by the Phil. National Railways when they plan to build a route here in F. Munoz in Paco in the old days but was scrapped and we know that it is passing South Superhighway instead but P.N.R. still owns the land. Until the 70's, the apartment was built though there were already established houses from squatter area. We started renting it at PhP600.00 a month. It was until 1988 when the National Housing Authority took initiative to have dialogue of us tenants along with residents along the scrapped railway to award it to us. After that, our homeowners association already established plans for the apartment. Because it was made as studio-type flats, the lot area was not really maximized. Some of us want it demolished then rebuild it in a two-floor units to maximize the lot area. Most disaggreed because they don't want to invest on that. So we let that go. But there was a matter that we want to make issue of.In the middle of the apartment in the ground level was a chapel. The resident near it took advantage of it since it was no longer used. The homeowners association meets whenever there are issues arises that concern the apartment. One of the oldest tenants here was an Iranian doctor who settled here after finishing medicine and married a Filipina. Since he was not entitled to own the land, he can't buy the unit he got from the former tenant who cannot afford to buy it but had the land title named to him. We never had trouble with him all these years. Until a time that the Iranian no longer goes home regularly. The resident besides the Iranian doctor's claimed recently that there was a smell coming from the Iranian's and secure permission from the baranggay  office to inspect it without the awareness of the doctor. The resident filed a complaint in paper to the baranggay office and wants our signature for that resident to take charge of the unit. We were skeptical about it. We didn't signed it because this was not a baranggay issue that supposed to be discussed first in a homeowners' meeting. Worst, if the doctor returns and discovers that there were some of his property missing, he would countersuit and will blame the signatories with us included if we sign that paper. Now, I've been hearing the baranggay officials are talking about widening of the road that will affect the apartment. We told back that there was not a letter about it addressed to us that the government will buy back this land. i just can't believe how people think here.

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