Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A waste of time in the hospital

I have an idea how a whole day was spent in the hospital when my grandmother went there. Today, I accompanied her and his brother for his eye surgery before 6AM. There were already many people lined up by the time we came. We thought we can still be accommodated so we waited. Good thing the facility was equipped with aircon. We also heard other complains from other patients. They were asking if they can take lunch since it's almost 12nn. They were told to take lunch nearby because they might be called. By around 12nn, we were called to proceed upstairs for the operation but when we got up,it was only there that we found out that he was rescheduled for next week. I have nothing against rescheduling but after waiting all that time and the ground Informations desk has no idea that they were still admitting people without being notified by the operating room upstairs that they were no longer capable of handling more operations. They should have a system since it's a government hospital that need proper systems procedures and communication.

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