Friday, April 29, 2011

Destination: Pangasinan Last Part

The next stop for the DasoLand tour was the cactuses. I never seen different types of cactuses that you can only find in one place. Then we proceed to the zoo.  Before entering, we had our shoe soles submerged in water to remove the mud.

The first area of the zoo was the aviary, followed by the reptile cage, where different types of snakes are confined, then, the stable. The horses here where mostly foreign and they will be used to rent out while within the premises. The zoo animals surely taken care of unlike some public zoos and there’s a veterinarian that comes on timely basis. 

Leaving the zoo, there’s a souvenir shop that looks like a typical structure in the Ifugao region and sells handicrafts. I also came across their chapel that has a non-traditional structure and was very open. They also have a boating facility also for renting boats. DasoLand is also a resort and lodging facility. After leaving DasoLand, we passed something what Pangasinan was named from: salt. We took a quick tour of the salt farm and saw different areas for the stages of making salt. 

Salt (sodium chloride) as I saw it was undergoing a process of solar evaporation in the field drained. After drained, it will be cleaned by fresh water and drain again and the salt is ready. Leaving Pangasinan, we parted ways after having a hearty dinner at Joseph and Jaemark’s  grill when we got back in Metro Manila.
Dinner at Joseph and Jaemark's. Courtesy of Mrs. Neneng Arceo

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