Monday, March 21, 2011

Alveo Two Serendra's Passions Festival 2011

It's occasional to see Bonifacio High Street very lively when there's a happening. The Passions Festival 2011 ignites one's passions and Alveo has the Meranti in mind. The Meranti is the third high-rise section within Two Serendra.
Customizing cupcake toppings
Meranti's Culinary Studio

We toured along High Street with different stations with a specific passion. Our first stop already got us enticed. Not only that there was catering services but it also provided Cupcakes by Sonia, were all of us designed our own cupcake toppings using colorful sprinkles and icing. Also provided for entertainment were house music from a live jazz band and a couple of mimes. This represents the passion of Meranti's Culinary Studio,a professional grade kitchen and can host up to 30 people. For the passion in the arts, Meranti's Stellar Peak provides this ambiance.
Meranti's Stellar Peak

On our next stop, we were able to listen on fashion tips by fashion consultant, Donna Cuna-Pita. I can say that I benefited from this because there are things I don't know about fashion and she provided simple tips how to change your look if you are going to an social function coming from work or vice-versa. This type of passion also fits Meranti's stylish garden venue, the Tropical Garden.
Fashion expert Donna Cuna-Pita's tips to style

Meranti's Tropical Garden

Our next stop involves books and none can't help browsing over the titles before the storytelling session begins. This passion is represented in a family-oriented area of Meranti's Discovery Lounge, were the pursuit of knowledge can start closer to home. A Different Bookstore handled the storytelling session
Discovery Lounge of Meranti
Story telling session

For the wine connoisseurs, we were oriented with different wines and their descriptions and wine tasting were conducted by Cav. This is the ideal passion of the Executive Lounge, an ideal area for business meetings and other functions.
Wine tasting
Enterprise Lounge

Lastly, we were treated with a couple of performance by belly dancers. This is a preview for the Meranti's Fitness Club. These are the different passions that best describes Meranti. To know more about Meranti or any Alveo properties, go to or e-mail or call (632)848-5100(Metro Manila) and 1-800-10-848-5100(outside Metro Manila).

Bellydancing session
Fitness Club/Meranti Gym

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