Friday, July 22, 2011

A4Tech Padless Mouse

Padless mouse on a carpet surface
The computer mouse is one of the most useful computer gadgets that is being used even today. Whether from industrial computers or mobile laptops, the mouse is a timeless gadget. A4Tech, one of the leading names in computer accessories provided more ways to suit your lifestyle with a wide selection of computer mouse.
Padless mouse

One of the most innovative computer mouse A4Tech has is the padless mouse.You can drag it to any surface even a carpet and it will still function and it is cordless. During the presscon, I got to test it's length by using it on the floor at the end of the hallway and it is still functioning. The Padless Mouse has a receiver when connected to the USB socket of any PC. IThe padless mouse is powered by one AA battery.
Receiver for the Padless Mouse

I mentioned that there are wide choices of mouse available. Besides the padless mouse, there is still the traditional mouse with retractable cables that won't bother the user. There is also the game mouse for PC gamers like me. 

Besides the computer mouse there is also speakers and headsets for your audio needs. One of the speakers I am currently using happens to be an A4Tech Headset Speaker 3. It can be used as a traditional speaker and and headset and is only connected by USB. No batteries necessary. Check out A4techs gadgets at your nearest electronics or computer store.
A4tech Headset

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