Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Campaigning this week

Yesterday,all of us registered voters,including my sister and cousin who are newly registered, got a letter from Lito Atienza for an invitation of discussion.The letter dated Feb. 22 and was addressed to me starting with my surname complete with my mother's maiden name, my home address, my zone, and district. The delivery/errand man dropped it off saying it's for the raffle this Wednesday. What a way to gather people up.

Earlier today, we also received a sample voter's ID with my complete name, address, baranggay, district, and precint number and polling place for the incoming election and the name and office of a current councilor,Rafael Borrromeo, on the other side.

What I appreciate from these things is that I never know what my zone number is and the precint number given will give me a head start without looking which precint should I go to. Since my sister and cousin are first time voters, they were also given the same. I also have no problem with Atienza coming back as mayor since he won't be DENR secretary for the next term and I will prefer him than Alfredo Lim whom I think did nothing different and much less than Atienza. It's also a plus for Borromeo since I don't know much of the  candidates below the position of congress. This also means that the COMELEC is giving away names of voters for campaigning. Is this counted a violation of my privacy?

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