Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WATCHGUARDing Universities With One Red Box

Mr. Terry Haas, VP of Int'l. Sales,WatchGuard
WatchGuard is donating P4M of IT security equipment to universities as their advocacy to provide proper internet equipment to monitor internet access. This helps students do research without getting in trouble with internet related problems.

WatchGuard provides security access in e-mail accounts since there are unwanted inquiries especially in online social networks because of reported incidents relating to these internet social networks. This also means that there are instances that exclusivity is necessary when it comes to internet content availability.

Network and computer security in schools is what WatchGuard stands for. Here are some requirements to protect users and PCs from internet threats that Mr. Terry Haas,Vice President of International Sales of WatchGuard Technologies, presented:

1.An adjustable firewall and proxy to allow authorized users from the outside and inside.
2.Strong antivirus software and internet security software packages.
3.Wireless connections that lead to firewalls.
4.Prohibit explicit content, cyber-bullying, etc.
5.Supervision of network to guarantee updates and changes based on popular site usage.
6.Constant supervision by teachers, librarians, and administrators to guarantee protection against attacks by both internet and "sneakernet" sources.

Here's the big picture: The user is accessing the internet using a school PC in its internal network which goes through a security device which is ideally the Red Box of WatchGuard that functions as an anti-virus, spam filter, intrusion prevention and web blocker.

WatchGuard sends their invitation to schools if they can be recipients for the WatchGuard's Red Boxes of which these schools are the only ones who responded sooner. These are University of the East, Technological University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, etc. It just so happens that I went to one of these university recipients because I am aware when an internet connection first become available to my alma mater. It was still slow because back then it was still dial-up but it was still new. No one will know if there are illegal access unless there are people in charge roaming around the terminals.

There will also be equipment training provided by WatchGuard and will be given warranty for a year. WatchGuard is already aware what the schools needs since one of their regular clients is University of San Carlos in Cebu, where the first internet connection was the first in the Philippines.

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