Thursday, March 3, 2011

Old School Farmville Living at La Huerta Farm Estates

Metro Manila is getting crowded in terms of residence and you can't look for a good house or a piece of land that you could call your home unless you rent or you have an ancestral home or buy a condominium or townhouse where your biggest lot area is the same as your floor area. If you really want your ideal property, you really need to keep looking and the price really don't come cheap.

Investing in properties like that is alright since the Metro is the base of operations for your respective profession but if you need something like a healthy atmosphere were you can relax and let your kids run around the lawn, Sta. Lucia  Land Inc. offers you this alternative.

La Huerta Farm Estates is a 50-hectare property operated by Sta. Lucia in Calamba, Laguna. You can have your lot area use for farming and a home for you to escape from the stress of city life or retire and you can start a hobby by growing the food you can harvest at your very own yard. You can put those Farmville ideas in good use. Having grown your own food is cheaper and more healthier. You can proudly say that you harvest the food you eat and sell/trade your excess harvest with your neighbors.

In additions to planting, you can also breed animals in your lot area with exception of pigs, where La Huerta may plan a specific area for hygienic purposes. This is something new and convenient unlike in condominiums or town houses that may have restrictions of having pets. Lot sizes varies from 750 to 3,000 square meters.

La Huerta has four phases or clusters of communities to choose depending on what type of farm do you wish to harvest in your area: El Sol or "The Sun" is a cluster enriched with plants specifically for medicinal purposes and therapeutic benefits. El Cielo or "The Sky" allow residents to live near the ostrich farm and housed a wide array of organic vegestables and herbs. La Luna or "The Moon" allures homeowners with the soothing scent of coffee and cacao. Lastly, La Lluvia or "The Rain" offers a colorful display of palm and flowering plants.

La Huerta is also endorsed by Kim Atienza not because he is a popular TV personality but because he is the right endorser for the property and he already owns a lot there that can housed his exotic pets and it fits his lifestyle. Having an opportunity to have Kim Atienza is only a consolation because this is a very unique and worthy property to invest. For inquiries about La Huerta, call their exclusive marketing network, Orchard Property Marketing Corporation at the following contact details 470-3794(LAN), 0915.319.3143(Mobile) or by e-mail

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